While reading through the 8 tonight I came across a couple of interesting post. Actually it was a post and a response to it that really motivated me to share them both here.

It started with this post. An anon had come across Mama Cass sister and had some concerns she may be a clown now and was hoping the anons would start a dig into her.


Anons, do any of you remember Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas? She died at only 32.

Original story was that she choked o a ham sammich. The family later tried to say it was a heart attack.


Whatever the cause, her death was untimely.

I loved her music as a kid. My mom and I used to love singing to the songs on the radio. When Cass Elliot died I was still under 10, but her death devastated me. Hers was the first "celebrity death" I can remember hearing about.


Anyway, the reason I mention her is because ever since I was redpilled, in 2015, I look at all celebrities as being tools of the Clowns, i.e., just part of the propaganda machine that brainwashes us. Or Cliebs, themselves.

I cancelled cable 2 years ago and haven't turned in a TV since.

I've been saddened to think that Cass Elliot, of LAUREL CANYON fame, coulda been a Clown or a tool of the Clowns.

Fast forward to last week, when I spotted Cass Elliot's lil sister, LEAH KUNKEL, having dinner on a Northampton, Massachusetts restaurant patio. With a very shady looking guy.


How did I know it was Cass Elliot's sister?

I met Leah Kunkel years ago. She is a very personable gal, with a very good sense of humor, and she is very intelligent. She's so intelligent that she became a lawyer, of all things. I believe she graduated from the same law school that inflicted a cunt named Lois Lerner on us. Western New England College School of Law… But I digress.

Leah Kunkel teaches Entertainment Law at Western New England these days, and from what I hear, she does a good job.

But anyway, whenever I've been around her my Spidey Sense goes off. I definitely get a creepy kinda vibe from her. On a spiritual level.

So when I saw her recently I wanted to snap a picture for all y'all, cuz she doesn't look anything like she used to. I also wanted you guys to see who she was with, cuz the guy looked like a Hollywood actor in a really bad hippie disguise.

Kunkel had her back to the wall. She didn't miss a trick. If I snapped a pic she woulda noticed and, frankly, I'm kinda scared of her.

She sat there looking like an operative. Hyper-vigilant, looking at the crowd, and not looking at the creepy Hollywood hippie dude.


So why tell all of you this?

Cuz maybe it's time to dig into Leah Kunkel.

Who the hell goes from being a singer, following in their dead, iconic sister's footsteps, to being a lawyer?

 I reckon she's more use to <<<THEM>>> as a lawyer than as a singer.


 She's not in PEDOsta emails, btw….

Like I mentioned above it was the response to this that made me decide to share it all here. While the two may not seem really related on the surface, they may very well be if you think about it Especially if what the responder says is true.

Not to mention a lot of us are old enough to have been around in the "Hippy days" and some of you may actually be able to verify this claim. This would be an interesting twist is those Sharron Tate murders were faked just for starters, not to mention all the music presentations not being what we thought they were, or more like who we thought were behind them.

Here is what the responder had to say:

Red-pilled since 2015? You are barely 4 years in. No wonder you didn't know about Cass Elliot and the Laurel Canyon cult, where the "Hippie" movement was actually born. Lookout Mountain Labs, Rustic Canyon, the 512 steps, Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, Bruce Dern, Peter Fonda, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Jim Morrison, the Byrds, the Monkees, the Mamas and the Papas, Frank Zappa, Carole King…In fact, any music group that was included in "the California Sound". All of those groups were frauds, as their music was recorded by studio musicians such as Carole Kaye, Hal Blaine, and noteably, Glen Campbell. They loosely referred to themselves as The Wrecking Crew. That is why when you listen to groups labeled "The California (West Coast) Sound", they all sound similar in context and quality: They were all recorded by the same group.


Also, Warren Beatty. He did that movie "Shampoo". It is based on Jay Sebring, who was supposedly killed along with Sharon Tate at the movie set property Spahn Ranch. Makes me wonder why QT is rehashing all of this in his "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". It doesn't matter whether he is going to try rewriting the history of these events; just putting the movie out is going to "spahn" an entire new group of people to investigate all of the surrounding people and events.


I don't believe that the Tate murders even happened. Back in the day, we were told that the Manson "family" cut Sharon Tate's baby out of her. It wasn't true. Spoopy crime scene and autopsy photos. Abigail Folger, and her connection to Haight/Asbury clinic/LSD; another declared victim at the Spahn Ranch.


Newfags, and even not so newfags, could probably dig on this for weeks. Because everything you thought you knew, is pretty much a lie. The entirety of the Hippie movement was social programming, patterned after all of the previously mentioned bands' fake, built in, groupie base, "Vito and the Freaks".

It was "Vito's" wife, Zsou, who opened the first Hippie clothing store, with items she fashioned after the garb she created for Vito's "Freaks".

I personally know a lot of old Hippies, (I am not one), and they get infuriated when you tell them that they were deceived into participating in a social engineering project. Poor Hippies, they thought they were going to change the World…

Yet they themselves were victims of one of the greatest mind control psy-ops of the time.


If anything there is a lot of food for thought here and also plenty to dig into if one is so inclined. I just thought a little something different might be good for your minds also.


Remember, I work for You :)






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  • Well Mike you sure put a different twist on all this didnt you! I'll be very curious to hear what others have to say about your reply. I was very young when this was all going on so my view isnt as broad as others might be as far as awareness of it all as far as those details go that you mentioned.

     Was it true about the music? I know Carol King wrote a ton of music for other people that went on to be hits and most never really knew she actually wrote it.

