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Yig Wilson posted a discussion
NOTICE: This is strictly for a Laugh!!!
An anon posted this up and I thought I would bring it over and share it with you good folks!

 Dear Leader Pelosi Meets with Hanoi Delegation

On Sunday, Dear Leader Nancy Pelosi met with the wait staff and…
13 hours ago
Creative Goddess posted a discussion
By Archeia Faith, “This is Ashtar Sheran and this message is an update on the war against the darkside on your planet Shan the light forces have your earth surrounded. Many see our ships, we are overtaking dark bases to liberate hostages there and t…
14 hours ago
Wishful replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Liberty Mutual Insurance Dirty Sneaky Dealings?
19 hours ago
Yig Wilson posted discussions
Spicencens replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Bye Bye BuzzFeed
"Very good article Yig!
I can't help but think Burr is involved too. Just a feeling."
Brenda A. posted a video
Brenda A. liked Yig Wilson's discussion Arrest ARE Being Made
Yig Wilson posted a discussion
 Last night I posted this graphic up on Twitter, and today Im going to give you the rest of the story, or more of the breakdown of it. I don't think Buzzfeed is going to be much of a problem for anyone much longer. This link will take you to a  much…
Yig Wilson liked Wishful's discussion FACEBOOK WhiteHat Information Network (WIN) and MASTER THREADS for learning
Wishful posted a discussion
If you have a Facebook account, we have a very special group set up there that connects back to this site.  It has become somewhat of a resource library.  As your friends and family start to wake up, feel free to direct them to these Master Thre…
Yig Wilson commented on Yig Wilson's video
"Wow Abbie I totally missed that about Carol Channing and I agree with you, she died way back. Dang. Geee was she a 100+ if it was just now?"
Judith Abruzzo commented on Yig Wilson's video
"I remember that actual broadcast, but they came out and said it was a mistake. If I recall correctly, they implied that the TelePrompter was hacked and that was what the read out in the broadcast."