Normally when I do a video or come across good ones I think you should see, I just add them to the videos. Yesterday though, something pretty big happened and it has been one wild rabbit dig since. I spent 12 hours digging into it after I posted the first video  which is in the video section. That is titled Glamis Calling A Rabbit Hole.

Many followers on Twitter wanted to know my thoughts on the whole thing since that rabbit hole was getting deeper and deeper. I spent 8 hours today collecting my thoughts and  putting my dig all together so it might make more sense. There were a lot of people trying to blow the whole thing off and that was a huge mistake on their part. As you will see this is almost unbelievable yet so very REAL.

This is the longest deepest video I have made to date, so get comfy if you are interested in seeing who REALLY runs this world.

This are the links you will need if you care to persue this any further:

Glamis Calling with the dates:

Website with all side information I used. Where it began:

History of House of Wettin Wikipedia:


I tried to answer the 3 most asked questions since I made the above video yesterday. Maybe one of them is one of yours!


There has been a new development since the posting of these videos. If you look closely in the first video above, you will see the last post made to the site was July 2019. Imagine my surprise when I went to check on something else and saw this sitting there from this morning 1-12-20



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  • barula.....My point is that the Privy Council has been running the world since the days of Cecil Rhodes & his private little group back in the 1800's.  AIM4TRUTH has some good videos on following the ties back & showing how they are just a huge group of "inside traders" making themselves wealthy at the expense of us little people!!  Nobody gives US "tips" on what to purchase or where to look for good deals, do they?!!  ;-)

    The British Empire controlled the seas & for that reason they were able to control the mechanics of the world at that time!!  Now it is going to be who rules "space" & some of what we have seen in the glamis postings seems to entail just that!!  

    Dean Henderson did a great interview with Kerry Cassidy & made a statement that encapsulates what is going on at this time....they are making this planet into an "Electronic Hive Mind Prison"!!!  We "normies" dont' keep track of how many sats are being placed around Earth, but there are now thousands in place!!  It's not just about us having the "latest" devices; it's about controlling humanity, as a whole!!  Rather scary, wouldn't you say?!!

    • I haven't seen the Dean Henderson interview with Kerry. Thanks for that - I'll have a look. 

  • Maybe something was wrong with my pc or the web address was put in incorrectly but the glamiscalling site is accessible to me. Boy I have been checking the various posts for credibility-especially noting the date and when the stated directive took place. As someone mentioned, 1 post directed the President of Ecuador to rid himself of his odius guest J. Assange. On July 27, 2018 this post The Upper Chamber has decided Mr. Jones has ranted long enough and it’s time to remove his platforms. Other options were discussed but we want to restrict his reach without turning him into a martyr. Apple, Google, and others who host his material, execute Calm Night. .

    So what happened? The very next month, Alex Jones was booted off ALL of the mentioned platforms.

    If you read the posts that aren't too esoteric or obscure, many seem to pan out and ahead of time. Fascinating reading. So if this site and all that pertains ( IE Staff members, groups etc) are a hoax or satire then they seem to have some damn good predictive ability.

  • barula....,.sorry, I flipped the's Gabriel Michael!!  Anyways, AIM4truth has done excellent work on the Privy Council!!!

    • Yes, it turned out i had a page saved from them a couple of years ago. I got an updated list of Privy Council members to do my checking yesterday. Unfortunately there are no connections to Glamis/Wettin and none of the staff are real people; neither are their photos. @veritylumen has done an excellent thread which came to the same conclusions as I did - I wish I'd seen it before I did. LOL.

  • This does not appear on the website

  • I've listened to all of the audio files on the site. Some play spoken word in reverse it appears, there may be a message. Working on reversing the speech and removing music. There is also some code or perhaps phone/frequency mentioned in one audio file. I think "cathedral" either relates to a phone number using gematria. = 312085418112 or it relates to a frequency as in a "c" note 261.63 HZ and are using nodes of a certain frequency to communicate almost like a 2 way ham radio. I've left messages on cannibal cravings phone number as well as reaches out to several prominant community members on isle of Arran looking for anyone who may be aware of a miss belenoff. 

  • May have been mentioned but I've verified a couple posts. One mention Moreno lines up with president moreno kicking out Julian Assange. The June 15 2019 post regaradinf the ship Gayane lines up with a search and seizure of that vessel in the mentioned port. 

    • I've verified quite a few & still going through them which is why I haven't got to the [P]rivy council yet!

  • barula....Forgot to mention that the AIM4TRUTH team(Michael Gabriel) went down the Rabbit Hole on the Privy Council & discovered some very interesing tie ins.  Marriage ties make the whole thing so intertwined, it is difficult to sort  out!!  Looking forward to anything you may find!!!

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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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