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With so much going on around us it is just so hard to keep up and lot gets lost in the shuffle and the noise. So here is a list of a few notable things you might have missed.

One I know I missed which I find very interesting and bit concerning actual

We've been told by Q to look into the wives and I mentioned the other night I didnt think we were really finished digging in that hole. Lo and Behold Ive got a real special one for you today. Nope nothing wrong with her being in this picture at all e

This Decode/analysis was presented by an anon. I think they have made some interesting points and I will highlight some things that stood out to me. Im not saying this IS exactly what the decode should be, but again they do point out certian matches

I cant say this really surprises me with all the sneaky stuff they are doing there. You know we only hear about a thimble full of it.I am going to highlite what did stick out to me though. All considered, we are all pretty lucky we are even still her

Well now I thought the footage I posted the other day that was suppose to be a space war was pretty out there as far as head scratchers go,, but this one for today might almost match it. Not because it looks like another space war, but for the fact f

The other day I made a tweet about the "CFR" and posted a short list of some of the members on it. This is it Below:

2453642?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I thought I would make a thread about it since things like this disappear so fast in a tweet and can be easily forgotten about in ju