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Normally when I do a video or come across good ones I think you should see, I just add them to the videos. Yesterday though, something pretty big happened and it has been one wild rabbit dig since. I spent 12 hours digging into it after I posted the first video  which is in the video section. That is titled Glamis Calling A Rabbit Hole.

Many followers on Twitter wanted to know my thoughts on the whole thing since that rabbit hole was getting deeper and deeper. I spent 8 hours today collecting my thoughts and  putting my dig all together so it might make more sense. There were a lot of people trying to blow the whole thing off and that was a huge mistake on their part. As you will see this is almost unbelievable yet so very REAL.

This is the longest deepest video I have made to date, so get comfy if you are interested in seeing who REALLY runs this world.

This are the links you will need if you care to persue this any further:

Glamis Calling with the dates:

Website with all side information I used. Where it began:

History of House of Wettin Wikipedia:


I tried to answer the 3 most asked questions since I made the above video yesterday. Maybe one of them is one of yours!


There has been a new development since the posting of these videos. If you look closely in the first video above, you will see the last post made to the site was July 2019. Imagine my surprise when I went to check on something else and saw this sitting there from this morning 1-12-20



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  • An interesting new post on Glamis Calling... Are you awake

  • barula....There is a very good book called "The Anglo-American Establishment" by Quigley.  This takes us back to the time of Cecil Rhodes & the clique he formed which has been running things since that time; i.e. The Privy Council!!


    With this new information Yig found, it seems the "group" goes back to the 900's, at least, maybe more.  Are we talking about the Annunaki here, I wonder, as the one who set up this heirarchical system??

    • Thanks for that! I'll have a look at both.

  • Thanks for the latest update, Yig!!!  How little we know about who really runs this planet!!  We The People ARE making a difference, it would appear!!!  

    For any unaware of the work of Billy Carson; this man has soaked up many of the Ancient Writings & gives a good overview of what has happened in our past &  who we, as humans, are!!   IMO, we need to move out of the Middle Ages Mindset & recognize our true place in this Universe!!  


    IMHO Glamis WAS very sinister. Not now, if our belief that the cabal has been taken down from the top is truth. There are many possibilities abt how the big coup over the cabal is being done. But if SB is P's number 1 minion, that is definitely sinister. I mean, Glamis and P fit the parameters Q set up (P above Pope; above QE2?).

    I think Glamis, with her Execution team, etc., and unlimited funds from God knows where could provide kill teams for the likes of Hillary and Obama. She could keep the UC and LC under control, and clean up their messes. Glamis might be why Dems would go to any lengths to serve, fearing for their lives.

    But since Q said Hill was cut loose in 2017, maybe DJT had Glamis before Q appeared, as well as EVERYTHING about her staff. I mean, QE2 has been walking beside or behind DJT.

    • I'd never come across Glamis before Yig found it! Now I can't stop looking & connecting dots with other stuff from the last 20 years. Including BD anon (an assassin) which I didn't notice previously Yig had picked up on. There's a full seachable data base on his stuff for anyone who's interested:

      The Glamis stuff looks like the next stage of revealing to us - waking us up about how things really are. Couldn't be done successfully until a good number had been awakened by Q. This stage might be the one where we begin to find out about the off earth stuff. I do hope they keep up the communications. There's bottomless stuff to dig on already.

      Someone has proably already posted it but the QinetiQ bit seems to refer to these defence, security and aerospace people:

      Thanks for your help!

  • The Glamis operation seems to be a revamp of what we have known in the past as "The Council of 300". It seesm to be more at the [P]innacle of things than I had thought. Extremely powerful but some little thing inside tells me that Miss Belenoff answers to/is instructed by someone above. As soon as I have a chance, I will try to find connections between Glamis and the Privy Council which seesm to have ususrped a lot of the Queen's power in the last while. I have no doubt that you are Firefly, Yig! Thank you for finding this!

    • I am looking forward to reading what you find with the Privy Counsel and Glamis!

      As far as being the firefly goes, I thought it might be me just because of the timing of events etc. I think after tonight I may have to take the leap and believe it after they actually spoke to me directly. 9:30 seconds to see what you think.


      • Yig I guess Im dense but are you saying that the SB people reached out to you on Twitter but then deleted their post? If not can you direct me to that post? I looked there but couldn't find  it. Very interesting. In  light of the Hidden Hand interview and the concept that the dark side is simply playing a role which in fact may be motivated for our best and highest good, Madame Belenoff may fit that role, In other words, while on the surface she may appear to be aligned with sinister forces. maybe she truly is an higher being in disguise with the beauty of an angel and a soul that is thousands of years old, playing a role on the stage of earth.


        • If you watched the video right above here, you would see they reached out to me on youtube after I had made a different video about this site coming under attack right after I had posted the article about them and the Russians. What I showed in this video os there 2 comments to me that they took down and disengaged as they put it.

This reply was deleted.

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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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