I know there has been a lot of questions about Trey Gowdy such as if he is a White Hat or a Black hat. I myself feel he is a White hat and really hope I am not proven wrong for feeling this way. Below are some points from his recent interview on things that  I feel should be paid attention too and how this long winding path is leading right back onto itself so there is no escape hatch for the guilty people involved. Ill  be curious to hear what you think as well.

 The Trey Gowdy Interview:

 What is established for the viewer within the video?


1)  Trey Gowdy is a TOP Republican on House Intelligence committee.

2) House Intelligence committee this week found no evidence of Russia/Trump collusion (so Trump not guilty)


3) Trumps lawyer is calling for RR to end Mueller Investigation.  (Pushes the fear narrative that Trump may fire Muller showing separation between Muller and Trump)

4) Gowdy says NO!  Mueller is needed because we need to investigate Russia.  If not guilty what are you afraid of?  (Establishes that Mueller has other irons in the fire other than collusion with Trump AND further establishes Gowdy’s independence from the Trump administration which gives him more credibility)


5) Trump criticizes Mueller for the first time on Twitter saying that Mueller’s team is FULL OF DEMOCRATS (Saying that they are Hillary supporters and clearly NOT on the President’s side and further pushing the fear narrative that Trump may fire Mueller)

6) Mueller didn’t volunteer for this. Rod Rosenstein appointed him.  (Therefore, if Mueller discovers something controversial….it’s not something he contrived)


7) McCabe claims reason for firing was to undercut his credibility as a witness and claims Trump is attacking FBI (Opens discussion on McCabe and FBI)

8) Gowdy now says Andy McCabe undercut his credibility all by himself and that McCabe is guilty himself of lying and undermining the FBI (saying he DESERVED to be fired)


9) McCabe’s fellow FBI agents said he LEAKED AND THEN LIED about it (Highlighting that it wasn’t Trump who asked for McCabe to be fired.  It was the FBI. )

10) McCabe leaked info NOT ABOUT TRUMP but instead about the DOJ’s refusal to allow FBI to look into the CLINTON FOUNDATION.  McCabe was spilling that the DOJ under Obama was CORRUPT.  (Brings Department of Justice under the microscope)


11.  With hold judgment until the REPORT from the OIG (Office of Inspector General Horowitz) — (Both parties have criticized Horowitz which Gowdy argues gives him even MORE credibility)


12) NOW lets all wait on pins and needles to hear what the report says (what if this report shows more corruption than just McCabe’s leaking?  We have now established that Horowitz is credible, independent, and should be listened to.  What if he comes back saying there is corruption on concerning the DOJ and the Clinton Foundation? People will have to take it super seriously now.)


13) Again the re-establishment of no collusion between Russia and Trump.  After interviewing 70 witnesses and no evidence found.


14) Along with pictures, Wallace points out the names of central people that weren’t interviewed:  Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos.  Then he questions how he can come to a conclusion without talking to these people

15) Gowdy explains that those people are all under indictment (for older crimes) or pled guilty (for lying) so congress can’t talk to them.  Goudy says Executive Branch Investigations have more credibility and more tools than congressional investigation.  (Therefore Trust Mueller, Trust OIG Horowitz)


16) Trump is a hellofa lot better than Obama


In Conclusion: 

Trey Gowdy says no Trump/Russia collusion.  Mueller, who is completely independent and has the appearance of being at odds with the President and working with Hillary supporters, may be actually working on a LARGER investigation concerning the dossier such as HILLARY/RUSSIA Collusion and FISA court shenanigans. If Mueller indicts Hillary or others working for her then Democrats can trust that it’s not a political attack.


McCabe deserved to be fired and was fired under recommendation of the FBI and not Trump.  DOJ was up to no good and McCabe leaked about it so it wasn’t even about Trump.


Everybody wait and see what the OIG report says….could be a doozy.  At the very least, it will explain McCabe’s guilt, but it could highlight even more crimes that need to be immediately investigated concerning the Clinton Foundation and the Department of Justice under Obama.


This is helping to “set the stage” for incoming indictments -  against Hillary and company and not Trump


The Video:


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  • I agree with you on Trey.  He is wise not to accuse Mueller of any wrong emphaisising his credibility is a set-up.

    Trey knows "if they don't like the message they shoot the messenger"  

    Q posted 3 booms for this coming week? 

     is Epstein's trial still happening mid-March?

    I posted the same video I copied it from tv this morningChris Wallace interviews Trey Gowdy Sunday March 18 https://www.bitchute.com/video/J73LAf8RPGU7/  ;

  • I saw that interview this morning and was left feeling very confused about Trey Gowdy.  I too choose to believe he's a "white hat", however the comments he made at the beginning of the interview concering that Mueller continue the investigation were very puzzling.  I'm hoping this is merely a tactic of his to show bipartisanship, all the while he knows the whole story and bigger picture.

    • I  do beleive this is exactly the reason he is doing it. The whole interview goes along those lines to begin with. Why wouldnt he do it himself as well? Anyone paying attention should be to add that one. You know HERES YOUR CLUE... :) Welcome to the site btw.

    • Trey is brilliant, his job is not to take sides, job is to follow the law.  Trey is not running for office as was reported, appears he will be appointed to much more significant position.  Wonder what that position will be.

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