    • forgot the link


      thats for below comment

      Android Meme Xenochrony Diaries - Bob Dobbs
    • My problem with Dave's blog was it was called"the mostly true story of Laurel canyon"and i don't doubt social engineering was afoot.But his big revelation was about 6-12 names he puts forward had parents who were in some military intelligence capacity.Problem was everybodies parents played a role in the military just 20 years before 

                      This story is where I learnt that a story can be recycled or put into circular awareness.People see the blog and now search and see others purporting the same story...but...it all has it genesis from the original blog that was born in the early internet..This is similar to how the leaks in russian collusion story created a reinforcement for FISA warrants because of steeles dosier and the media stories lending some testimony to it being factual when it was not..

                   Don't get me wrong yig....i would not put it passed them to do this but the evidence dave wrote about was not solid..

          take this diary from a man that has been around for some time and many think he is a fraud...He went by the name Bob Dobbs then days and claimed he belonged to a intel org called something like the council of ten....they were supposedly servants of the elites families who behind the scenes knew all the family secrets and controlled or attenpted to control "the fund" and anticipate tech changes and what benefits could be got from this anticipation of the changing zeitgeist..he claims he was borm 1922 or there abouts but does not look his age......if you read the link which is a rough diary....he seems to thread through some of the most infuencial people including Frank Zappa in the mid sixties..

             Now i thought he was bullshit and just weaving himself into the hero's of his own mind.....but one entry in 1979 in Sydney australia...he meets michael hand from the nefarious Nugan Hand bank...a black ops bank of the CIA that fucked up in early 80's when the head man Frank NUGAN WAS FOUND SHOT DEAD IN HIS CAR I in Lithgow NSW australia....eventually Michael Hand disappeared as australias most wanted....he was green beret and the bank was run by retired admirals and other military intel...he was found in 2015 working or owning a light arms company that services US military..still using same social security number..?????

                  but that entry is so vague and would not be known by anyone except a australian or those involved...it made me think he was sincere and that also throws a question over  Frank Zappa BECAUSE IT SAYS IN DIARY THAT HE WAS ARRESTED TO KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THE DRAFT.

  • Dave mcgoWen has a lot of explaining for this laural canyon story...originally a early blog when the internet began...McGowens story was"the mostly true story of laurel canyon and the hippie movement...YES the hippie movement was promoted by agencies but up in the hills was a beorgening culture that was far from the hippie movement..It was a freak movement based on merchant marines Vito dance troup who were artists ,bohememians ,dancers musicians and assembled oddballs.

            They were socialists by political choice.At that time many west coast artist and musicians from across the country descended on laurel canyon because thats where the scene was...McGowen's big mistake is he equates all or a proportion of these musicians as having patrents that served in the US military...NOW this is 1965 20 years after WW2...MORE THEN 90% HAD PARENTS IN THE MILITARY ....but specifically they were in military intelligence.He claims Frank Zappa father developed poison gasses for the military when he worked in meteorology and taught maths....He claims Zappa was the leader of the gang..thats why he did not take drugs..he could not get a no1 for all his services it seems....out of 100's of people he cites 8-10 that had family that served in military intelligence...the blog was somewhat questionable in statistical proof...and its laayed there for twenty plus years unto youtube popped up with monetised conspiracy theorists...some quoted this blog and then others found that link and the Mcgowen post and wrote another until there were 3 links confirming there to be something there..Now it has grown to mind blowing pro[portions were it is a fact.....

    Sure zappa spoke about the CIA in songs such as agency man..and plastic people and he hated the hippies as shallow drug addled fools...surely the CIA took the movement to spread drugs and eastern religous culture which is the bedrock of many who use McGowens blog to PROVE A FALSITY..the beatles and stones were driven by tavistock on a grander level.

    DAVE MCGOWEN CLAIMED ZAPPA WAS THE LEADER OF THE CIA LED MUSICIAN SOCIAL ENGINEERS....would  zappas masterS be happy with him saying this in song in 1967....dave mcgowen knows nothings and was wrong on some level
    Ladies and gentlemen
    The president of the united states!
    "Fella Americans, doot, doot, doot..."
    He's been sick!--doot! doot!
    And I think his wife is gonna bring him
    Some chicken soap
    Plastic people!
    Oh, baby, now you're such a drag
    I know it's hard to defend an unpopular policy
    Every once in a while
    Plastic people!
    Oh, baby, now you're such a drag
    And there's this guy from the cia he's creepin'
    Around laurel canyon
    A fine little girl she waits for me
    She's as plastic as she can be
    She paints her face with plastic goo
    And wrecks her hair with some shampoo
    Plastic people
    Oh, baby, now you're such a drag
    "I dunno, sometimes I just get tired
    Of ya honey, it's...ah..your
    Hair spray, or something..."
    Plastic people
    Oh, baby, now you're such a drag
    "I hear the sound of marching feet...
    Down sunset boulevard to crescent heights
    And there...at pandora's box...
    We are confronted with...a vast
    Quantity of, plastic people..."
    Take a day and walk around
    Watch the nazi's run your town
    Then go home and check yourself
    You think we're singing
    'Bout someone else
    But you're plastic people
    Oh, baby, now
    You're such a drag
    Me see a neon moon above
    I searched for years I found no love
    I'm sure that love will never be
    A product of plasticity
    A product of plasticity
    Plastic, plastic people, pla-ha-ha-ha
    Ha-plastic, you are, your foot, your hair
    Your nose, your arms--you suck--you love
    You are, your being is, you're plastic--blah
    Blah, blah, blah plastic peoples
    A prune is not a vegetable
    Cabbage is a vegetable; makes it o.k.
    Plastic people, plastic people
    You dream about, you think about, you eat
    You are, ooo-hoo-hoo...
    Purple prancing--plastic people-
    This domain may be for sale!
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