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Just One of those Weird Things

So Im sitting in the 8's watching the board go by as I do, and you know me by now, I notice weird things. Usually it is the silent Q Team I bring to the table that most ignore. This time it is a little different, so take it as you will. Im a bit out of my league as far as what Im actually seeing, but it sure did get another anon excited.


Out of the clear blue an anon posted this picture below. Made no comment with it? Made no other comments at all actually trhough the whole post. Just plopped this picture on the board and that was it. I am going to make it small here, but it is clickable to see it enlarged.


Now I am going to post from the anon that got pretty excited about this. Im not going to use his identity or anything. You will just have to trust me on this one. Im just going to qoute them. I will keep our first anon in "BOLD" as others do join in.


1. Holy $#!& where did you get this? I remote viewed one of these images earlier?


2. I need to know if this is related to overcoming the force of gravity using electrical energy


3. He's not replying. WTF (As I mentioned the anon just dropped the picture and that was it)


4. Hey bro, I figured it out.


look here:


Sorry to the original anon for my impatience, I guess you wanted me to dig, I would like to know who you are. But I alredy do, you're Anon.




5. Bro, check this out,


The inventor is : John ? Sinclair



1a (another anon chimes in he will be "a" now) The Sinclair patents (or patent applications) were the topic of a lot of talk in the free energy community around 2008-09. The consensus was that these were spoof patent applications for which no patent was granted. At least for the far-out sounding stuff like human teleportation device.




6. It is what I thought energy and force fields, gravity is one. When I remote viewed that symbol I was using it for something else. I did not know what RV was yet or that I was doing it.




7. Now check out the inventor. Look at some of his stuff. Generating energy from water. I am a patenfag, and I see that the one with the figures was applied for then published in 2003, but no patent appears to have been granted on it. Hmmmm could this be one of the 5000 secret patents we're in for?




2a. This stuff has been online since at least 2009 and the consensus in the free energy research community was that these are merely patent applications (not actual patents) that were submitted as practical jokes.



8. Ya, this one though seems plausible…


Manipulating electromagnetism in toroidal motion countering the natural spin of electrons could produce "buoyancy"


Think about a ships hull pushing against water.. Now produce an electromagnetic field that pushes against atmospheric electrons by counteracting the natural electron spin.





Maybe there is reason to re-evaluate these documents again. I don't mean to discourage anyone from digging. But I remember this getting a lot of talk on the free energy forums like about a decade ago and no one (even the very open-minded inventors) seemed to think there was anything there.



Now the idea of moving EM fields (often in mercury) through a torus  and exposing them to electrical pulses of a particular frequency and waveform – that gets into 'Nazi Bell' type of stuff, Biefeld-Brown effect, and electrokinetics.



Again Graphic is clickable and back to our boy anon1



OK, I am going to try to calm down. I am a patent fag and learned recently I might be a remote viewer. I have been obsessed with the thought of overcoming the force of gravity with electricity, and I came up with a completely unrelated libertarian philosophy that I called UP YOURS (meaning increase that which belongs to you. Uplifting your peer group, investing local yada yada) anyway I came up with a symbol for this The up arrow with a circle at the bottom Up for Up yours cor the circle at the bottom, been writing it everywhere.



has the symbol in figure 3


when I saw it, I immediately went back to electricity used to cancel gravity.


I asked the anon to tell me more, he has  not replied. Since I am a patent fag, I realized that the file name is a US patent application number from an application published in 2003.


When you search the patent, it it is indeed about what I thought, an unconventional spacecraft propulsion system.



Now look at the name of the inventor, who has a number of potentially disruptive patents and applications to his name


The name John St. Clair


The middle initial?



Now we hear from "a" anon and a couple others. The first one Ill put up is interesting because seems this guy has posted patents for Shell Oil?



yes, a man named John (Q) St. Claire.


He has often filed on behalf of SHELL OIL.

I am like you, I dream of toroids and magnetic fields and phi and e.

And the math of it all is just beyond my grasp, but I know it is there.





Regardless of whether these St. Clair patent apps are legit, one thing for sure is that draining the swamp will unleash all sorts of breakthrough technologies. POTUS referenced this in a general way in his inaugural speech and I think in SOTU too.



So we need to get ready for things like civilian antigravity, LENR (used to be called cold fusion), elemental transmutation, and the like.  



It's not 'free energy' as people often call it, but it has to do with fossil fuels giving way to pollutionless, inexhaustible energy sources that cost less than 5% of what we pay for energy today.



Trump family has a connection to Tesla so this is not fantasy.




MOAR on John St. Clair




here is one thing I know for CERTAIN anons.

