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3 Days of Darkness: Nibiru: Please take with a grain of salt. Whatever does not resonate...let it go. I am only the messenger. I must share what I receive :)

During these 3 Days of Darkness

-Sun is different: Resetting of the sun

-Brief Compression

-necessary for clearing akashic records, timelines, and karma

-gather your close friends and family -fast if you feel called to

-the force of gravity is very strong during this. Rest. Take salt baths. When this passes, we will feel fully activated!!!

-This will be thousands of years of development in only 3 days. This will largely affect those on the Ascension pathway. A minor vibrational shift for those who are not “doing the work”

-Eclipse is created by the passing of Nibiru over the sun. This “planet” is truly a spacecraft and home of the Annunaki. These beings were once quite a nuisance to humanity. They have evolved, just like we are evolving. Now they are returning to our solar system in FULL SUPPORT of humanity’s awakening and healing. “We are now we are here to right the wrongs of past and made a promise to right this”

-Nibiru will pull on planets magnetic field and will be assisting the polar shift and climate change during this time.

Timeline: Soonest is easter, latest before Summer Solstice DO NOT FEAR. Fast. Rest. Pray. Meditate. The Galactic Federation will care for us during this time. We must call on them for energetic support.

-Ring of Fire energies are accelerating Healing abilities will be amplified “blow the roof off”

-Like going from black and white TV to HD Plasma.

Blue Flame of SIrius -assists with ancestral clearing, cords, entanglements

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