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I thought it was time for a little color of Spring! I also made it easier for you to find the "Add Discussion" button :)

You can still go to the "Welcome Page"  to find a quick help video. Have a GREAT WEEKEND now ya Heaaa?!

Power Couples (Q Helper?)

My womanly instincts are telling me that a a Q helper showed up and dropped this off for us today. We have all suspected this kind of thing is going on and yes, we probably should look into it more than we do. So, for some of you diggers out there that need something new to sink your teeth into, maybe this will give you a head start.

Building the picture for further analysis.

[DS] Arranged Marriages? → [Power Couples]

* Similarities → (Patterns)

(DS Wives - Raised as [Handlers] = Connection Points to [Cabal Masters]?)


(married - 1995)

- John Kerry + (Teresa Heinz) ← (Heinz family & fortune)

(married - 2018 → by Elijah Cummings)

- Joe Scarborough + (Mika Brzezinski) ← (Zbigniew Brzezinski - father)

(married - 2008)

- Elijah Cummings + (Maya Rockeymoore) ← (classic [C_A] bio/backstory)

(married - May 19, 2012 → One day after Facebook's stock market launch)

- Mark Zuckerberg + (Priscilla Chan) ← (foreign asset & [handler]? China espionage?)

(married - 2005)

- Robert "Beto" O'Rourke + (Amy Sanders) ← (father wealthy & connected to [DS Cabal])

* Moar sauce on:

→ [Beto] + [Amy] + [William Sanders - Sanders Land and Cattle Co Ranch] + [Epstein - Zorro Ranch] + (Santa Fe, NM area)

- O'Rourke approached Bill Sanders about marrying Amy when he was running for El Paso City Council, where Sanders made his fortune in real estate. Wins election. Now has big $$ backing & connections thru Amy's daddy.

→ Beto & Amy got married on Bill Sander's - Sanders Land and Cattle Co ranch (close by Epstein's Zorro Ranch)

* O'Rourke + Sanders Marriage = Thus began (Deep) Financial & Relationship ties to Big [DS] Players.

- After Beto loses to Ted Cruz he drives to Chimayo, NM, north of Santa Fe, to eat some "Magic" dirt.

Yes, according to reports, he ate some dirt supposed to have healing properties.


Appearances indicate a (Classic Pattern) from history:

→ "Connected" (Specific [Wives]) > married off to (Selected [Husbands]) > (Form [Power Couple]) > (Inserted [Positions of Power]):

* Then → [Power Couples] Do the [Masters'] Bidding.



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  • Yep!!!  "Follow the wives!"  Reminds me of a Power Couple from Ark.!!!

  • Arranged marriages have been going on forever. It makes sense it would continue. We have to get it in our heads that these people are no different,  and in fact are part of the same ancient bloodline controled system as the Royals... I think we keep trying to disconnect them from it in our heads. Much to our disadvantage. These people are so organised. We would do well to take lessons... Ban together, be active and... and... Get hardened, ruthless and I guess HAVE NO MERCY WHEN WE ENCOUNTER THEM... It is not our nature to be this way, but Good Guys finish last!

    • But how does one(or a group) make such dramatic changes... I have no point of reference to even draw on in this situation. In a perfect world, we would have a group of... Generals(?) running the show. Commanding the troops, having a strategic plan... I guess that is what we all hope Trump has in place. It is my hope at least... I think there are many who have the will and understanding of this but are scattered and unknown to each other. These are just the meandering thoughts of a farmer's wife anyway... 

      I'm thankful for the information I find on this site and that my intrusions are tolerated. My only beneficial value to this effort to "drain the swamp" is that I will have raised my daughter to be a Patriot. She will not be a brain dead slave. At almost 16, she knows what is happening and why. She will carry on with more knowledge than most of us started out with and that indeed gives me hope. Just yesterday, she asked permission to use my Bank Card to buy ANOTHER Trump T-Shirt! lol and she helped me plow a huge Q in the snow on the back of our farm in a bare wheat field! It isn't much, but it is something! So, as I saw it posted some where recently... lol

      Be of Good Cheer! lol

      • First of all Tina, it is not  matter of you being tolerated because of your intrusions. Get that right out of your little head! I'd like to think of us as a family here. I have waited over two years for anyone to finally say something, say anything! I built this site of ALL of us. Not to hear me babble away day after day. It has been hard and quite frankly rather frustrating. So by all means be that chatty family member with opinions and input!

        Now as far as what we can to do to better things and battle the bad guys, I think we do have a regiment of sorts. We have the big players on Twit and FB and other forms of media people look to. Sometimes maybe a little too much, but thats just my personal opinion. I only say that because we are suppose to think for ourselves and we still see signs of people leaning on others to do their thinking for them. Still, they are useful because people are waking up because of them.

        We have the diggers that just put the information out without much fanfare and we have to gathers that take those digs and present them in a easier to understand format.

        We have the collectors that make sure all the information is stored in many many places all over the internet. When you think about just this one point, that is pretty powerful. How do the bad guys combat that?

        We really have out own Spider web of Good being developed and it continues to grow everyday. When we started you could fit a graphic of connections we had found on one page. Now its impossible for people to show it all in graphic. It just cant be done anymore and that's a good thing. The bad guys have had hundreds if not thousands of years to create their web. We have tracked them down and created our own in just a little over two years and still going strong into our third year. The good news THEY CANT STOP IT.

        There are just too many of us now all doing our parts. Yes you may just be a farmers wife, but consider what you wrote. What you have accomplished with your daughter. She is going to mature into a world with other peoples sons and daughters that will now refuse to be sheep and hopefully will become GOOD LEADERS going forward. Kids talk, you know that. That means they are spreading what they are learning to their own friends. Even if only one other kid listens to your daughter that is one more on the board. How can the bad guys STOP THAT? They can't.

        We are the snowball. We are the avalanche. We don't have said leaders they can target because we all have our different niches. The only one they can really point to is Q and look where that has gotten them. No matter how hard they have tried and even with their little shill armies, we keep plugging along. Digging, gathering, storing, talking, and sharing.

        That is quite the Army and no generals needed! Just We The People! Power of the People!


        • Well, said, Yig!!  We ARE the Digital Soldiers & we each have our own Sphere of Influence!!!   Congrats, Tina, you have accomplised much in raising a Patriot!!  I am a 75 year old Grandma, so can appreciate what you have done!!   Keep up the Good Work!!!

This reply was deleted.

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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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