This article is basically part 2 of the, "A Yig Thought on Q." That article is over two years old and what I have to say on it now is more for the present moment. Many of you responded to that thread so I decided to share something with you that's been in my thoughts for a couple weeks now. Hopefully you will respond just as well on this theory.

I  have a system of sites that I circle through during the day trying to find information for you that others seem to over look. Basically how I discovered the Q helpers. For as smart as the chan can be they missed those for a long time, but they were very obvious to me.

Anyhow, there's what would probably be considered a very off the wall theory presented at one of my stops through the day. This also basically ignored, but it clicked right away with me. The line Q used of wait until you learn who has been talking to you. Now that person may not be the person Im going to name now, because of all the American History that has been involved, but this person would be perfect to break the news to the people of all that has gone on and one that a very good percentage of people would stop and listen to right from the start. Just the shock they are even being addressed by this person at all will make them sit right up and pay attention. One who knows many secrets themself.

You know who could pull that off? One the WHOLE WORLD  would listen to? Think on that a moment.

Melania has no doubt been involved with this from the Q side. We have always heard one of the mantras to "Follow the wives." This tells me Women are playing a strong part in this show.

We are now down to the finale. Think, in a couple days The President has taken control over all media through the EBS to show people whatever they choose to show. We still need the people to listen right? (the left) One the whole world will listen to. I say, Princess Diana would fit that bill

A lot of people still think JFK jr. is still with us. Its not that big of a reach she is also. Anyone that puts any kind of time digging into her death already knows so many things were wrong with that night and the possibility of her still being alive is very good possibility.

If anything she can speak to England and get them to pay attention. Or maybe each big country will have the same sort of thing occur. One they believe to be dead that they really loved comes back and breaks the truth to them. Face it Rich People can afford to disappear. They dont have to be from a specific country to do so. Money talks anywhere.

Ill let you all think on that for a bit and looking forward to hearing your thoughts :)




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  • August 31 st 1997, I was waiting thru the night for a lift from Nottingham, back home to Wales.

    So, was very awake when the news started trickling thru'. Her Murder seems logical to me, for despite her being Bred & Groomed as a ' Brood Mare ' ' & Harry, being James Hewitt's son - Field Mc Connell had a great article on ABEL DANGER, ' Why Big Ears threw Harry & William under the 'bus !' [ paraphrasing title ! ] She was basically a decent Woman...

    ( Let S/he without sin, cast the first stone... )

    I swallowed the pretence, but maybe David Icke did also ? But I'm NOT just responding to this thread , in respect of Diana : sometimes I fail to register significant Clues ! ! !

    All thru' the Rallies, Mr Trump, pushes the Phrase " The Best is yet to come ! "

    I thought it simply a ' Slogan '...  Until I happened to review M.J.'s last Public Appearance, where he was speaking of the Evils of Hollywood / Pop Business........................


                       He concluded his ' rant 'with the words " The Best is yet to come ! ! ! '

    NOW, it ALL makes more sense ! ! !


    • Boy what  a team JFK Jr. and Diana would be !! I haven't read any of the accounts supporting Diana still being alive but I am convinced JFK Jr. is alive because Carolyn has been identified at Trump Rallies. Any links to good info on Diana and her being alive??8473345480?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Welll we don't know for sure who had JFK killed or who really planned 9/11.  We'll never learn who Q is unless the military successfully pulls off the Q plan. What's Flynn and Rogers doing. There is only Messenger now to communicate to the public.  And so far, nothing's happening. 

    Melania as FLOTUS has cross hairs on her by the opposition. She would never put herself in the position to be deemed an outlaw, Q, and jeopardize her son's life. 

  • Great theory 

  • Very interesting!!!  We'll soon know!!!

