Fenbendazole for Cancer?

If you know anyone who has cancer like my dearest friend, please look into this medication. My best friend was sent home to die 5 weeks ago. He was a lifelong uranium industry worker and was diagnosed in 2015 with stage 4.5 cancer... (Yes the Doc said "stage 4 1/2") He had it all through his body and spine. He had small cell lung cancer and the Cancers then progressed into the lymph nodes and bone marrow. After his wife called me from the Doctors office in tears, I prayed to God to tell me what the cure was... I am not religious at all really, but the first video I saw afterwards on YouTube was of Joe Tippens and his cancer story. That was 5 weeks ago... I bought the Fenbendazole that day and had is shipped to my dear friend. He and his wife researched it and they decided to try it. On Wed. he had bloodwork done and all the tests came back in the normal range. In 3 more months I'll give an update... This was a man who the doctors sent home to die! I had to tell this story. I hope it can help someone else. Look up Joe Tippens cancer story for more info.


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  • Tina....How wonderful you are teaching your daughter to be "aware"!!!  Scary story about the white van.....I remember one of the wh-blowers talking about a white van that would pick him up at school & drive him to where they were teaching him.  

    We can be thankful that so many have come out with their stories...people like Fiona Barnett, Cathy O'Brien & Dr. Katherine Horton.  About the system crashing....I heard Millenial Millie say yest. that now our Military is going after the DS's "Piggybank"!!!  A good way to put it as we move into the Carribbean !!!  It seems we ARE disrupting this w/w drug trade that some of our recent administrations were a part of!!

    Why this w/w lockdown if what is going on is just a "flu"???  Henry Makow puts it in a funny way..."Everyone in the world was told to go to their rooms, & we obeyed!"  Australia is really carrying it to the extreme with high fines & even drones to check that people are keeping the Social Distancing!!  Max Igan has been doing walks showing the beautiful scenery where he lives there & doing his commentary.

    Even if we are unable to understand all that is going on around us, we can be Praying to uphold The Light!!  Sarah Westall did some great interviews with Jimmy "Boots" whiich clearly shows how officers investigating would get to a point where someone would step in & tell them to stop because they were getting too close to The Top, of what we would call, The Ruling Class!!

    And I would agree with you, Tina!!  A Big Thank You to Yig for providing a platform where we can discuss what is going on & encourage one another!!!  A Big Hug to YOU, Yig!!!

    This corrupt system has been in play for centuries; it cannot be taken down in a day.  We each do our part by being a Light in our tiny part of the world, spreading the news.  Hopefully when the word gets out about The Children, that will be the Tipping Point so it all comes tumbling down.  Yig's conversation with The Marine was revealing!!  

  • Tina!  Tell you friend I send a Hug....one for you too!!  By the way, I, myself, am 75!!  

    My thought for the day:  PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN!!!  This seems to be what is Going Down in NYC right now...for that reason the Comfort is there!!  No wonder Trump wanted to "kiss" it goodbye!!  I don't think we can understand just how many victims are being cared for at this point in time....we tend to forget about them....God Bless our President!!  Shows what a Caring Man he truly IS!!

    About the God Thing...after being raised by a strict religious Baptist preacher & having my life ruined by thinking I had to adhere to a certain "mindset"...it was wonderfully "freeing" to come to the realization that each of is an Eternal, Sovereign Being...each on our own Personal Journey!!  We are each a tiny sliver of The Whole; whatever that encompasses!!  

    • I do pray for the children. I have been telling everyone that our President is working to save them. I know he is. There are many who are waking up and who I never thought would believe what is going on. I wonder how we will ever be able to help them after they are rescued... God will have to show us I suppose. I have gotten in the habit of sleeping in my daughter's room and teaching her to be Aware of her surroundings at all times. I homeschool her now and never let her go out without me. She is almost 16. She can hunt deer and elk and is now a brown belt. She hears the videos I watch all day about these evil people and I will never let my guard down or stop teaching her about the need to always stay alert. She knows hard times are ahead and she will be a good strong Patriot. Last year a van was pulled over by the police not more than 30 miles from our farm. It had 11 naked children in it. All had been kidnapped years before... My daughter has never forgotten hearing it on the radio as we were driving to the store. She looked at me that day and said, "Mom, that van must have driven right past our house with those kids in it!" And she was right. The Highway they were on was the one that passes within 1/4 mile of my home and our farm's front boundary is that exact highway. Trump cannot do this without us I don't think... We will have to show up before long. I think that is what Q wants us to know when he tells us to put on the armor of God. I really do. We all want the swamp drained, but I don't think many realize this means our whole system will have to crash before we can start fixing it. It is going to cause hardships and we need to start talking about this. I'm glad to be able to have this web site and get to know others who think like I do. 

      WWG1WGA! 😁

  • Is this the same as a dog dewormer???  I had heard that it works!!  All the Best to your Friend!!!

    • Hello! Yes, Fenbendazole is the dog dewormer! It is tasteless and costs around 8 dollars a box... Each box has 3 packages and He takes 1 package a day Or 1 gram. He is 75 years old! I am so grateful to God for showing me this info. I really have not ever been religious, between this and "Q" and knowing we are fighting a real spiritual war agAinst evil, I will never doubt the reality of God again! 😀 Thank you so much for the well wishes for my friend... He was my Boss for many many years and is the smartest most honest man I have ever encountered. This world is a much better place with him in it! That is actually what I told God that day too! Hahaha! I sure hope others will try this stuff! Cancer is so horrible....

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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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