Some things you just never forget. I was sleeping and heard my huband say "OH HELL" in the other room next thing I knew he was in the bedroom turning on the T.V. He said a plane just hit the world Trade building in NYC. My eyes turned to the T.V. just as the 2nd plane hit.We both sat there in shocked silence, disbelieving what our eyes were telling us.Seems like we could not take our eyes off the t.v. for hours both T.v's were on as we moved around the house getting ready to go to work at 2 pm. There was an earie silence around us all the way to work. I have never heard so much silence. I guess the constant noise from planes we hear, we block out and do not notice how noisy it really is till its gone. The silence was deafing. Those of you that lived anywhere near an airport that week know what I am talking about.

I grew up on Long Island. I left the Island the year they finished the World Trade buildings. I had friends and  had family members in and around there. My brother and his wife were working for a soup kitchen. MY brother  a former Airforce fireman brought food to the first responders.( This I did not know till a few years later) They do not talk about it.. My sister had 2 family members that were soposed to be in the building that morning for a meeting, One a lawyer the other a realestate broker. Both got phone calls in the early morning and were told their meetings were cancilled.

Over the next few days as I touched bases with Childhood friends it seemed like one after the other knew someone , that knew someone that was soposed to be there that got calls , for one reason or another were not in the building that morning.

There were quite a few stories of people that were not there because they got up and did not feel well (normally healthy people), some got stuck in traffice( LIE  is the longest parking lot in America,) and people that normally run 15 to 20 minutes early missing the LIRR into the city. I call these people devine intervention.

Something aboout 911 never sat right with me and the older I get the more it stinks. Things that stood out the most and still do....

1. jet fule doesn't burn hot enought to burn steal and the trade center smoldered for days.

2. My father knew one of the engineers that helped build the Empire state building and he told me when the Empire State building was being built it was built in such a way that a plane hitting it would not bring it down. So if the Empire state building was built to those high standards many years ealier then it tends to reason that the Twin towers were built to much higher standards being the buildings were so much newer.


I think its time we start talking about this.  I am hopeing and praying we are finally going to find out the truth.

What do you remember??????


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  • Today I remember how this still has not been investigated properly, I remember today how I'm still pissed off nothing has been done for 17 years, today I remember the people in the buildings, the first responders, key witnesses, that had to die that day and shortly after for what?

    Today I remember all the Mothers, Fathers Sisters, Brothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Cousins, Aunts, & Uncles who lost a family member, Today I remember the Friends of all these victims of this living nightmare while those still walk and breathe are not held accountable for the crimes committed. 

    When I see a 9/11 post I'm happy because people are still thinking about the day however, I will not rest until justice comes for those people I just typed above justice to the full extent of the law, no quarter given.


    • Nicely put my friend

  • Im glad you brought 911 up. Thank you for that. I have been wanting to for awhile now, but Q seems to keep popping up just as Im ready too and with so many things happening in the present  its hard to revisit the past.

    For someone like me that has dug so deep into it already over the years it also seems kind of redundent to do. However I do believe it should be revisited because I think more people might actually be more receptive now to learning what we have known all along. We arent such tin foil hat appearing people anymore.

    This isnt the first itme I have heard about people being told to stay home and not surprised they were lawyers either. A few firms seemed to have that stigma attached to them.

    Back then I think Thermite was about the only thing that would have caused those building smolder like that and remain at the temperature that they did for so long. Who knows what they have this many years later.

    Too many things dont add up from that day and I really do hope the other members here chime in with what they know or remember themselves.

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