Today one of my followers put up the post below. Since I know her to be someone that has spent her life under the control of the MKULTRA and has been trying to leak out what she knows I thought I better take a look at the videos she had pointed too. That really wasn't a hard decision because I have always been a Jim Marrs fan. I felt if anyone out there in that world made the most sense it was him. Along with a few others of course, but he has been in my top 5 of choice to listen too.

When I followedher link I discovered it took me to Hulu which I dont have, but I decided to search and see if I could still come up with the videos and I did. I came across a nice playlist of the three which will continue from one into the next.

Now you can watch a movie and be mind numb or you can watch these and get a glimpse of exactly what else will be coming our way soon enough. Better to have some sort of understand of the past to prove the future. I can only say this, if you arent inclined to watch any of it, at least watch the third one. You will be amazed at the family connections and just how far back they go. The leaders we have now have been playing this game for longer than you can imagine. The third video has the most to do with what is going on now.

The TWEET: ( I am leaving their name off of it until they are aware I have done this. I will add if its okay)

As dismal as this is.. it expresses a puppet Elite government under ET control. Jim Mars gives a concise explanation of Aliens and the New World Order.

 I will post all three videos but will leave this link for you to go directly to the playlist for continuous play.




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  • Now I am wondering Yig, if you spent many hours listening to Coast to Coast on late night radio, like I did, in the 90's?

    • Of course I did silly. Now that it has gone I listen to a podcast that is very similar with out the call in callers. The two guys that do the show are really great and they cover all the same kind of subject and do some deep dives but also keep a sense of humor added through the show too. The podcast is called Mysterious Universe. I highly suggest it. I always listened while I was driving for work

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Tina Christensen Shay replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Q Helper? Who is Streeps Brother?
SOLUTION: __ __ __ __ __ __ __...
I'm with Yig on this one. It is getting personal and you can never unknow once you know. Th…"
3 hours ago
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"We all know what Perkins Coie is by now.....right?!!"
12 hours ago
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"Quite a "stew" here!!!  It WILL be interesting to see how this all plays out!!!  I DO hope the Patriots are in control!!!"
12 hours ago
Yig Wilson replied to Danika Smithenhouser's discussion 2.24.2020 Fullfords Full Report
"Ol Ben had a lot to say today. While I have always enjoyed reading him, I also keep the salt shaker nearby as well :) Thanks for posting him up today. I used to, but had to let him go do to finace."
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  Source: Bill Gates surrenders to the Chinese as secret war rages on The secret battle for planet Earth is raging on with England, Russia, China and the Pentagon leading the charge against the Satanic Khazarian mafia. I…
17 hours ago
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Loxie Lou Davie replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Q Helper? Who is Streeps Brother?
"Makes one's head spin, doesn't it??!!!"
22 hours ago
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"There are so many threads to pull, aren't there?!!  Did any of you see Sarah Westall's short video about the Ukrainian Lady who talked with ex-cop, John Dougan, who had to flee to Russia?  This Lady had info on the Burisma situation.  Sarah's group…"
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"thank you!  I will reach out to you with open arms.  This has so many tentacles it's hard to know where to begin.  
I will be uploading Intel and evidence and add you to the recipient list.
Then we will put our collective heads together and begin!
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"Good one!!!!!!!   Thanks, Yig!!  Our "turn the other  cheek" mentality allows others to infiltrate & take over at will.  We are in the middle of a huge "undoing"!!!   
How many more's have to be killed off before we finally see the big names a…"
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