Im sure by now many of you have become aware of one of our members that goes by the name Anon -X.  I have pointed you to them on a couple of occasion and now I wish to again. The knowledge They have choosen to share with us is far beyond anything you learned in school. Even if you were lucky enough to go to very good schools you may have zoned out on the days of these lessons.

What Anon-X has shared with us actually takes us deeper into the true depths Q has been pointing us too in understanding what has been really going on behind the scenes and how our government has grown to become what it is to this day. This is the spider web we need to understand. What I present below is only the American side where the web has been picked up or continued from the "OLD HISTORY." Yes, it IS all connected indeed. No matter how many fancy names they rename things or rebrand them, they are still basically one and the same. Think you will go left to avoid the crazy of the right? Doesnt matter, they get you coming and going. The intrigue of better promises to be there for you? Yeah no, they arent. No matter which way you try and go,  they have the bases covered.

Anon-X has been commenting in the Puzzle Me This thread with a lot of information. As I think it is VERY IMPORTANT, I have chosen to give this information its own thread now. I do suggest you  read that thread though as Anon-X has left a pretty interesting Puzzle for us to solve. Two of our members have already begun working on it and have done a fine job, but it still needs to be fine tuned. Also by reading it you will see it all connects to what I am about to post here now. That is basically the "Old History."

As you read below, you will recognize things Q has mentioned. What you will also notice is that the term Federalist has yet to be mentioned. Until Now.

The Federalist Party (aka Pro-Administration party) was the first political party in the US, and many gave their loyalty to the British crown. When some were asked to give their allegiance to the US, they would not, and they were forced to flee back to Britain. They wanted a "big brother" government, or a large controlling federal government, and a national bank. The banks that they controlled in the colonies, which printed the first paper money, are where the Eye of Providence (which came from the Catholic Church), and the unfinished pyramid originate. The Democratic-Republican Party, formed by Thomas Jefferson, was started a year later to counter them. Alexander Hamilton controlled the Federalists. Ask yourself, why was Hamilton really shot?

Regardless, there were several national banks formed, which failed. The Federalist Party collapsed in 1816, but their membership simply hid or joined the Democratic-Republicans, or later, the Democrats, Whigs, and Republicans. The banks continued to cause the US much trouble until Andrew Jackson ran for President in 1824. He promised that he would destroy the bank. The Brittish elite used slavery as a wedge issue to fan the flames of war, over this very thing. The bankers asked both the north and south enormous interest to finance the war, which neither took them up on. The British and French had stationed themselves in Canada and Mexico, hoping to take the US, and split it between them, if all was lost.

This same group of elites, US and British, caused the bank runs, which they announced would happen in their own banking magazines. This continued until they joined together, in a secret society, which was formed in 1902, when Lord Milner created it at the All Souls College at Oxford, along with the Rhodes scholarship, according to Rhodes' wills. The Pilgrim's Society was started by this same group as a front.

The US bankers and industrialists joined the British secret society of Cecil Rhodes, after it's creation in 1902, even though the bankers had been working with each other beforehand, to the detriment of the US. The US elite learned of Cecil Rhodes' society before and during WWI. The Fed was created in 1913, by this lot, before helping pen the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Wilson's fourteen point plan and the League of Nations came from this society. The US players used the British war debt as leverage to take the society over, where it changed from spreading British imperialism, (and taking back the US), to what the US called spreading democracy, and taking control of the society.

The US has been controlling this Anglo-American establishment ever since, especially after the extra war debt from WWII. They started NATO, which was to protect Europe, for a cost. That is what the "special relationship" is really about. The British elite created the RIIA in 1920, and the US created its sister, the CFR, a year later. Cecil Rhodes' secret society, which ran from the All Souls College at Oxford, also started the Pilgrim's Society at the same time, in 1902. That same handful of elites, and now, their children, run most all the NGOs, even today, who are pushing globalism. One, in particular, is the World Federalists Association, which is now called Citizens for Global Solutions. It was started just after WWII, where they pushed for the creation of the UN and they had backed the League of Nations. It's the same small cadre of elite people behind them all.

This is the key to it all, including what they did in Germany, during WWII.,_1824


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  • Is this a Mason Handshake with David Icke?



    • in book 4 Ancient Masonry they describe the inside of a temple and more. I don't recall a hand shake. if it seemed important I woudl have.  they give a password I have it burned into my brain.  when asked who you are you say "I am Every Man"  that at their advice not to just accept but Test and Prove or DisProve what they say. interesting to me the sicence of nano technology seems to confirm their "science of astral substance"  They  use Einstein's theory of Relativity to explain precognition.  that's in Book 1


  • 14203888?profile=RESIZE_320x32014203961?profile=RESIZE_320x320My Grandfather was a Mason. Mom never used that word, she called them Shriners.  His son went to same college as Nixon. He became pres of PGE and he did attend meetings in Bohemian Grove.  If the books I have are right they say it was an orally transmitted teaching.  nothing in writing till after the Aquarian Age.  the file is 15 mb ifyou want to see. Book 4 is Ancient Masonry. you might find a clue about 29 in book 6 The Sacred Tarot. the 22 major arcana and the 22 letters hebrew alphabet are a way to decode things IF you first know that cards 8 and 11 were switched as were 17 and 19. The Golden Dawn did it on purpose. Paul Foster Case hinted at it in his book Tokens. Anyway, I glean that these folks got to thinking they are a step above the rest of us. and as they say the rest is his-story

    • Are you saying that 11 should be 8 and visa versa same with 17 19 by being switched? Also what was their reason for switching them?

