Why would I want to talk about somethign that happened so long ago? Well, I think it may have some bearing on whats going on in our time frame now. See what you think.

Lets look at this moment in History:

"And Whereas: On February 21, 1871, the Forty First Congress
passed an act entitled "An Act to Provide a Government for the
United States is a corporation www.abodia.com...
District of Columbia," legislating the organization of a municipal
corporation to run the day to day affairs of the District of
Columbia, the seat of government, which transferred the United
States of America, the Republic, into "a corporate entity"
entitled UNITED STATES, in capital letters, having "no"
jurisdiction outside the District of Columbia.

Link to PDF

How many people honestly understand the Corporation of the UNITED STATES?

Lets read a little more about that.

"February 21, 1871 Congress Passes an Act to Provide a
Government for the District of Columbia, also known as the Act
of 1871*
With no constitutional authority to do so, Congress creates a
separate form of government for the District of Columbia, a ten
mile square parcel of land (see, Acts of the Forty-first
Congress," Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62).
The act -- passed when the country was weakened and financially
depleted in the aftermath of the Civil War -- was a strategic move
by foreign interests (international bankers) who were intent upon
gaining a stranglehold on the coffers and neck of America.
Congress cut a deal with the international bankers (specifically
Rothschilds of London) to incur a DEBT to said bankers. Because
the bankers were not about to lend money to a floundering nation
without serious stipulations, they devised a way to get their foot in
the door of the United States.
The Act of 1871 formed a corporation called THE UNITED
STATES. The corporation, OWNED by foreign interests, moved
in and shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin. With the Act
of 1871, the original Constitution for the united States (1788) was
defaced in effect vandalized and sabotage when the title was
capitalized and the word "for" was changed to "of" in the title
United States is a corporation www.abodia.com...

is the constitution of the INCORPORATED UNITED STATES OF

So basically "Congress cut a deal with the international bankers (specifically Rothschilds of London) to incur a DEBT to said bankers."  Yes, The Rothschilds. I know many of you may know this, but consider this. Given the above information... where are the now 65,000(?) troops deployed, and where is locked down?

Corporation headquarters?

Formed Feb 21st originally.

If you think about it, everyone was voting in the election for the new CEO of the corporation of the UNITED STATES.
Is that the election you were fighting to protect? For the people? Or for the bankers?
Debt slaves.

You do know you're floated on the NY stock exchange right?

The original intention of the Social Security number is as below from the ssa.gov website

"The Social Security number (SSN) was created in 1936 for the sole purpose of tracking the earnings histories of U.S. workers, for use in determining Social Security benefit entitlement and computing benefit levels. Since then, use of the SSN has expanded substantially. Today the SSN may be the most commonly used numbering system in the United States. As of December 2008, the Social Security Administration (SSA) had issued over 450 million original SSNs, and nearly every legal resident of the United States had one. The SSN's very universality has led to its adoption throughout government and the private sector as a chief means of identifying and gathering information about an individual."

This s a very long read, but if you wish to dive in, here is the link: https://www.ssa.gov/policy/docs/ssb/v69n2/v69n2p55.html

I think its safe to say that means something. Money slave from birth... you are a number, and you are not a free man.

What do you fight for?

Pompeo has been pointing at "We the people". I'm pretty sure that is a clear hint regarding the constitution... and personally, I don't think he means the one the bankers forced in.

Now I did an article back early in 2018. Was one of the first featured articles on here and it got a lot of attention. This couple you will read about had actually gone to court fighting this social security issue in trying to get back all the money that had been taking from them since the moment they were born through social security. It is a very interesting case and you really should give it a read. We may very well be heading this way and POTUS may just be the one to lead us there.

Link to that Featured article is here: https://theyig.ning.com/articles/beane-tucci-important-5page-drop-i-made-last-night-updated?context=featured

Buckle up, its going to be a DAY TO REMEMBER :)







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  • Good point, Ken!!!  There is this too, posted by an Anon....

    "Documents for the termination of the U.S. of America, Ltd. were filed in London 18 months ago, with a shutdown date of 1/19/2021 at 11:59 p.m.......The Republic of The U.S. of America was the sole beneficiary of the assets of the bankrupted corporation."

    If this is true then our Wrecking Ball has pulled a Fast One & Bitten is Pres. of a defunct Corp.??!!!!   Gov'ts are falling around the world so it would seem more is going here than meets the eye!!  

    We really can't even believe what we see with our own eyes anymore with CGI & all!!  We can't even be sure who is a clone & who isn't anymore!!  All we can do is Pray & keep focusing on the Light overcoming the Darkness!!



  • The Act of 1871 was unconstituional and Treason, making the last legal president Ulysses Grant, the 18th.   The military along with Dept of Treasury must be the ones to rescind the Act of 1871. When the order is given, that will be the Storm. The Rothschilds weren't the only ones involved, it was the UK, Italy, and the Vatican bank.  The Rothschilds own the Vatican bank. The papacy was nearly bankrupt in 1527 and the Rothschilds bailed them.  The Vatican, Italy, and the UK were also the key players in the 2020 election fraud. Soros's never ending money coffer is via the Rothschilds and other wealthy elitists.  When and if the military gets the order to rescind the Act as Treason to all involved, it will be a global maneuver including the arrests in the Papal State.  The CIA, FBI and NSA are illegal, since they were created without Congressional approval. They are covert operations run by foreign entities.

    If the military follows through with the plan, the Nation will be restored, DC will then be a foreign enemy occupying American soil, the Treasury will return to the gold standard, the IRS and the Tax Act will be abolished, the CIA, FBI and NSA will be dissassembled and trashed, the gold fringe on the US flag will be removed,  just to name a few.  

    We can only pray the Plan will succeed.

  • You are SO right, Yig!!!  We will move from being a Corporation, back to being a Republic!!

    IT'S ON!!!!!   Most people are totally unaware of this circumstance & its relevance to what is playing out before our very eyes!!  

This reply was deleted.

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