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I have been pondering for many days now about the virus and a possible Sky Even connection.

I think it is pretty apparent to most of us that the numbers just aren't adding up to a pandemic deserving of all being put on lock down. So why are they really keeping us all indoors? Of course this isnt a question one can answer with 100% certainty, but one can speculate. My speculations keep coming back to the "Sky Event." If you are inside you sure as hell aren't looking up. You are also protected from anything that may rain down on you.

The Sky Event has had some assumed Q  already happened occurrences, but as we know, some drops have multiple meanings and I think this is one of them. The "Sky Event" is something that Must be seen World Wide. This again brings us back to something from above.

I know many of you are well aware of Project Blue Beam. Most are also most likely aware of  Wernher von Braun and the conversation he had with his assistant Dr. Carol Rosin.

We have covered the Russians. We have covered Terrorist. We know we now have a whole spider web of Satellites systems now set up and surrounding the Earth. We know we now have a Space Force. Many of us believe we have had that for a lot longer than has been admitted to. We know we have "The Rods of God." Weapons from space.

This leaves us with Asteroids and Aliens.

Are we capable of pulling off Project Blue Beam yet? Not something I can answer with a 100% confirmation. If I were to guess, seeing how far we are usually ahead of things before it is known to us, I'd guess yes or probably.

So, say they do pull the BlueBeam Stunt. If everyone is inside nobody will see it. Thats not really true because there are many that are still outside roaming around for work or any other numerous reasons. The numbers inside may reduce the panic factor if anything.

If it isnt Blue Beam and we have our "First Contact," those new Hospitals may come in pretty handy for those that lose it. Now I only mention the "First Contact," because of all days the CIA has picked today to decide and share their UFO findings. Yes true, It was on April Fools day, but this doesnt take away from the facts they have decided to share.

Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/cia/status/1245365966034403331?s=21

Link to Article in Tweet: https://www.cia.gov/news-information/blog/2020/ufos-fact-or-fiction.html


Of course we also have a Q DROP #442 to consider.


What if POTUS knows the dark hats have something planned? We know they always like to distract from POTUS Winning. We know all else has failed for them of everything they have thrown at him. What would a fake alien invasion do?  This would be one time the whole world would be looking to the President for answers. Is there still some rogue Military able to pull this off? I would like to think not, but who knows what other countries might try.

If something REAL does show up and POTUS knows its coming are these the best precautions he can take? Lessen the odds of people hurting themselves and avoid initial mass panic?

Now obviously I am spit balling here, but I just feel whatever is coming in the next couple weeks that even POTUS has mentioned are going to be rough, I feel is going to come from above somehow. POTUS has been making and taking a lot of preperations that dont seem to fit with the virus. Yet the virus makes a perfect cover. To take such a strong chance of destroying our economy must mean there is a major reason to do so.

The CIA decides NOW is a good time to put our attention on UFO's?

I could be very wrong on ALL of this. I am curious though as to how many of you have had similar thoughts. Usually when the same sort of thought is floating around means it is part of an equation of the whole somewhere along the line.

The GOOD News at least is that POTUS has said we will come out the otherside all bright and shiny...


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  • Good percolating, Yig!!!  Anything could happen, right?!!  I thought Kerry Cassidy did an excellent "update" on Project Camelot bringing together what she has learned thru' the years concerning the various "players" involved here on Earth!!  

    It seems we ARE in the middle of Somebody Else's War & for some reason the entire world is in "lockdown"???   Hmmmm....  People checking out their local hospitals are finding nothing "unusual"; Jason Goodman is a good example of that!  

    Let's see....if there are no children in school, there can be no school shootings, right?!  If there are no large gatherings, Antifa can't be beating people up, right?!!  

    We have "The Comfort" in NYC; "The Mercy" in LA......weird earthquakes all over!!  I'm sure the total of abused children being rescued would totally amaze us!!!  No wonder Trump wanted to "kiss" The Comfort as it left!!  PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN!!!  

    Wasn't the Nat. Guard called up???  Wonder who will be giving these children the Love & Care they need after all they have suffered.  Hopefully, some will be returned to their parents; but some might not even HAVE parents!  Imagine being raised in tunnels underground & never seeing the Light of Day!!

    A great Wrong is being righted & we are all a part of it!!  We can all be Praying that Light will win over Dark....it doesn't matter what religion one adheres to....one forgets just how "dark" the Dark Side can get!!!

    Focused Intent of millions WILL bring about the change that is needed!!  Isn't that what Prayer IS?!!!  One important thing to recognize is that we are not "alone" in the Universe & never HAVE been!!  So....if something DOES happen, it will just mean we are moving into the next phase of our human development & those who would enslave us are being swept aside!!

    You can be sure that our Top Man knows a lot of things we DON'T that he can't talk about at this point in time!!  Let's keep Our Light shinning into the Darkest Corners, exposing what has been hidden for too long!!!

    • Yes, something more is going on for sure. Something from the sky sure fits in. The DS has the ability to use every high tech weapon our tax money ever paid for and they have always ment to use it against us. Why would they hold back now? Now is the time they will use every thing they have against us. We are in more danger than anyone knows for sure. The problem and the solution are so simple in a way... What is it that makes us so slow in freeing ourselves from these wicked few who run this world? They are such a small little group and they do not blend in that well or even try to. They must know this cannot go on much longer and the longer we wait the more prepared they are to use whatever they have against us. Dangerous times indeed to be alive. I don't feel it in my gut that we are at our end. I do wonder though, what we will do when Trump is no longer the President. We have a limited amount of time, just as they do... This is all coming to a head. An unavoidable collision with a well defined deadline of 2024 or 2025. 

      PROBLEM: One very small group of rich people cause all the violence, hard ship and suffering of billions of people on this planet.

      SOLUTION: _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _? 

      (So simple. Even easy. So why do we not solve such a simple problem?)

      I do not know... It's crazy! 

This reply was deleted.

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Become a Patron!

 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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