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I thought it was time for a little color of Spring! I also made it easier for you to find the "Add Discussion" button :)

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Q HELPER 1-29-20? We Have Control

This was dropped this morning on the 8 in response to another anon. Not positive it is a helper, but seems to have the "feel" of one. Thought you might like to see it to think it over if anything.

Anon comment that triggered the helper:

The behavior of Dems and Reps in this sage is not what I was expecting. The Reps want to get it over with quickly; while the Dems want to drag it out with witnesses.

Q implied that Pelosi is trying to use it to cause disruption to Senate business. But Q also seemed to hint that it's a great way to introduce evidence. And the enemy reads Q's drops too.

I'm having difficulty fitting all this into a coherent model.



There's another level but it's hard to blv. We are secretly forcing a number of people to become actors and betray allies in order to avoid the death penalty. The leadership are being forced to play the role of judas goats and lead the rest of the cults Reps and Senators into an illegal impeachment. That's where Q's emphasis on "knowingly" comes in. Did these people pursue impeachment based on information they "knowingly" knew was false. I believe at this point we control a # of people many wouldn't expect. I won't even say the names of people who we are appearing to give a pass to, though in reality we are watching them close and making them comfortable so they will make mistakes. This is where thinthread comes in and mapping out digital associations. It's a complex tool that does a lot of the work for our guys and allowed us to create a reliable map of the cults operations. We monitor their comms of those we secretly control to ensure loyalty and adherence to our directives. The reason we had to do this is we needed to ensure we cleaned out the sleepers that had yet to show themselves. By giving the enemy temporary hope throughout different phases we force them to continue to expend ammo we are prepared for. If we let them know to what degree they are truly screwed they will keep their moles in play w far more treacherous directives sent to them down the line. The impeachment operation allowed us to trigger the impeachment on our timeline and control the narrative they'd be using. A controlled leak was ordered by D5 and the enemy ran with it. Once they were pot committed to impeachment narrative TD5 unexpectedly released the transcript verified by dozens on teh call. Checkmate. The enemy has been squirming to put together some sense of an impeachment together and a stictly partisan impeachment is an optics nightmare for them. I do believe they also planned for the impeachment and that it and Flynn's case will be used to put new information on the record and into the light. Some really brilliant people are behind this. There is far more depth but you get the idea.


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  • I don't know how to start a new "thread" but there was an interesting video by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai know.....he's the Real Indian that ran against the Fake Indian in Mass!!!  

    He points out that back in July there were massive protests in Wuhan against the gov't because of the horrible air pollution....Hmmmmmm???

  • This is exactly why we should not get "triggered" when we don't see things happening that we want to happen.....there IS a Plan!!  People like Flynn & Stone are Real American Heroes!!  

  • Back when Fienstien was always in the spotlight, there were many Q posts and subsequent videos about her and "When does a Bird sing?" That I began to realize that these Demoncrat leaders must be under the white hats control and doing their duty under some type of plea agreements... confidential informant kinda stuff I guess... playing their role in the show... that, or they are those new fangled  freakn' robots with the soft skin and AI that makes weirdo's want to marry one! lol

    Yes, traitors to the core! They cannot even be loyal to their own kind! 



  • My thought exactly. Peeelozi ripping up the speech was over the top.  Either she is bat-Shit crazy/Delusional or she was made to do it. 
    All their antiques are caused demo voters to desert them and go to the Red side. 

  • Here's a theory.....Maybe since the assassination of JFK some tightknit group has been setting this whole scheme up & controling all the "assets" to throw in what happened in 9/11 as well.  These people that wanted to take the country down from the INSIDE, have nearly accomplished it & hopefully, we are nearing the disclosure of their wicked acts.  Many of the "normies" still haven't a clue about what REALLY happened!!

    So the Q Plan......???  I would say this lets us know there are Higher Powers involved in what is going on around us...who knows on how many levels?!!!  

  • Whoa!!  At times one wonders what "others" might be involved in all this, that we are not aware of???  For a sense on how deep this all goes....check out Sarah Westall's two videos with Patrick Bergy.....unbelievable this poor wh'blower can't get anyone to act upon the facts of his own story!!  Since he was an IT man, with Above Secret clearance, he has a clear picture of what played out behind the scenes before Trump was even a declared candidate!!  

    • @Loxie. I would love to take a listen to the videos you speak of. It would be helpful if you dropped the links here :) Thanks!


      • I'm so sorry, Yig....I'm so computer illiterate I don't know how to drop the links!.

  • I wrote about this a couple of days ago in reply to a post by @KillAuDeepState.

    They simply MUST be controlling at least some of these idiots because it's not possible for them to keep walking straight into such obvious traps time & time again. Q often says "these people are stupid" - but no one can be as stupid as that.

    My guess is they are controlling the three ring leaders - Nancy, Chuckie, Schifty, who keep spouting repetetive rubbish. Maybe more. They are all up to their eyeballs in the Ukraine & other [F] corruption. These "Judas goats" are controlling the rest - probably controlling more than leading.

    As for Bolton, it looks to be all planned too. Prediction: His book will not be published due to "National Security", the leak will never be confirmed but the leaker(s) caught. Bolton will wear the stain of Trump's pretended disapproval long term, as Sessions  does.

This reply was deleted.

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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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