    • the Brotherhood of LIght's Tarot deck is better explalined in their book The Sacred Tarot 

      I tried using their method of finding the key of the name. each letter is a number of a card.

      I thought Live is spelled same as Evil so that aught to foil this .. it gave me card 6 "temptation" the 2 paths - one good one evil

      all the tarot decks you see today have those 4 cards in the wrong place. they distorted the diefinition making any thing you derive from it incorrect.  8 is not Strength woman opening mouth of lion it is 11! card 11 is The Empress she is the one opening the lion's mouth Justice is not 11 it is card 8 = balance

      in the book there are pictures in my file it's just text.  if you want to have all 22 books they are 15 mb = fits in email 

       here is a page from Sacred Tarot  these words follow are on the next page


      1. Character-vibrations; which are the radiations of a thing or an intelligence due to its organization.

      2. Thought-vibrations; which are the radiations of an intelligence due to thought processes.

      3. Astrological-vibrations; which are the radiations from the heavenly bodies and the zodiacal signs.

      The vibrations of physical substance within a certain range of frequencies give rise to tones or sounds. And electromagnetic vibrations within a certain range of frequencies give rise to colors. Likewise the range of frequencies of astral substance which has an influence upon human life gives rise to similar types of energy, producing effects comparable to physical tones or electromagnetic colors.


    • Yes actually I would like to have them. 15mb total or each book? I work with the cards myself so I am very interested in this

    • 15 mb for all 22 books.  the publisher makes a new version with illustrations. I don't have that one. Mine is in the font of the old books. I have all 22 books the old ones were paperback w/blue cover and their tarot cards were in black and white Now there is a set in color. Vicki Brewer made them. she was nice to me but I am not keen on the direction the group has taken.  they abandon the name Brotherhood for Church trying to be polically correct? after that the group seems to have taken a turn .. 

      you can get The Sacred Tarot and a deck of cards from 

  • So tell me X-, why is it the Masons get such a bad rap? Just because of the Democratic party always pushing it for so long? Actually it sounds like both parties have pushed the "Masons are Bad" thought. Seems they have been pretty sucsessful at it to. Not to mention all the ritualistic tales of black magic that float around out there. I know I have been a victum of it just from growing up. Masons and good where never really in the same sentence.

    I assume Trump is not a Mason which leads me to ask, what person at this point in time would the Masons put their full support behind? Also have the Masons been known to groom their own for the position of the President ?

  •  I would like to add to this Document file another member, (Roxanne Spittle) has sent me to give even more perspective on The Federalist. It is quite the read and shows many connections from its beginnings to these days. I do suggest reading it if you are truely interested in how the Rothschilds and many others became so imbedded into our  future from the beginning.

    Names you can expect to see? Hamilton, (Not such a good guy after all) Rothschild of course (page 3 is interesting) Andrew Jackson, President Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, John F Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald,

    George Soros, (The Club of the Isles provides capital for George Soros’ Quantum Fund NV which made a killing in 1998-99 destroying the currencies of Thailand, Indonesia and Russia.  Soros was a major shareholder at George W. Bush’s Harken Energy)

    and oddly enough Sarah Palin is also mentioned.

    Download The Federalist.doc

    To Read without downloading


    • If one can comb out what they claim about the Freemasons, who were mostly against big government (anti-Federalist), and against British control, then the rest of the article is mostly accurate. The Constitution is about a limited Federal government, not an expanded one. The author contradicts himself, in that many of the Freemasons named were staunchly against British rule, they colluded with the French against the British, and were behind the Boston Tea Party. The night of the Tea Party, in Boston, the Freemasons quickly met outside, and left, dressed as Indians. The note that they left on the door stated that they were "out for tea." The anti-Masonic sentiment at the time was pushed by the church, especially the Catholics.

      The US Constitution is somewhat based on Anderson's Masonic Constitution, in that it is codified (written down in an orderly manner, as a legal code). It is also based on the uncodified British Constitution, which also sprang from Locke's ideology. The regular Freemasons pushed the natural rights theory of John Locke, who was a Freemason and pro-Christian. The Freemasons were behind what Madison wrote in the Bill of Rights. However, the talk of politics and religion are banned inside a regular Lodge of Freemasonry (you can be suspended or expelled for doing so inside the Lodge). What was discussed was outside the Lodge, generally in meetings at the member's homes at the time. Regular means that the Lodge is in amity with the United Grand Lodge of England (they follow the ancient Landmarks and the Constitution).

      In reality, it was the Democratic left, who started trying to usurp the Bill of Rights. They did this by using the Supreme Court in legal cases. In Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists, he made the claim that a wall of separation had been built between church and state when Madison didn't mean that at all. This came to a head in the Supreme Court, with the decision about the Mormons and polygamy. Funnily enough, it was Jefferson, a deist, who stated that the Illuminati had some good ideas.

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Wray's Remarks on "CU" in  Testimony Before Congress
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