This is the Newest Doc I put together with ALL of the Glamis Calling posts along with corresponding news itemsthat go with those posts.

For those that think Somerset Belenoff  is evil. Well read her most recent post and the Story of Us.The history of the Ancient Bloodlines and How We in The USA fit into that Family.

I believe she has met Trump and it is clear there has been some protection of Trump from the Wettin Council, She refers to TONG MCLEOD which is Trumps Family Line

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  • Hi there! :) I just registered to make this post haha, just so happens I ran into this 'Somerset Belenoff' rabbit hole for most of a day a couple days back.

    For better or worse (better) - its a LARP.

    A quick Who.is search reaveals that these websites were made in January of 2019... 4 years after glamis.org's supposed initial post.


    Whoever this is clearly backdated their posts (https://www.greengeeks.com/tutorials/article/how-to-easily-back-dat...) to make them look like they were ordering prime ministers of Ethiopia to stand down, giant tankers full of cocaine to be siezed, and giant coordinated Q-Donald Trump operations to initiate!

    You will notice that suddently AFTER the website was made in January of 2019, all of the few-days-ahead-of-major-event calls completely ceased. ..Perhaps they didnt want to risk an inquisitive audience noticing that (e.g.) June 4th posts predicting June 5th events didn't come into existence until June 6th?

    Instead 'Somerset's world-dominating team conveniently noticed the website was starting to gain an audience (right after the website was made, imagine that) and 'switched its function from coded comms to addressing-the-population-at-large.


    Anyway... good thing, too, because I certainly would have a lot of new confusion if I were to discover that the cannibalistic, Bohemian Grove operating Illuminati Queen of Everything also happened to be in complete cahoots with Trump and team Q.


    In fact I'd venture with some certainty that that was exactly the intent of this little 'Belenoff' operation - to confuse and dissillusion people on the Q trajectory.


    I know you were thinking she was nice, hopefully in the end this will be helpful and not just a quick roller coaster!

    Truth always wins

    Source websites:



    https://twitter.com/KarinaBelenoff - first post is in July 2019



    Also https://who.is/whois/whoissomersetbelenoff.com shows that that site was made in April of 2019

This reply was deleted.

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