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Normally when I do a video or come across good ones I think you should see, I just add them to the videos. Yesterday though, something pretty big happened and it has been one wild rabbit dig since. I spent 12 hours digging into it after I posted the first video  which is in the video section. That is titled Glamis Calling A Rabbit Hole.

Many followers on Twitter wanted to know my thoughts on the whole thing since that rabbit hole was getting deeper and deeper. I spent 8 hours today collecting my thoughts and  putting my dig all together so it might make more sense. There were a lot of people trying to blow the whole thing off and that was a huge mistake on their part. As you will see this is almost unbelievable yet so very REAL.

This is the longest deepest video I have made to date, so get comfy if you are interested in seeing who REALLY runs this world.

This are the links you will need if you care to persue this any further:

Glamis Calling with the dates:

Website with all side information I used. Where it began:

History of House of Wettin Wikipedia:


I tried to answer the 3 most asked questions since I made the above video yesterday. Maybe one of them is one of yours!


There has been a new development since the posting of these videos. If you look closely in the first video above, you will see the last post made to the site was July 2019. Imagine my surprise when I went to check on something else and saw this sitting there from this morning 1-12-20



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    • You have done some really great work here Camille. I hope the others take some time to go through it. Thanks so much for taking the time to drop  it here also :)

      All this really reminds me of the very first "ANON" that showed up here and started dropping information when the site was still new. The first day I mentioned was May of  17  so thats how far back it was.

      Meet ANON X. This will keep you busy for awhile

      Meet ANON X


      A Compilation of ALL Anon-X (Part 1)
      I have decided to compile everything that Anon-X has dropped here in order from the day they appeared on the site since they dropped a ton of informa…
  • From the Staff tab at whois...

    S. Ling is Sandra Ling, under Sir Randolph Mountbatten; she is Director of Internet Surveillance; manages Internet Black Ops internet traffic ww; removes content deemed to be disruptive, has employees who've removed several times in last 5 yrs.

    Sir Randolph is head of infamous GROUP 13 responsible for disinformation campaigns, fostering political dissent & take-down of govts deemed unfavorable to WGC: 3rd cousin & trusted advisor to SB.

  • This, on the Black Nobility and Bluebloods, is also an important read.

    'Children of the Revolution' and the titles of the Upper Chamber are echoed in this website.

    Knowledge is essential, friends. That said, we need to keep digging.

    The Black Nobility - La Nobleza Negra
  • All woke peeps should know about MONTAUK.

    Read carefully. This is not for everyone. Many interesting things here.

    Glamis appears to be using an extended Montauk program, judging from the numbers of insane persons they are taking care of.

    Ref: (Staff tab)

    Montauk And The Secret Government
  • I just went to the site and the following message is there. Note the last 3 words...think how Q posted some of the "obscure" messages. Pray for President DJT. I know they say they have it all...and I know we are dealing with real fire here. Is this something that needs to be brought to the attention of Potus? The Anons? 


    • Lol you must have been seeing that while I was making my video earlier this after noon! Great minds Q Trooper Great minds! I find comfort in knowing he is being looked out for.

      Maybe they dropped that one to test our training wheels!

    • If you know, they already know.

      • Yes I think Q and Team are so far ahead of us and THEM it is ridiculous. With all of Q's references to Alice and Wonderland and The White Rabbit I have had a theory forever that the white hats have had access to time viewing and time travel technology. Allegedly there is a time viewer technology in a DUMB (deep undergound Military base) several stories down.Outside the door there is a life size statue of a white rabbit complete with a monocle and a hounds tooth jacket ala Alice in Wonderland. It always seemed like Q and team were AHEAD of the darkhat dummies by a few weeks and months consistently. Maybe they have a stargate somewhere underground?


      • Thanks for the reassurance! And if they are "coding" at a very low level, not thinking we have been trained to decode now...Rogers Dry Lake could be referring to Edwards AFB. 

  • Gee Yig I think the ship is turning as I found you Sunday and spent a chunk of my afternoon on whoissomersetbelenoff. Unfortunately I have found the same response as Christopher and Lauren, the page is 404’d. I’ve yet to watch your video and am already a fan of the excellent work of Mishel  at Deception Bytes. Tried listening to her video last night at bedtime so I didn’t absorb too much info.

    Enjoyed a few moments of JOHNNY CASH. Thanks for the invite to the party think I’ll go get something to drink.

This reply was deleted.

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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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