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Just so you know, I will be adding all things Indictment here, Sealed or unsealed so that they are easier to find as a category for now on. As you probably know by now the sealed list has been again update with new additions added. The total count now is up to 24,544. This is really becoming an insane number when you consider what is known to be average.

This is the link you will need to get into the PDF's if you wish to view them yourself: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-1bDtCNdsSBjG2SupkhIRc6Dz4gacqI5

This are just a couple graphics to show you what to expect:


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  • I have some issues with sealed indictments. Maybe so should we all. While I have no issue with the testimony at the Grand Jury level being secret. I have all kinds of issues with an indictment sitting in limbo waiting for someone in our well-oiled justice machine (sarcasm) to authorize them to be served and ultimately adjudicated. Sure a sealed indictment designed to protect witnesses and investigators that are currently involved in an "active" investigation is a good reason, but I don't think that the sealed indictment mechanism was designed with this kind of magnitude in mind. Given that our Government (in this case, justice system) can't even account for where their money has gone (like the $$ that the on-going audit of the Pentagon is showing). Why would we expect the justice system to keep track of thousands of sealed indictments? There comes a time were we, as a country, have to open the dingy lunch pail that holds our poop-sandwich that was given to us and accept that it's going to be nasty. Just my opinion of course.

    • Actually I concur with your opinion. I havent updated this again yet, but I know they hit 60,000 now. Just saw that go by a couple days ago. Should be a new update released soon since we are at halfway mark of the month. Ill keep my eyes open for it. 

      Obviously these numbers now are far and above anything they have delt with in the past. It isnt like there is a definitve way to keep track of them either once they are opened, because we never knew what they were or who they were for when they were sealed.

      A little slip of green here and they and poof, lost in the numbers just like magic. I have to assume a good portion of these are basically the little fish, but eventually tha ladder has to be climbed. To many of the little fish are showing to many connections to not be addressed. If we have to wait while we wade through those Ill probably be dead by the time they get to what Im really interested in.

      I hope Sessions has a plan for this and that move of the second counsel is one this end of it for the big fish. Plus how many real big gun lawyers are there out there that can handle this load?

      Looks like both Bush seniors have one foot out the door already.   Im including Barbara in this when I say both. We have learned the wives are the driving force on too many occasions. I think its safe to assume she is far from being lilly white innocent

    • I think that the sealed indictments are coming from Huber and his 400+ attorneys. This was a very smart move that Sessions made because it's out of D.C., where a lot of the corruption is. Did you know that Sessions also hired US Attorney Cody Hiland, Arkansas? That's where boxes of documents have been flown in!  Again, out of D.C. I also believe that Trump is refurbishing GITMO to ready it for some of these indictments. I'm sure you must be aware that Trump has set up Military Tribunals to handle sedition, treason, traitors, etc. The US Courts will be handling the sex & human trafficking, drug violations, and crimes that would not be applicable to Military Tribunals.

      This is, I think, a very smart move by Trump and Sessions. Surely you see how Trump is knocking Sessions and leading MSM and Left in opposite direction than he's going. The MSM is praising Sessions! I do not believe Q is a conspiracy. This is a great bait & switch operation!

      The Left truly does NOT know how to "handle" Trump and doubt that they will figure it out. Besides, there's NO "handling" of Trump. He's too smart for them.

      And Yig, a Q rep needs help in researching all the CEO resignations. I am going to help him. I saw your list, but only got Feb. and March 2018. As we both know these folks are dropping out like flies!! The rich seem to be involved in pedophilia. Trump & Sessions are going after them too. Do you have more lists past the above dates?

      I like your site - just getting used to it. Will be working further here.


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