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Epstein Island Party Guest Photos

All the photos you will see below were taken at a party on Epstein Island. They were sent to me long ago and I never posted them.  I do believe now would be the right time.

I cant do anything about the quality of them as these are the raw photos sent to me. They are what they are. You Can click on them to enlarge for better viewing. I do believe that you will be able to recognize many of the guest.

The real question for now I would think, would be how many of these people went to:

THE TALE OF TWO: (from recent Q drop)

The [1] - Sex Resort (non_temple_resort_only) > trafficked & drugged underage girls


[2] - Occult / Worship of Evil (temple) [CLAS 1-99]
Haiti >

How many of these guest can you name?

It is IMPORTANT to Put your answers in the comments below so we can keep track in one place!

Let's begin shall we?


Lest we forget what went on at this island

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  •  Top one is anne hathaway.

    9 is jennifer lopez?

    10 is Harvey

    17 Richard Gere

    32 QE2 and Phil

    40 Paul McCartney

    44Johnny Depp






  • The best I can do, sorry.

    1 Anne Hathaway

    2 Debbie Harry ??

    3 Mick Jager



    6 Naomi Campbell and ?

    7  ?  Lady Gaga and ?

    8 John Legend and ?

    9 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

    10 Halle Berry and Harvey Weinstein

    11 Michael Bloomberg

    12 Hamish Bowles ?

    13 Kiernan Shipka



    16 Taylor Swift

    17 Richard Gere and Rachel Weiss

    18 Yoko Ono

    19 Steve Martin

    20 Janet Jackson

    21 Janet Jackson

    22 Yoko Ono

    23 Michael Stipe and Crutches Guy??


    25 Chloe Sevigny



    28 Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch

    29 ?? and Nick Nolte??


    31 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip

    32 Valentino Garavani and Ralph Lauren

    33  Lou Reed and Karine Vanasse

    34 Kate Moss

    35 Nicole Kidman

    36 Ashley Olsen

    37 50 Cents

    38 Anne Hathaway?

    39 Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

    40 Donatella Versace and Naomi Campbell

    41 Christina Hendricks


    43 Michael Pitt and snake guy???


    45 Matthew McConaughey?? and Tom Cruise??

    46 Vanessa Paradis

    47 John Malkovich

    48 Germaine Jackson


This reply was deleted.
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