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Found some old things about NoName McCain you might find interesting. This is actually a huge PDF of All things McCain with tons of names and information about the man. Clearly he has been wishy washy and a very angry man from the beginning. I have presented some snips from different articles, but there are really way to many to present all of them here. If you are a digger though, this PDF is for you and can be found here: McCain PDF

McCain Said To Be Struggling With Newfound Status.
McCain’s usual campaign style is about to be thrown out and replaced by “the discipline expected of a probable Republican standard-bearer.
The New York Times wrote, “The position is unnatural to Mr. McCain, who has typically floundered when not playing the insurgent role.
But now he is in the midst of an at-times awkward transition —
from being one of the most disruptive figures in his party to someone playing it safer,
not to mention trying to make nice with Republicans he clearly despises and who feel similarly about him.” [New York Times, 2/17/08]
McCain’s Campaign Struggled To Earn Romney’s Support.
Romney’s endorsement of McCain was a result of
many meetings and endless prodding. McCain’s campaign
relied on John Weaver to broker the endorsement.
Weaver was also responsible for McCain’s endorsement of Bush in 2000. [Dallas Morning News, 2/15/08]
McCain Pressured Obama To Accept Public Financing.
In a series of speeches, McCain pressed Barack Obama
to accept public financing for the generalelection. McCain said, “I think the American people would expect him to
hold to that commitment, especially if we want to bring about change.” In response to Obama’s op-ed, McCain
said, “That’s Washington doublespeak, I committed to public financing. He committed to public financing. It’s not
any more complicated than that. I’ll keep my word, and I want him to keep his.” [Associated Press, 2/20/08]
McCain Accused Obama Of Being Deceptive And Inexperienced.
According to FoxNews, “Sen. John McCain rebuked Barack Obama as an “inexperienced candidate” who is making empty promises to the American people of
a “holiday from history.”
Appearing in Columbus, Ohio, McCain said, “Will we make the right changes...or will we heed the appeals for change that
ignore the lessons of history and lack confidence in the intelligence and ideals
of free people? I will fight every moment of every day in
this campaign to make sure Americans are not deceived
by an eloquent but empty call for change....that promises
no more than a holiday from history and return to the
false promises and failed policies of a tired philosophy that
trusts in government more than the people.” [Fox News, 2/19/08]
McCain Is Predicted To Slow The Southwest’s Democratic Trend.
Experts who once expected the immigration
battle to deliver southwestern Hispanics into the Democratic column are backtracking now that McCain is the
nominee. “It completely screws it up,” said Charles Black, a senior McCain adviser. “We nominated the one
person who will not suffer that backlash.” [Washington Post, 2/20/08]
McCain Said Cutting Earmarks Would Have a “Confidence Impact” To Help Economy.
McCain said, “It also has a confidence impact, a confidence impact that the American people see their tax dollars being frittered
away in wasteful and unnecessary spending.
Which by the way, Senator Obama has engaged in heavily, and
Senator Clinton has engaged in heavily.” [This Week, 2/17/08]
McCain Compromised Long-Held Positions For Political Gain.
According to the Boston Globe, David Golove,
a New York University law professor, “He’s willing to compromise on long-held positions that he’s taken, which
are positions that have great moral considerations that stand behind them, apparently out of concern about politicalconsequences.”
[Boston Globe, 2/16/08]
McCain’s Flip-Flops Have Made It Nearly Impossible to Figure Out His Beliefs.
Jonathan Chait of The New Republic wrote, “[McCain] has diverged wildly from conservative orthodoxy,
but he has also reinvented himself so completely that it has become nearly impossible to figure out what he really believes.”
[National Post, 2/14/08]
McCain Accused Of Changing Views To Consolidate Support Among Conservatives.
McCain has used recent senate votes on warrantless wiretapping a
nd waterboarding to appeal to the base of the Republican Party.
According to the Boston Globe, “David Golove, a New York University law professor who studies executive power,
said McCain seems to be changing his views in order to “consolidate support among the most conservative
parts of the Republican Party, who generally have been sympathetic to the kinds of activities undertaken by
President Bush that had made Senator McCain extremely uncomfortable.” [Boston Globe, 2/16/08]
McCain Has Drastically Shifted To The Right.
According to Matthew Yglesias, “After a generally conservative
career, the John McCain who emerged in the 107th Senate
really was a moderate Republican. According to the
Poole-Rosenthal ‘optimal classification’ algorithm, only Lincoln Chaffee, Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, and
Susan Collins were less conservative among members of the GOP caucuses.
But by the 108th Senate he'd decided not to run for Vice President on John Kerry's ticket,
George W. Bush had been re-elected, and McCain decided to
shift back far right en route to the nomination. Suddenly only Don Nickles, Jeff Sessions, and Jon Kyl were more
conservative than McCain. And in the 109th Senate, only Kyl has been more conservative.”
[The Atlantic, 2/13/08]
Rick Santorum: McCain Was Not Only Against Conservatives But Leading Charge On The Other Side.
ON MSNBC’s Meet the Press, Tim Russert asked McCain about criticism that he was not conservative enough or not a
good Republican. He referred to past quote by former Senator Rick Santorum: “The bottom line is that I served 12
years with [McCain], six years in the United States Senate as one of the leaders of the Senate who had
responsibility of trying to put together the conservative
agenda, and almost at every turn on domestic policy, John
McCain was not only against us, but leading the charge on the other side.”
[Meet The Press, 1/27/08]

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