Im thinking this will tickle and then probably  horrify some of you and also put a little spunk back into your resolve to backing our President with the support we once showed strongly as a whole.

Below you will find the reports from the company Hillary had hired to poll the American Voters back before the Elections. It really is quite comical how it just started to snowball in Trumps favor over time and I can just imagine her poor little minion workers trying to explain to her how this was even happening. That is the funny part.

One other thing it will do  is show you what to look for from these companies in the future with their little polls and how to now actually play them to our benefit by switching up your answers

 The not so funny part. I do have to be honest, things are going to take a very bizarre turn  before you get to the end of this. You really need to pay close attention to the last two graphics. The first four, yes funny. The last two, not so much.

Now this is where things get a little weird and you should be very concerned with these next to parts, because this is where the real evil rears it ugliness and shows the extremes these people will willing to go to unbeknownst to us. Except of course, NOW WE KNOW.

 Pretty disturbing isnt it? I agree and we should count our blessings Trump won. Yet, they do still have all of this and in the wrong hands which we know there are many of those, this could be a very big problem for us. Actually it could be hard to tell right now if any of this is already in play, and sadly I suspect some of it is. That leaves us with the question now that we know, what are we going to do about it?

Honestly, it leaves me with an almost helpless feeling and I abhor that to no end. Im sure there are people out there trying to fight this and are finding themselves talking to walls because people wont believe them and probably laugh at them to boot. We need to get behind these people and damn quick to become a force of numbers in support.

I know many of you have heard of some of these things such as HAARP for example. Gave it a passing consideration of thought then went on about your day. We just cant afford to do this anymore. Not only our future depends on it, but the generations to follow. Yes, your kids and grandkids and so on. The clock isnt just ticking on the bad guys my friends, it is also ticking on us to do something and to do it ASAP. This isnt just fiction on a page. This is our very scary reality.

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  • Well most of this is in place. We have not yet seen Fire in the Heavens or an "Image of the Beast" we must worship , but with G-5 and directed energy bursts we could see some demonstrations of "wrath" on unbelievers (or reluctant participants) to add excitement to the pyrotechnics.

  • Stuck out to me was the "aftermath" protocol:

    Induced trauma provides cover to "provide aid" (psychotropic to induce docility) and counseling services.

    Counseling services  were on every billboard and flyer after las Vegas... doing some "clean up operations" no doubt. Who would call the FBI to ask for counseling services? ugh.

    • Yeah that takes a special kind of stupid no doubt

  • I read about this at Michael Salla's site.  Who's name(s) are on this report?  I'd like to hang them High ..

    • I imagine you would have to contact the Beneson Strategy Group listed on the headers. All the info is right there for you

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Patriots in Control of the Federal Reserve System

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I think there are other elements as well. Many of us over the years have tried to tell people bad things were going on. People didn't want to hear it. Because Hearing it mean you may have to do something about it. Doing something about it mea…"