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The island map :


I think the princes could be the 4 crown princes of Hell of the Satanic Bible written by LaVey :

  • Satan (Hebrew) "Lord of the Inferno": The adversary, representing opposition, the element of fire, the direction of the south, and the Sigil of Baphomet during ritual.

  • Lucifer (Roman) "The Morning Star": The bringer of light, representing pride and enlightenment, the element of air, the direction of the east, and candles during ritual.

  • Belial (Hebrew) "Without a Master": The baseness of the earth, independence and self-sufficiency, the element of earth, the direction of the north, and the sword during ritual.

  • Leviathan (Hebrew) "Serpent of the Abyss": The great dragon, representing primal secrecy, the element of water, the direction of the west, and the chalice during ritual.

LaVey was inspired by The Book of Abramelin which is linked to Thelema and Aleister Crowley...

We can also see 4 buildings on the 4 side of the island


another comment that is chilly

Revelation 7 mentions 4 angels holding back the winds of judgement. It's interesting, the book of Abramelin includes rituals to summon forth these Princes(palaties).

Are there 3 other islands were not aware of? When all the sealed cases break open (seals in revelations) will we see the 144,000? Love all the symbolism attached to these lately. I'm curious which of the dieties they were summoning on that island. I'm going to guess Leviathan,


Cardinal:West Freud:Id The serpent out of the sea. The oceans. Sex, love, desire, emotions. Coiled serpent. Twisted subconscious.

Are all the fainting spells certain members experience the onset and off set of these entities entereing them and leaving them? Mark Zuckerbegr's strangely diassociative "human" comments come to mind as well. Hilary's fainting spells. Really fun stuff to wonder about, given the circumstantial evidence that this is real. I wonder even more, how often celebreties and others are used as host, and what credence this gives to everyone who thinks the collider is a tool to open a door in to another dimension. Reality itself will shift for everyone, and just to note I do not believe the Christian perspective to be complete or accurate, it's missing pieces that other religions hold and vice versa. Now more than ever it is important to expand our thinking beyond what we've been spoon fed.

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Article Link: https://beachbroadcast.com/whats-happ...
Heartbreaking truth from John (a Government insider and whistleblower) about how RR and Brennan treats our Patriot that was only doing the right thing.
Torture, killing, blackmail...
The depth o…
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Watch this 1 minute video. It will explain what the information will be if you download the Excel File. It really is a little treasure for any diggers.

This is the link you will need to download the small file:
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You would think after 18 years we would pretty much have all the answers or basic answers at least about 911. Interestingly enough there are still a couple mysteries. 
One isn't really a mystery per say, but just a peculiar thing to do. I have ofte…
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This is the kind of woman I would like to see POTUS put into office. She doesn't mess around and she most definitely says whats on her mind as you will see.
A Typical Pompus and arrogent Senator from Wyoming seems to have forgotten who butters his b…
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Most of us have already figured out that it probably isn't the best idea to send your DNA swab away for a ancestry check. Being adopted I can see why the lure of doing it would be exciting to know ones bloodline. The thing is that swab is saved and…
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Report of Investigation of Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey's Disclosure of Sensitive Investigative Information and Handling of Certain Memoranda
This PDF is 83 pages.
You can Download it here
You can g…
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