It's all about the SHAPE.

The importance of the MOEBIUS STRIP cannot be overstated.

A moebius strip has a very important relationship with a TOROID





Magnetism is based on time differentials

A critical requirement of the Lorentz transformations is the invariance of the speed of light,.




It's true; the math used in breakthrough energy science and antigravity propulsion science is not exactly like the textbook math we learn in school, even if we study math to the masters or PhD level in university.


For example, you would want to study the 19th century mathematical notation system called quaternion notation, which Maxwell used to write his full set of equations describing electromagnetism. Many of those equations are censored from textbooks today; and they don't use quaternions anymore because then people would quickly figure out how to power their house for a few bucks a month.


A note of caution on the E=mc2 equation though. It is a relationship that holds true in a subset of cases, but not in every case. Before he passed away, Prof Peter Graneau wrote about this and he was also very clued in about breakthrough energy science:




I think when we talk about quantum/vacuum/probabilities, we must keep in mind the REAL numbers and the IMAGINARY numbers.

Then we can remember E=mc(squared) and we can recall that taking the square root has more than one solution.

I am convinced there are strong relations here.




So there you have it. I dont know if you found this as interesting as I did, but mind you this was all going on while the board was flodded with Q related break downs. Lol those were hard to not get sidetracked by, trying to follow all this too! I dont know, but I do know it all started off in a very curious way.


Maybe it will tickle some of you with the more scientific minds for this kind of thing. As I already mentioned, this is a bit above my pay grade. With the way things are going these days now though, it is kind of hard to just toss these ideas aside I would think. This may  very well all be in our very near future.


Oh yeah one last thing in case you didnt figure it out. The middle inital? Q for Qunicy


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  • Where did your Twitter page go?

  • I don’t know the math either - but I have always known/inherently felt/sensed this to be legit.  Tesla knocked it out of the ballpark, and that’s why his research was immediately taken by the gov., his work covered up, and disinfo put out on him.  I’ve seen science competitions that demonstrated flotation and flying (all within a specially constructed toroidal shape like a double walled pot, inner tube, etc.  

    The electromagnetic universe is in my opinion, is much more plausible as opposed to one ruled by gravity.  Gravity is the weaker force.  Magnetism is a much stronger force.  Go try it out with a small magnet.  It can lift a metal object - despite the entire gravity force of the earth pulling against it.  



  • In the early 70's I had a teacher who bought a brand new full-sized G.M. luxury sedan.  Those lead sleds weighed almost 2 tons back then.  He bought it in Michigan, and drove it out the same day to visit relatives in Toronto.  Before he got to Windsor, he stopped in Detroit because he noticed the gas gauge needle never moved.  Brought it into a dealership to have them look at it (Detroit).

    They found out he had an experimental carburator on his LARGE big-block 455 V-8.  Pushing out some big horsepower, yet between 100-120 miles /gallon of fuel efficiency.  They demanded he give the car back.  He refused, but had to eventually comply or bad things would happen.  Spooky people dropped by to see him.  He ended up getting TWO new cars for turning in the one he bought.

    That folks, was 45 years ago.

    • wow! It stinks they resort to muscle to intimidate people


  • in 1977 I saw a chevy Impala in a parade. it was dripping water from the tailpipe. no exahaust fumes.  the man said he drove it all the way across country using WATER for FUEL !

    Novozymes invented a wood chip eating bacteria that poops petrol you can burn in your car w/o purification.  it is totally GREEN ENERGY.  in 2006 they drove a Jeep tp Washington using scrap paper for fuel.

    How can we get access to these inventions?


  • Good Morning Yig...I am having trouble getting on to 8 chan. Would you mind sharing the link you use with me? Thanks!


  • Ok, this is all soo very familiar. My Dad used to have sketches like that when I was a kid. He was not a theorist, he was a mechanic/tinkerer. Then, it was as though he just shook it all off, and said that if you did get it to work, and it would work, you would get put into prison for doing so.

    • Did he ever elaborate on why he thought you would go to prison? Do you remember what he was trying to get it to work for? I mean what he may have wanted to connect it too?

      • Yes he said it was a way to fly or levitate by disrupting gravitational pull.

        Then he said once that "someone" a buddy had their house broken into by "agents" and the whole workshop taken, with a warning to STOP.  -stories like that were common about batteries that could hold power for years, and carborators that would get 100 miles a gallon.... shop talk.

        • Interesting. Hopefully now with the changes being made these people still working on these things can come out of their workshops and be the new designers of our country going forward. Hope I live long enough to see some of it occuring. Would be cool to  of been born into the Cleaver days and live to see the jetson days eh?


This reply was deleted.

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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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