  • She might get the attention of the British but most of the Commonwealth put very little value in anything the Royal Family has to say,  No-one I have ever known bothers to listen to the Queen's statements or announcements.  They are kind of like a novelty that borders more on side show than respect.  Diana alive, like JFK being alive, would be nice for them - who wouldn't be happy that anyone rose above the tragedy of their intended death and got to come back and speak out against those who plotted their death - but I am not sure it would go much further.  There has been a lot of truth put out there over the past 4 years but many refuse to even consider it.  I have every hope in the world that this plays out in favour of the patriots who I consider to be the heart and soul of America and who I love dearly - but truthfully, it is going to take more than personal testimonies.  I think many people will deny what is said or presented just like the evidence proved Trump did not collude with anyone, meant nothing. I do agree with you that much of what was presented over the 4 years was so off the wall wrong and self-serving that the real truth was buried.  As much as people talk of how the left is going to be shocked I think the right is going to have some of their own shock to deal with when they realize how much they have been played during this process.  There is no way to get around doing your own research.  Those that did were often the people who got banned and kicked out of groups so many just learned what they did and kept it to themselves - people would rather paste made up stories with no evidence and past pics of people who were neither victims of sexual or satanic abuse - as long as it went viral.  Whatever happens, you are right ... it all hinges on the 20th.  I will stick with my faith in God.  Love all the work you have done over these past few years - have always respected your integrity and how open-minded you have been towards everything.  I am proud to have had this opportunity to get to know you . Truly an inspiration!


    • You may be right about the people not paying much attention to the royals. I have gathered that over the years just as a spectator. Diana on the other hand it pretty much a household name for the most part.

      All she ever wanted to do was help the world anyway she could. She traveled pretty far trying to do so. As far as popularity and real respect or in peoples hearts, She is probably well about the Queen. You could feel the worlds energy the night she died and it was extremely sad over here, so it had to be double over there at least. I would even venture more people around the world know how she is than they do JFK jr.

      Seeing as this is really open speculation of fantasy anyway, who that is actually alive could pull this off? IT cant be POTUS, because half of our country cant stand him and all the crooks of the other countries cant either as he will be exposing them also.

      POTUS sure has a the best magic trick EVER to pull off. Sad to think "Truth" is reduced to "Magic" to be seen and understood.

      Lastly, thank you for your very kind words. I can honestly say I never ever dreamed I would inspire anyone much less as many that have told me so. Quite humbling THIS is. Shame you are on the other side of the world. You are one person I would love to talk to for hours face to face. You have gone much further than myself :) Love you my Aussie friend

  • My favorite "Wouldn't it be grand if" is still on our boy John, but Diana would definitely get the notice of a large part of the world.

    It's been a while since I read about the weirdness surrounding her death but didn't she say she thought the RF wanted her gone?

    Then again, the "Q voice" seems very military/law enforcement which is why I've always thought of FBIanon & Q as being "contemporaries"

    The suprise of who's been talking could also be an advanced AI program or maybe it a  super intelligent space alien or even that Belenoff woman--who actually kind of looks like one of those supposed Nordic aliens.

    • Like I said above to Aria, I think more people worldwide know who Diana is over JFK jr. She traveled to many countries trying to help the poor somehow or in some way.

      Could Q be a super computer. Yes I do believe so. It has been mentioned in my travels that we are the only ones to have a Quantum one. Other countries only have Super ones. I can say either way as I have seen none of them for myself. I do believe we are much further ahead in have things that you would expect in the world of the Jetsons than we are led to believe.

      We have had contact and Im sure this is how we have reached having these kind of black vault  toys.

      Lol Somerset B. Probably not a good idea since those that are aware of here, the majority think shes pure evil.

      Yes, she knew they were coming for her. Diana that is. Word has been she was pregnant with Dodi's child and that was a royal taboo in ALL kinds of ways.

      Good news either way, we have reached the eve of change and finally knowing or at least having a much clearer picture of what to expect going forward.

      We will either be laughed out of town, or have a serene smugness about us!

    • They can laugh at us, but no one can deny that distraction or not the Anons & Q made people pay more attention to the ones who claim to represent us. We now know who does care about the greater good of the country and who is in for the fame & fortune.


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