Q made a drop yesterday asking who is adopted and who is the loudest. Being adopted myself, of course this got my attention. One of the easier digs actually. While I wasnt so surprised at the many celebs that had adopted children, I was a bit surprised at the  Big NAMES that were adopted themselves. These of which I think Q may be trying to point us too. Q has mentioned the line Look for the Loudest on more than one occasion. I assume a couple of those noise makers are probabl on this list as well. May have to go to the link though to get more names. Two names right up front that are spokepeople or advocators for adoption are Oprah (loud) and not as loud to my knowledge Bruce Willis.

Q's Drop that mentions Adoption:


Q !UW.yye1fxo 614610
They made many current/former enslaved children famous.
Hollywood is filled w/ them.
Find the loudest voices.
Who was adopted?
Who was born in?
They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS.
The Famous Adopted Themselves:

Bill Clinton

Robert Byrd

Mother Teresa

Nancy Reagan

Michael ReaganI

Eleanor Roosevelt

Nelson Mandela

Tom Monaghan (founder of Domino's Pizza)

Gerald Ford

John Hancock

Marilyn Monroe

Edgar Allen Poe

Priscilla Presley

Jesse Jackson

Steve Jobs

Michael Bay

Eric Clapton

Jamie Foxx

Malcolm X

Larry Ellison (co-founder and CEO of Oracle)


The Famous That HAVE Adopted:

I did know, that Brangelina and Madonna adopted children, but it seems there have been many others


Ronald Reagan 

John McCain

Rosie O'Donnell (actress and TV personality)

Walt Disney (creator of Disney)

George Lucas (director)

Steven Spielberg (director))

Woody Allen (director)

Hugh Jackman (actor)

Charles Bronson (actor)

Sandra Bullock (actress)

Sheryl Crow (singer)

Tom Cruise (actor)

Jamie Lee Curtis (actress0

Bette Davis (actress)

Kristin Davis (actress)

Sammy Davis, Jr. (entertainer)

Viola Davis (actress)

John Denver (singer)

Jane Fonda (actress)

Katherine Heigl (actress)

Jesse Helms

Magic Johnson (professional basketball)

Angelina Jolie (actress)

Diane Keaton (actress)

David Kelley (TV producer)

Nicole Kidman (actress)

Kris Kristofferson (singer)

Jerry Lewis (entertainer)

Madonna (singer)

Brad Pitt (actor)

Ewan McGregor

Paul Newman (actor)

Ozzy Osbourne (singer)

Sharon Osbourne (TV personality)

Michelle Pfeiffer (actress)

Lionel Richie (singer)

Meg Ryan (actress)

Sharon Stone (actress)

Gloria Swanson (actress)

Elizabeth Taylor (actress)

Charlize Theron (actress)


Here is the link to dig through more names: Link fixed



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  • Just reading about Heidi Fleiss's family background.  Her dad/dr was called the pediatricia-to-the-stars in LA.  He's also a huge advocate for "The Family Bed" and said he raised all six of his kids that way *no doubt*.  He's also a proponent of intactivism, which tries to phase out Jewish customs by making people ashamed of them.  

    Also, I thought of more adopted kids...Ron Howard and Nicole Ritchie.  

    Also, when's that dang video gonna drop!?  I hope it's about this.28958919_10156208101072838_6993275947046666240_n.jpg?width=420

    • That is a interesting tidbit about Heidi. Was never aware of that part of her life. Thanks for sharing it.

      As far as the video, If I were a betting person, I would say this Will be the first thing they show. It makes the most sense to be this one. Not so much for us, but for HER diehard fans and followers. Will be hard to rebuke it. Also easier to swallow this pill than sex tapes etc. Start easy and ease them into whats really coming

    • Yeah, I don't see how they could drop a pe d ovideo.  It has to be something illegal against the country's govt and our laws.  I really hope that it has to do with AS and LL but we'll just have to wait and see, as we keep digging and digging.

  • Faith Hill, Alan Jackson adopted

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"Let's hope so!!!  I'm sure the rest of the world is laughing at the shennanigins that have been going on here!!!  It's like we're just another Banana Republic...so shameful!!!  We're supposed to be a beacon for Freedom in the world!!!
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Hunters Become the Hunted and Are Falling Into Traps

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"Amazing Polly had a good one, Cyber ? showing how deep the roots go to all this moneylaundering, etc.  It's quite a "system" they have built up!!!  YES! it's Justice we need!!"
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