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Hello my valued and much loved members and those of you that just pass through.

The time has now come for me to be quite frank with you. Something I havent wanted to do at all. 

Many of you know when I first started this site, I made a point of not asking for any kind of support... I also paid to keep the site AD FREE so we would have one less back door for the creeps to sneak in on us. I had no problem with this what so ever.

The end of last month I had a small stroke while at work. Long story short it led to my boss letting me go. I have been jobless since then and just working on the site hoping I may get a little help from you. A couple members have indeed been very kind and they know who they are.

Tonight while trying to post the latest Q updates, I began to have problems. Come to find out my memory allotment for this site had run out... I had to delete some videos tonight just to post this article and Im still not sure if it will post or not. 

I have to upgrade the site or we are at a total stand still. If I dont I will lose it all. I can not afford the upgrade and take care of my bills and feed fat kittens :)

So we all need to make a decision here. Do you like the site enough to help me keep it and myself going or should I just let it all go. It really comes down to you my friends. I have until Monday before the next billing cycle. If I cant afford the upgrade by then I will not pay for something to just sit here with nowhere to go.

I never ever dreamed when I started this that it would come to this, but here we are and I have to be honest with you. Ive pretty much laid my soul bare here and this is probably one of the hardest things Ive had to do.

I hope you decide to reach out and help, I think we have a good thing going here. We may also need it if they decide to kill the net on fb, twitter etc., as Q has mentioned in a drop today.

I will leave the fate of the site and myself in your hands now. The link to my PayPal can be found here YIGS PAYPAL

If you feel it isnt worth it, thats fine, no hard feelings. It was fun while it lasted. If you do think it is worth helping me out so I can keep doing this for you folks, I will be ever so happy to continue trying to bring you the best I can find for you and I will truely be thankful to be able to do what it is I love.

Have a great night and thank you for your time and listening.


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  • Thank you to all that stepped up and pitched in to help. I am so very touched and grateful

  • sent gift early this morning for you and the babies. Hope you get to feeling better.

  • Chongqing!  Oops, I mean ChaChing!  Dropped some shekels in your tin.  Keep up the good word.

  • Moola sent!  This is absolutely worth it.  I'm really sorry to hear you've had health challenges but I sure hope you're on the mend.....

  • I have had a free forum for about 12 yrs. dunno if it'd work for you meetingplace.createmybb.com the host has a newer board than what I use.

    today my opera browser decided to update then it quit working on my older OS.  that screws me out of gmail. I can't log in with firefox.

    I'm getting screwed out of using the web on so many sites! meetup.com, daiymotion.  I'm using TOR right now & I can't even get to GAB!

    they think I am a bot!  try to park some things on another site instead of paying this host more. createmybb.com has been good to me & it's free

    It's Over Here!
  • I’d sure hate to see this site go down! I’m unemployed too, so every dollar is spoken for and still I’m short. I’ll send something your way though. Hope it helps!

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Article Link: https://beachbroadcast.com/whats-happ...
Heartbreaking truth from John (a Government insider and whistleblower) about how RR and Brennan treats our Patriot that was only doing the right thing.
Torture, killing, blackmail...
The depth o…
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Watch this 1 minute video. It will explain what the information will be if you download the Excel File. It really is a little treasure for any diggers.

This is the link you will need to download the small file:
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You would think after 18 years we would pretty much have all the answers or basic answers at least about 911. Interestingly enough there are still a couple mysteries. 
One isn't really a mystery per say, but just a peculiar thing to do. I have ofte…
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Sep 3
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This is the kind of woman I would like to see POTUS put into office. She doesn't mess around and she most definitely says whats on her mind as you will see.
A Typical Pompus and arrogent Senator from Wyoming seems to have forgotten who butters his b…
Aug 31
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Most of us have already figured out that it probably isn't the best idea to send your DNA swab away for a ancestry check. Being adopted I can see why the lure of doing it would be exciting to know ones bloodline. The thing is that swab is saved and…
Aug 31
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Report of Investigation of Former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey's Disclosure of Sensitive Investigative Information and Handling of Certain Memoranda
This PDF is 83 pages.
You can Download it here
You can g…
Aug 29
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