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I hope you take a good long and hard look at this meme to the left and just let that sink in for a moment. Does not anyone clearly see a very big problem here? How exactly do you think this was able to get to this point?

I will tell you how and it is as clear as the nose on ones face. People voted and voted and voted again. Why on earth would anyone with an ounce of common sense give a second vote to someone they clearly are unhappy with?

Was their thinking along the lines of staying within the party lines? Was it because they went the route of voting for the lesser evil? Again sticking with the party?

How is one even okay with  voting for a lesser evil? Not just once, but twice if not more when they are clearly not happy with the outcome? I dont get how evil becomes lesser in any form. EVIL is EVIL period. There is no such thing as a lesser form of it. That is ridiculous to even think so much less absurd.

Sure these numbers to the left in the graphic may not be exactly correct, but any kind of high margin, even if it dropped down to 50% shows there is a huge problem here.

When do you quit blaiming the politicians for not doing their jobs? I mean how can it be their fault? People gave them the vote the second time and re elected them. I think that tells them people are ok with them being lazy  or crooks or whatever the disgruntlements may be at the time.

No wonder they come to have an arrogance against their voters and yes probably do think their voters are stupid. Why wouldnt they? Clearly the voters are not showing any signs of doing anything different and much more importantly DEMANDING things to be done differently.

Like you, I have heard more times then I can count How Important my vote is when people find out I have never voted. The reason is I concur, my vote is IMPORTANT, and I do CHERISH it. I consider it extremly VALUABLE, more so because many good men gave their lives to ensure I had this Precious Treasure and the Right to use it as I saw fit.

And there lies the whole key. I have yet to come across anyone I deemed worthy enough to cast this precious gift of my vote for.

I expect a few things for my vote. Things like Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty just to name a few of these things. Of course there is much more, but these are the basics, the foundation on which any future leader that will represent me in my district or my country, must have built upon from the start of their career. Do I ask a lot? Youre damn straight I do. I am a old school American. Come from the days when people took actual pride in their country, families and their work. When they built things to last. When you knew you could count on the person and their word doing whatever they said they were going to do at the time. I will not settle for less and if you think I will just because of whatever reason, you are very sadly mistaken. Nope I am a PROUD AMERICAN and even as a mere human I still demand and expect INTEGRITY from my leaders.

I dont care what color you are, I dont care what you do in your bedroom (as long as it doesnt involve kids). None of that is my buisness. What is my buisness is you keeping your word or at least making the most honest effort you possibly can to do so. I understand roadblocks happen, but I will also know if you are the type of person to do everything you can to overcome them. This is how you will earn my precious vote. Yes EARN IT. If you just expect it, you will have a long long wait because thats just not happening.

Good men didnt die just so I could vote for crooks and unhonorable men. I feel it is my duty to respect these men that died for my right, by demanding the person I vote for has every good and solid reason to be in office. Someone that has proved time and time again they DESERVE and EARNED it. This is the very least I can do for your sons and daughters that gave their lives. The most I can do is DEMAND it or there will be nothing from me.

You wont hear me complaining about the politicans. Nope, they were given the okay to be how they are. Not by me obviously, but by the VOTERS themselves. That is where the true BLAME lies.

If you think when Trump gets the Swamp all drained and cleaned up this problem wont repeat itself, you are sadly mistaken. Nothing will change until the VOTER themselves change. Until people wake up to this simple fact we will remain in this sad state of affairs with pitiful leaders doing whatever they please, because the people said it was acceptable with their very own votes.

I am curious how many of you will be honest here and admit you have done any of these things above. Settled for lesser evil, revoted the same person back in, etc.? Will you still do it now going into the future or have enough things changed to change your behavior going into the future also? Will you start demanding more for your vote too? If one doesnt do their job will you vote them right back out the next round? Will you stand up and prove you know that WE Hold the Power here and you expect and demand more now? We can put them in and we can take them right back out again. Will you let them know that?

I wish to close with two things here. The first  being YES, I am proud to say unless something seriously goes wrong in the coming months, our President Donald J. Trump has EARNED my vote in the next election and I will be damn proud to cast it for him. Well done Sir.

The second thing? If you dont want to listen to me, maybe another guy that got it will help.

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  • Love this. Well said

  • Goaded to reply: No. Voting for the lesser of two evils, is still voting for evil. I have thrown many a vote away on candidates who could not win, just so my conscience would be clear.

    • Lol goaded eh? hmmm well maybe. Glad it worked with you at least :)  Good for you and how you handle it. Glad to hear this. BIG THUMBS UP for you

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