A Yig Thought on Q

Now I realize this is a reach, but ever since Q has shown up there has been guesses galore on who Q might be. I myself have had basically two. I pretty much eliminated my first guess earlier in the game. Not completely, but mostly. There was a box they didnt check for me.

With that said, it now leads us to my second guess which I have pretty much stuck with ever since. I've tried to figure out who would have the brains, who would have the clearance, and who would have the access to POTUS.

This has left me with Melania our dear FLOTUS.


Anyone that has studied her would know she is one very smart woman. Speaks many languages and has been highly educated.

Q Clearance.

A snippet from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_clearance

A Q Clearance is equivalent to a United States Department of Defense Top Secret clearance. "For access to some classified information, such as Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or Special Access Programs (SAPS)...

Now there is a LOT to that clearance, but maybe she only needs it to access certain things needed for Q Drops. Now Im not sure how many First Lady's have had this kind of clearance if any, but this is a whole new ballgame we are playing now. So it could be possible for her to have.

Access to POTUS.

She clearly has this and it would also explain Q+ as well as anything else does.

Now a funny thing came up today and yes a bit more of a reach, but study this picture closely. I myself have never seen it before. Check the date, who tweeted it and to whom they tagged. As far as check the date I only mean as to what year it was posted.

Now look at this Q Drop from 9/8/18

Leopard Spots against a White Background?

Now dont go thinking I've lost my mind, this is the reason I put this in the Yig Notes category! It is just my own thoughts that Im sharing with you. When I came across this Melania Tweet it just triggered a little something in me to mention all this. Is it true? Who knows. Would I purposely dox Q. Never, but then again I dont know who Q is to Dox them anyway. This is just my own speculation thinking out loud...

What do you think?

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  • The pic below looks like Jenna Ellis trumps atorrney great theory , nothing shocks me 

  • I have written a part two for this old article so that we have something more up to date to think on.

    You can read there HERE :) or below! Lol surprised me it linked like that! Learn something new everyday eh?!

    This article is basically part 2 of the, "A Yig Thought on Q." That article is over two years old and what I have to say on it now is more for the pr…
  • What if Q was a quantum computer? Supercomputers can project probabilities and perhaps project future events. Thus, "future proves past", as drops from 2017, 18 and 19 also have future deltas. Also, some drops direct us to discern daily news vs. drop info. Sometimes drop info seems to be missing supporting and corresponding in the now news........but, since future proves past, via deltas, we can pull up drops from previous years and they now make sense with current events. 

    I think this is why so many have become distrustful of Q and how many times have we heard people say ...nothing's happening, I'm sick of waiting, Q has been saying this or that was gonna happen and it didn't......

    Obviously, people must be involved. But I believe Q is a computational device. Decoding the messages requires math, in one form or another......

  • Q is someone who has been rubbing shoulders with the cabal members inside the US government, military, and intelligence agencies. Q also has a thorough knowledge of the Constitution, US history, and Congressional laws passed.  Q also has a thorough understaning of the workings of foreign nations and wealthy global elitists to overthrow the USA.  Q, I believe, witnessed first hand the investigation and cover-up of the Kennedy assassination.  Q also knows that the CIA, NSA, and FBI were all instituted illegally.  That is, without Congressional approval.  

  • hmmm... i will now ponder that picture forever... again and always Thank You dear Yig... 

  • Wow, glad this got commented on hadn't seen the note! She's played everyone for fools, if anyone has any doubt listen to her on larry king in 05(5/17). Her speech's are much choppier as well as her interviews now. next week should be fun! happy early popcorn day everyone! awesome as always Yig look forward to catching up on the 11 hrs of podcast music!


    • Lol remember I have been working on this site for over 3 years and have quite the collection all considered. To see some of the bigger articles dig through the Featured Articles. Another tip would to poke around in the "Archive." That was everything I was posting before I made a little switch on the platform.

      Its actually taken this long for people to finally participate and Im thrilled with that! Finally, its been so long waiting for this to happen :)

  • I have seen posts alluding to Q, Q+, etc.  Melania has been dropping Q communications for a very long time via her clothing. She is definitely part of it all. 

    Thanks for all your hard work, it does not go unnoticed.  Frances

    • Thank you Frances. That was very kind of you to say :)

      Most people at least those that arent Patriots really overlook her. Think she married him for the money, you know all the ignorant things they can come up with. It's sad in one way, but on the otherhand let them keep thinking that, keep them out of her way. Not to mention I highly doubt she really cares what they think! She keeps it CLASSY like a FLOTUS Should


  • I think that it's a few top Military Intel guys/ladies but the guy who puts it all together I think is jfkjr. I remember in the 90s' when he would speak in interviews. His George magazine had lots of cryptic but playful way of writing. It's the same way. And Joe M on Twitter. I think they are all jfkjr. Faked his on death to bring down the cabal and the media for killing his dad!! Wow  it will be the single greatest story in American history

This reply was deleted.

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