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Welcome Home my Friends!

Pull up a seat and get comfy. There are lots of things for you to explore here.


We are here to learn and explore, share some laughs, and hopefully become a nice little family.


I will be adding pages where you can come for some help and the other members can help you. Don't be shy to ask questions.


TheTabs/Links across the TOP of all the pages should be self explanatory for you with Plenty to explore.


This site is best seen in a DESKTOP mode if you are viewing it from a phone.


Just in case you feel a little lost, I have tried to explain below where the links will take you too.


The FRONT PAGE NEWS will always keep a running tab on what Articles have been added to the site and the side bar will show if any new comments to articles have been added. 


This page will be where you can post Articles that you think may be of interest to others.Think of this as a anything  goes kind of forum. Just open it and click "Add Discussion" in the right hand corner and off you go! Other sub topics you will find in the Front Page News are the following:

 Featured Discussions    Daily Articles


Red Pills     Anons of Interest


If you are looking for any kind of Indictment, Resiginations, FOIA, EO, PDF's Files, or Spreadsheets that have been added to the site, You can  FIND THEM HERE


There are more topics such as the Vegas Shooting, 911, and UFO's, I just havent moved them in yet.


If you are looking for the old Articles they can all be found here in the 



If you are looking for the old Q drops or articles these links below will take you there




We have a Great Chat feature. It is called CHAT HOUSE


All you have to do is click the link on top and it will take you right there. We do have a little coffee group in the morning that is starting to grow. You are more than welcome to join us. It is for Members only. Also, It is open 24 hours so by all means utilize it. It is there for you! It is a great way to meet other members, maybe even pick up so new followers on your Twit! Or finally actually talk to them in more than a couple words!


Like Music? We also have 

A JUKE BOX You can add your own music or listen to  what others have added!


The Rest of the Catagories:

Member Videos   MEME Photos   


We also have a Forum INDEX where you can find everything on the site, or if you are a daily reader, and just want to get caught up on what has been posted through the day or night you can go to the 

NEW TODAY Link and that will have the links to all the new things that have been added under the dates they were added. I only started this recently so it doesnt go back to the beginning, but it has been up a few weeks now.




Lol yes, you too can build your own page here. You can even make it just how you want it! All you have to do is click on your member name up in the top right hand corner and you will be taken to your page. You can add your own profile picture, blog, add videos pictures, anything under those tabs you see on your page. If you understand creating a page already,or know HTML then by all means jump in! Or, you dont have to change a thing and just add whatever you'd like :)


 This site is just as much yours as it is mine. We will all build it together and make it MAGA!


While it isnt a requirment it would help tremendously if you considered becoming a Patreon of this site. If you can commit $4.00 a month or more if youd like, you get everything listed above for really just a $1.00 a week. Thats a pretty good deal dont you think? Or you can just make a donation through Pay Pal. I work on this site 24/7 as hard as I can. This is my job and I work for you. Please help me Help you. A girls gotta eat you know!

Remember I Work for YOU. Help me Help You!

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