This morning I posted this picture of some of the better known Democrats That have been involved in sexual crimes ranging from sexual assault, rape, and Pedophilia. I also mentioned that I would like to actually see the same kind of picture related to the Republicans just to be fair.

I also posted it on my Face Book with pretty much the same thought trying hard to imply that this isnt a sides game and that we SHOULD have a list of Both Parties so that we as a whole can see  all the creeps we have had running the show in one capacity or another.

At first they were defensive and why not one for the Republicans? I  asked them to reread what I had written and that I actually did want to see one. I figured we had one for their people, they probably had one for ours. I tried to explain again why it was important that they ALL be known.

This of course led to some surprise of their own and now they wanted me to join the old gang in creating one. This is something I thought they should do for themselves. Not because I dont know any, but the roads I travel these days I wouldnt come across something like that.

It was mentioned we would all probably be very surprised. I said I wouldnt as I already know of many of them. I have been wearing the tin foil hat a long time and I wasn't one to blow off pizzagate as being fake because Snopes said so.

The good news about all this if there is any to be had, is that it did leave a door open for actual communication between the two sides concerning bad guys. Sad that it is going to take a very hard conversation like this to keep that door open, it is a good start in my opinion.

I have always been pretty middle road. Perhaps this is why I have a better grasp of the Big Picture. I see both sides. I do NOT consider this topic a side thing at all, nor do I consider a lot of the issues we are having from both sides.

Lets face it, bad guys are bad guys and these same bad guys have been running the show for far too long. They need to go, ALL of Them. It is up to us now, the people as a whole, to make sure this happens and we get them ALL out.

Maybe it needs to start with cleaning our own back yards and trading off. Those that lean to the right get rid of one of their own bad guys and those leaning to left get rid of one their own. This will maybe stop the feelings of being attacked and create more of a feeling of working together to get rid of all of them and doing it together.

I know, sounds good on paper but can we actually execute it in real life?
Perhaps we can. We should have learned one thing by now, pointing fingers and closed doors have never worked and never will.

We need common ground and we do have that. Both sides are actually disgruntled with a couple of the same things Best to start with those. Example, most of us hate there are no term limits for senators etc. To many perks and not enough work.

Start opening the doors. You know what? That John McCain needs to go. He has been doing very bad things to this country and Im sick of it. I cant stand that he represents us and has gotten away with as many crimes as he has. Honestly speaking? Who are you sick of? Show you want to clean your back yard for the greater good, see if they are willing to also.


Name a few if it doesnt seem to be taking right away. Eventually someone will speak up. As I said Bad guys are BAD GUYS and they ALL need to go. Best to start in ones own back yard.

Now this nine yards to get a foot does actually lead me to what this article is all about and that is the awful sickness running rampant through not only our country but the world. Pedophilia, child trafficking, and so many other awful things to even have to consider. We as a country must stop burying our heads in the sand and get a serious grip on this. 

Leaders are smiling in your faces, making worthless promises and abusing children behind your back.

There is a pdf floating around that has been pulled, buried, hidden, and anything else that can be done to it to keep it out of your sight. It is a 115 pages of research into the UGLY. I will post a link too it and I have also downloaded it in case it disappears once again. I can always re upload it.   I suggest you do the same.

I am going to post a couple screen shots from it of the Republican Creeps because this is now my new mission to practice what I preach. I said I knew of some and Im going to put that out there. I know my friends from Facebook probably wouldnt have gotten this far so I am going to help them along.
























Now I am going to post some snippets from this pdf just to get you started. Yes I do realize these are older articles, but some of the same players are STILL around. If you think this has just magically stopped and hasn't continued you are so very wrong and clearly one with your head buried in the sand. Just the way THEY like it actually.



I truly hope this opens your eyes in some form or other and that you really see that this has been an ongoing game for far too long. Forget about Pedogate and it being fake. It is just a term that was used.

This is reality and it is staring you directly in the eyes. It can not be denied no matter how much you dont wish to face it. It WILL continue unless we do something quickly. Every day of inaction on our parts is another day of horrible action on children everywhere.

There is so much more that isnt even presented here. So many different organizations you think are suppose to be helping and they are actually players in the game. Children sold like cattle stock, traded on the markets under different code names. This rabbit hole is DEEP. Unfathomably deep.

I will close for now, I have done what i set out to do and that was to show the tip of the iceberg of the dirty laundry on the Republican side. If this is all you have taken away from it though, I will be very saddened.

I am hoping some of you as members can add in the comments any organizations that you know are good and safe. Ones that can be contacted if one suspects another of being involved in these horrible crimes against our children.

Here is the LINK to the PDF file. At least skim over it if anything. It doesnt paint a pretty picture at all, but your eyes will be opened. I can promise you that.



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I will be uploading Intel and evidence and add you to the recipient list.
Then we will put our collective heads together and begin!
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