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I thought it was time for a little color of Spring! I also made it easier for you to find the "Add Discussion" button :)

You can still go to the "Welcome Page"  to find a quick help video. Have a GREAT WEEKEND now ya Heaaa?!

4 Chan DOD ANON Drop (UPDATE 4)

This is for those of you who cant read the beginning of the drop I posted in picture form. I will be editing this throughout tonight until I have it all put in here. So, if you cant get on, it is probably because Im adding a update. If you can get on keep checking back for the new added information. I will let you know when it is complete.


Last week at work I traced a massive subcontractors mysterious source to someone who is currently running for President.

The company produces nothing, I found it because we gained access to an area of this company that no one has been given access to before by a new employee not fully in the know. What we found were 165 items each individually valued at over $1,000,000 missing, all ordered in quarter 1 of 2019.

Our audit further lead us to investigate quietly and trace back over $10 Billion of undelivered, but paid for, Navy equipment and materials, and it all goes through the same subcontractor.

The subcontractor is fully owned by a shell company which shares a physical location with it but with two different street address, which are actually on two different street because it is a corner facility, very smart. During this process of tracking the missing items we went to the subcontractors facility to find it........completely empty. The two companies have a single office with some desks in it and over 400,000 square feet of empty warehouse in the middle of nowhere West Georgia.

Further tracking the shell company we found that it is owned by another shell company, which in turn is owned by a company which owns 5 luxury car dealerships, a big four professional American Sports Franchise, a VERY liberal movie studio, all of which have been noted as being unprofitable, and this single Navy Contractor.

The family that owns this company has a current Senator and a Current Presidential Candidate in it.

Tomorrow we will be going public with this information.

Buy a gun.


Of course the anons were asking for proof. He sent 2 photos then a 3rd in the order below



The Third one they asked him to wrote 4ch on it


Now to save some non relative chitchat this is basically the first thing they said as far as what it concerns.

"Because it doesn’t just involve a good chunk of our defense budget going directly into the pockets of SUPER commies, it also involves the big four sports being fake and controlled by liberals. People are going to fucking lose it, you think movies and tv shows keep mentally unstable people from fucking losing it, sports, sports keep large mentally unstable men with guns from losing it."

Im also going to give you what is basically the one conclusion that has been discovered. So you know where it is going. I will add the smaller details to how we got there as I go on.

Amy Klobuchar --> Pohlads family --> PaR Systems DOD Contractor co's --> Jered LLC --> Empty Brunswick GA warehouse with missing inventory

Pohlads run River Rock Entertainment (Brokeback Mountain, 12 Yrs Slave)

Pohlads own Minnesota Twins

Pohlads financed Hillary Clinton

Chris Pohlad works for Amy Klobuchar

"The Pohlad’s son, Christopher, graduated from Puget Sound with a major in politics and government in 2007. Christopher Pohlad currently lives in Washington, D.C., and is on the staff of senior U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota."

PaR Marine Services
500 Bishop St
Brunswick GA


Jered LLC
3000 Sidney Lanier Dr
Brunswick GA

Bam, there they are on the same dot on Google Maps.

>Jered LLC
>Jered Industries started its walk in maritime construction in Detroit, Michigan as a general engineering design firm serving commercial and government markets. As the company grew, a major portion of the projects undertaken were in the marine field, particularly with the U.S. Navy.

PaR marine is itself a shell company.
> Jered LLC
> Marine Systems Technology (MST)
> PaR Marine Services

ETA: Some comments from the ANON

I literally work for the same agency as the Vegas Shooter

Doesnt audit taxes he - I audit the contracts themselves.

Question he asks -  Would anyone like to know what the two factions will be in this coming civil war? Would anyone at least like to know who you will be fighting for or against?


It will be between the English and the Americans.

Roughly 80 English families have been siphoning off roughly half of America’s taxpayer dollars since income tax was reimplemented. We have direct proof that America is literally being run by the direct descendent of the English appointed governors and their families have been using our tax money as play money.

The unions will join the English, ALL of the unions. The Americans will be the Americans.

It’s amazing how much good art can cost, and the price just can’t be paid in money.
Most of the Navy budget is going directly into the pockets of the Queen’s finest
The English Royalty is actually ethnically Germans currently
There’s literally an Agency called the Defense Contract Audit Agency
The Anon starts stressing Things come in 2's
Things happen in twos a lot

Things come in twos.

Broke Back Mountain.

Anon is questioned about the Broke Back pic: BBM and 12 Years a Slave? Is this the studio you referenced earlier?

DOD Anon replies with this picture





Just so you know as I continue I wont be changing to green. I will post bold black though so you know its me.

Continuing on with the 2's. He dropped this first anon pic in reply to the movie studio.

3637560818?profile=RESIZE_180x180This second one to remind things come in twos and also pointing to this statement:

Klobuchar wrote a book on the HHH Metrodome, which is where the Twins played.

Her father was a paid shill for the Minnesota Twins.

She was AG for Hennepin county, where Minneapolis was. Undoubtedly she has ties to systems and the the Pohlads for years now


A regular anon added this dig:

"Sara Kacey Wood and Christopher Robert Pohlad were married Saturday at the Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel in Roche Harbor on San Juan Island in Washington State. The Rev. Ralph J. Goman, a Roman Catholic priest, performed the ceremony.

Mrs. Pohlad, 30, is known as Kacey. She is the legislative assistant for education and housing policy in the Washington office of Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota. The bride graduated from the University of South Carolina and received a master’s in public policy from Georgia Tech."

A regular anon dug this up in relation to the fighting of the English and also Brunswick Ga.

Interesting tidbit about Brunswick, GA

founded as "Brunswick" after the German duchy of Brunswick–Lüneburg, the ancestral home of the House of Hanover.

British royal family was actually descended from the House of Hanover, beginning with George I. It was under his grandson George III that the US fought for independence.

The DOD Anon commented on this as well:

80 families Anon. There are 80 families left.

I will add part 2 soon. It will be mostly the digs as the thread continued. I havent checked yet to se if they came back for a third one. I will know soon enough :)

If you know how to read the chan and wish to see this all for yourself here is the link:



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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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