Liberty Mutual Insurance Dirty Sneaky Dealings?

I know all of us or at least most of us have to deal with the Insurance Industry at some point in time. We know in the back of our heads they are crooked, but they still remain a necessary evil in our lives.

Some things have been coming to my attention over the last few weeks and I thought I would share them with you. Obviously like everything else this too is a very DEEP hole and it seems to revolve around one company in particular. That being Liberty Mutual. Now I personally use USAA for my needs so imagine my surprise when I found out today that if I were to have bigger needs of insurance beyond that of just my car, USAA will defer my business to Liberty Mutual. As a customer this doesn't sit well with me at all. If I wanted Liberty Mutual I would have gone to them to begin with. I go to USAA because I like how they treat me as a customer. I don't like sneaky.

With this said, let me show you how much has been found  concerning this company. You may come to realize you yourself have been back doored by them also. I am trying to find solid answers here to maybe make a difference and somehow slow their roll going into the future.  Also to find Proof that LAWS Are being broken here.

If you are in the insurance business yourself and have noticed these things, please by all means chime in on the comments. If we can make enough connections we may be able to at least save some folks some future headaches. Obviously you will see they to employ very questionable tactics and dealings.


The premise-

Liberty Mutual has grown EXPONENTIALLY in the past years, and seems to have ties to nefarious groups. Though I'm not a good researcher, my gut instincts are great and there's a problem here. They are currently the 2nd largest insurer nationally and have an international presence. To my knowledge, they are a mutual company, so they are not publicly traded and so are not required to report the same way.


I think they dominate the home/auto and other commercial markets to pull in funds to do nefarious things but I'm not sure how to prove this. In our area, the mortgage companies fall all over themselves to try to get people to take Liberty which is actually against the Bureau of Insurance rules. I'm pretty convinced they HAVE to be getting a kickback. Here are some things I was able to find:


LM has some sort of deal with USAA


They pay colleges to get access to their employees. I believe they do the same for teachers unions, police officers, realtors; all kinds of groups. Apparently they do the same through USAA for military folks

"This organization receives financial support for allowing Liberty Mutual to offer this auto and home insurance program."


Here are some of the connections I've been able to establish. I'm not sure of their significance, but it sure seems like LM is touching all the wrong people and groups.


LM was one of the first clients of Teneo that ties back to the Clinton Foundation


They have a connection to Amazon


They had products with Aegis who has someone on the resignation list


They were in the Enron dispute


They were involved in a lawsuit with Cemex,_LLC_v_Liberty_Mutual_Insurance_Company


Platinum donor matching employee contribs to Red Cross in Mass


They have a division that does medical malpractice which is HIGHLY specialized. There is an image that looks like a reversed red cross for this set of products

Pic related:

This subsidiary also does a lot of insurance for construction projects


Profits soar:


Involved with TransCanada (Keystone Pipelines)


Liberty Energy Holdings invests in pipelines


Invests in Blackstone (which, per Jason J was buying up mortgages during the crash to hold to resell to make money later)


Liberty's involvement in the World Trade Center seems to come through a British Insurance company they purchase



The last one for now,  TransCanada has a relationship with DNV GL pipeline... apparently they are a known problem. This is a Shipping Insurance Company …


Too many connections if you ask me…. I hope someone can figure out what it all means. Again if you are in this business and can add anything to this, Id love to hear for you. Never know, you may be holding the one crumb that brings it all together.


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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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