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WOW! Talk about going down the rabbit hole, but none the less, here we go...

An Anon apparently tried to put Qs trip codes into Google Search and it seems they may have hit the jackpot. Each Trip code search leads to the find of numerous books. All of these books seem to be relevent to Q's drops. One such Book seems to come up three times in the search, which is rather odd when you think about how random Qs trip codes seem to be. What is this book you ask? Take a wild guess. Yeppers, "Alice’s Bloody Adventure." There is also one called??? Yep "Where We Go One, We Go All" by Glenn Brunet....about a teenage girl abducted.

Here are some more names of the books found on just one of the trip codes, but keep in mind this isnt all of them:

The Spinning Magnet: The Electromagnetic Force That Created the Modern World (TESLA!)

Nephilim: The Truth is Here (ALIENS!)

The Devil's Chessboard (NWO!)

Trump Tower (POTUS!)

Exopolitics: The Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Aliens!)

The Power Elite (NWO!)

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, and The Mafia (POPE!)

The C.I.A. Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists (MKULTRA!!)

Blood, Money, & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK (JFK!!)

The Bridge: The Life and Rise of Barack Obama (THE BRIDGE!!!)

Pretty crazy right? I guess we HAVE had more then we knew the whole time and that almost seems like an understatement.

Before I  give you more information, you may be asking yourself, "How does or would this work?" I know sometimes its hard to understand computers and what they actually do and how they "think," but this is a pretty good explination for it. I hope it helps. It is from a redditor known as "GeekBasterd."

"So Q's drops are public on well known channel, could be "indexed" by google (and it would be indexed for sure). My hunch is that Q knows this, so this may be intentional. So, lets say Q drops a line in from a quote in the books preview, google sees that too (at, etc). The search of the tripcode would feasibly trigger results related to the quote, ie: the books.

It could be a happy accident, but I suspect Q knew this and used it. A human could find it sure, but it would be nowhere near as efficient as a search engine like google. Since every post of Q's has the tripcode, google would simply assume these "keywords" must be related, and offer the books as search results.

It's like if you google the author of one of those books, google says "Hey I know him! He wrote, this, and this, and this.." same probably works in reverse. IE: google thinks this person (Q) is talking about these books, and I think google is correct! Not to mention, even if the quotes or keywords to the title are only mentioned a few times, the trip code is present EVERY TIME, which makes the relevance even stronger (Q is an SEO genius if this was intentional)"

Now Im going to share with you the links of each trip code so you can see which books they bring up. When you click these links, DONT go read the first thing that comes up, though you can if you want, but the point is to scoll down and see what the WHOLE SEARCH brings up. IE, all the books. You will find that a lot of them are actually free to read. Imagine that.



Now just for a little side interest, I mentioned earlier that a revised version of Alice in Wonderland comes up three times in the searches. A curious thing about this book. Further digging into Alice's Bloody Adventures in Wonderland finds that illustrations are by a Los Angeles based street artist named "Tweedle Guns."

There's one illustration of Adolf Hitler about halfway down, which seems strange. Click through on this image to visit our mate Tweedle Guns' Twatter account and we see a strange post of Hitler with the comment "First rule: Accuse them of what you are guilty of."

Adolf Image Tweet

This link will take you to More Images from the Book

I assume that this will keep you busy for awhile now. There are so many different directions you can go with all this reading material. Each trip code search brings up at least 3 or 4 pages if not more of different book titles and as I mentioned, most are free to read. Just reading the titles for me triggered so many memories of different Q drops and all their relations. Fascinating really when you think about it.

Happy Hunting and dont forget to stay hydrated, you may be down this rabbit hole for awhile!


 I just wanted to add this video to show you a little more about all this.


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  • Mind blowing with those trip codes.  I wouldn't have ever thought of that. But Q did say ~Everything is Relevant~ So, We've got to keep that in mind for every single thing posted. 


    It is confusing sometimes, but I must say... When you dive down the Rabbit Hole, it can seem neverending. 


    Blessings to you All 

  • This is so fantastic... "we have more than we know" comes to mind.  AWESOME!  Thank you so much Yig.  Now I have a new hobby to pursue... checking the tripcodes!  

  • I gotta tell you all, when I found this vid last night, it’s only 9min long, and I was so blown by it...I got through half of it when I turned it off!  I will watch all of it today, but this discovery, blew my mind enough, right before sleep!  Lol 

    I do wonder if any anons have found any type of book reading service that carry’s most of this?  I didn’t really ever want one of those, as they CANNOT revise books in print, the way books online, have been proven to be “adjusted/edited” their content of a book, without notice to reader, that it IS different than “Print Editions”, depending  on how much info the book contains “damaging info”, relevant for today?

    • I was thinking of just taking the list of books either to the library or the bookstore. I'd rather have hard print and not worry about it having been messed with. 

    • I was thinking that also, but was being lazy. Good on you! I had told my hubby, I don’t even remember if I have a library card! Lol I have lived in the same county for 20 years.

    • Well, my husband just retired from the USAF. (He's on leave currently for the last part to "find a home & job" even though we're going home to the family ranch. So normally I'd go to the base library.  but because of being in limbo, I don't know if we can still get books on base.


      If not, I'll just write up a list of the titles and buy them as I can. My husband hates it but I read like fish swim. I love books! 

    • How exciting for you two!  Congrats!  As long as you aren’t separated from the Mil, you can use it, was always the way I understood it worked.  Strong mil family here..

      I too am Avid reader... but books changed to Internet reading! I read on here, sometimes 6-18hrs a day! Filling my brain with this garbage, crime, RICO...etc...for more than 10 years now!  Most days!   I read until I have the answer I feel makes the most sense to me,on whatever subject! It’s trained me, to read the news differently now.  I also note and retain pretty well, things I have read many years ago...before censorship was normal.  They were doing it then too, but wow, today...China/NK level censorship, in my opinion!

    • Yeah, censorship is off the wall crazy! I spend too much time reading on here too. Especially after Q showed up! Haha!! But like you... I need to find the answers! It drives me nuts. :( I picked out a few books. I'm going to message hubs & see if I can order them. He's up at the ranch haying right now. 

  • This site and info is AMAZING. 

    • Yeah, Yig has done an amazing job. 52706866?profile=original

This reply was deleted.

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