I know there are a lot of us that were crying foul the day 911 happened and almost immediately started to dig into it. Most others were quite content with the original story they were fed by the MSM.

From the begining the more the diggers dug up, the more names they were called. If you think about it, this incident was also a big divider of the country. Believers versus none believers. I know for myself being called crazy was the least of what I have endured over the years concerning this topic and what I know about it.

The good news though, many more have swung over to the side of the Tin Foil Hat brigade over time. Sadly, regardless of all the information out there, many have dug their heels in and still refuse to see the blatent truth about it all. No matter how many videos or documents you can try to show them, they will counter with an argument that sounds just as nutty as they accuse us of being.

I think we all know or have that one person in our lives that have taken this stance when it comes to 911. This short and sweet little video below may just be the game changer. Or not, some will remain to be content stuck in their blindless of the situation. There is a chance though for some this video may be the icebreaker.

Not the hour long ones with all the facts laid out in them nor the pages and pages of documents, but this simple 24 seconds that has just one very important statement in it. Let me repeat. ONE VERY IMPORTANT STATEMENT. One line mentioned by one of the  DANCING ISRAELIS themselves.  I qoute, "Our purpose was to document the event." Is that so? Just how did they know there was going to be an event of this magnitude? HOW DID THEY KNOW? This should be all you need to show and ask your non believer.

I want to be clear that I am NOT trying to make this a Jews did it thing or anything of that thought. I am merely pointing out One simple statement made by one man that was there to do a job.

The video itself is only 2:50 long so  it isnt going to be a wasted 2:50 of your day. If you want to skip to the interview and just see that part, go to the 1:21 mark. Also just side note, notice the other guys face they cut to for a moment. He looks pretty uncomfortable in my opinion

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SOLUTION: __ __ __ __ __ __ __...
I'm with Yig on this one. It is getting personal and you can never unknow once you know. Th…"
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"We all know what Perkins Coie is by now.....right?!!"
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"Quite a "stew" here!!!  It WILL be interesting to see how this all plays out!!!  I DO hope the Patriots are in control!!!"
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"Ol Ben had a lot to say today. While I have always enjoyed reading him, I also keep the salt shaker nearby as well :) Thanks for posting him up today. I used to, but had to let him go do to finace."
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"Makes one's head spin, doesn't it??!!!"
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"There are so many threads to pull, aren't there?!!  Did any of you see Sarah Westall's short video about the Ukrainian Lady who talked with ex-cop, John Dougan, who had to flee to Russia?  This Lady had info on the Burisma situation.  Sarah's group…"
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"thank you!  I will reach out to you with open arms.  This has so many tentacles it's hard to know where to begin.  
I will be uploading Intel and evidence and add you to the recipient list.
Then we will put our collective heads together and begin!
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"Good one!!!!!!!   Thanks, Yig!!  Our "turn the other  cheek" mentality allows others to infiltrate & take over at will.  We are in the middle of a huge "undoing"!!!   
How many more wh.bl's have to be killed off before we finally see the big names a…"
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