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Now I realize this is a reach, but ever since Q has shown up there has been guesses galore on who Q might be. I myself have had basically two. I pretty much eliminated my first guess earlier in the game. Not completely, but mostly. There was a box they didnt check for me.

With that said, it now leads us to my second guess which I have pretty much stuck with ever since. I've tried to figure out who would have the brains, who would have the clearance, and who would have the access to POTUS.

This has left me with Melania our dear FLOTUS.


Anyone that has studied her would know she is one very smart woman. Speaks many languages and has been highly educated.

Q Clearance.

A snippet from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_clearance

A Q Clearance is equivalent to a United States Department of Defense Top Secret clearance. "For access to some classified information, such as Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) or Special Access Programs (SAPS)...

Now there is a LOT to that clearance, but maybe she only needs it to access certain things needed for Q Drops. Now Im not sure how many First Lady's have had this kind of clearance if any, but this is a whole new ballgame we are playing now. So it could be possible for her to have.

Access to POTUS.

She clearly has this and it would also explain Q+ as well as anything else does.

Now a funny thing came up today and yes a bit more of a reach, but study this picture closely. I myself have never seen it before. Check the date, who tweeted it and to whom they tagged. As far as check the date I only mean as to what year it was posted.

Now look at this Q Drop from 9/8/18

Leopard Spots against a White Background?

Now dont go thinking I've lost my mind, this is the reason I put this in the Yig Notes category! It is just my own thoughts that Im sharing with you. When I came across this Melania Tweet it just triggered a little something in me to mention all this. Is it true? Who knows. Would I purposely dox Q. Never, but then again I dont know who Q is to Dox them anyway. This is just my own speculation thinking out loud...

What do you think?

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    • I am with you are for most of the same reasons. I think Potus, Flotus and Jr are all part of Q. Ezra Cohen Watnick is said by some to be Q but he was not a household name and remember when Q said "Wait until you find out who has been talking to you here" No one knew Watnick before a cpl of yrs ago. All the theories are interesting!!

    • I am definitely with you.

      Just Logic

      Why would that say JFK Jr and Potus-The Start?

      Start of what?

      The Great Awakening

      Why JFK Jr? Didn't Trump Have any other friends

      Then in another drop Q says

      Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.

      It would have to be a household name.One everyone knew

      Some say Ezra Cohen Watnick is Q but I don't although I def. Think he is on the Q team

      His name wasn't even known until a cpl years ago. Yep. I think it is JFK Jr. Plus if Carolyn is alive -he is alive.8435399061?profile=RESIZE_930x


  • It’s very possible. Clearly someone by Trumps side mostly?

  • I thought this for awhile myself.. 

  • I would not be surprised if she and Barron, all family involved.


  • I've wondered how Q and Potus are dovetailing their tweets so close.  So I know the person has to have constant access to Potus.


    • That might be the one thing that rules her out also. Some of the times of day he is tweeting and Q is also, I wouldnt expect that be would be around. I know there are other ways of being in contact and timing but it would make it trickier

  • Sombebody else was saying the same recently, can't remember who, but if I come across it again, will let you know who it was.

    • Yeah I cant imagine Im the only one with this thought. It makes more sense then a LOT of them do. Not many really give her a whole lot of focus unless she is doing First Lady things, but she does have very good ghosting abilities if needed

  • It's obvious:


This reply was deleted.

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