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This is a great site and laid out very nicely for all things resignations related plus more. Also kept up to date. Bonus! I suggest saving the link if the resignations are your thing and also if you become aware of any to send them to the owner of the site so they can add them. You can use This LINK to email them. Dont forget to add the source of where you got the news of the resignation. With everyone helping it will keep that much of a better record of whats really going on. Hard for one person to catch everything right? WWG1WGA!


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Creative Goddess posted discussions
10 hours ago
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Okay second try as I was just about to post my first one I had just finished when the cats decided to step on the power strip and turn off my pc! Ugh.
You folks should know I wouldnt leave you hanging for too long on this!
I am going to try and star…
Yig Wilson posted a video
These three snips I took out of a new video that has just surfaced online. I decided to watch it since Ive been working on the Kennedy Articles.
From the original poster:
"In this interview, Patrick Bet-David talks with Pathologist James C. Jenkins,…
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Yig Wilson replied to Yig Wilson's discussion Q DROP 12/7
"An Anon found the MUSIC that compares to todays drop. It's about NXIVM. Fox is using the same theme music for the Clinton Foundation. Are they drawing a connection?"
Yig Wilson posted discussions
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Robin Michelle Thomas posted a video
Go to and for a limited time save $5 per coin with the offer code “war” to save $5 per coin. _______________________________...

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