Some Truths about Human Trafficking

This article was written by my friend @wishfulldreamz. She has been doing a lot of work on Facebook trying to get information out and doing a fine job of it actually. I thought this article of hers was excellent so I am bringing it here for you to read. I would say enjoy, but it is such a rough subject that it just doesn't feel right to say. This problem does need to see the light of day and be STOPPED asap no matter how you look at it. I think we can all agree on this.

Human trafficking, particularly child trafficking, is a horrific reality around the world. The victims are subjected to many unspeakable situations; forced prostitution, slave labor for sweat shops, adrenochrome and organ harvesting, satanic ritual abuse and finally, many are used as fuel, leather or even food. The general public is now becoming painfully aware of this reality and it is causing a great deal of stress and confusion.

Humans have in fact, become a valuable form of currency. Most do not realize that this is a 32 billion dollar-a-year industry, involving a worldwide criminal network that spans all countries, ethnicities and social circles. Children are the most valuable of commodities as they are coveted for their innocence and purity, as well as their vibrant body and spirit. In fact, 800,000 go missing in North America each year, alone, and the number reaches a staggering 8 million worldwide. Additionally, there are nearly 41 million reported abortions each year that unbeknownst to an unsuspecting public, are also part of this complex criminal trade. Through the years, wars and "natural" catastrophes have been orchestrated to facilitate a constant supply of children. It is quite alarming how many of our national, as well international, companies are engaged in, or act as a shell corporations to conceal, this despicable activity.

Human trafficking is arguably the most evil form of crime committed. What would possess someone to get involved in such an industry? The answer can be quite complex and my attempt to address this question is by no means conclusive, but perhaps I can shed some light on to the reality of this problem.

This evil has existed for thousands of years in great secrecy. The reasons for it to remain hidden were twofold; first, the public could not conceive of such horrors if they did catch a glimpse, so turning a blind eye was much easier than facing this atrocity. Second, those both directly involved, or those acting in a support capacity were successfully controlled through the use of extensive blackmail networks.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, law enforcement, judges, politicians, teachers, coaches, businessmen... the list of participants goes on and on. The criminal networks had a huge stake in entrapping people who could not only support the pipeline, but also assist with squashing legal issues should any problems arise. The media is also complicit and has played a large role in diverting public attention away from the real culprits.

Some folks have the misfortune to be born into kingpin families. They know no other life, and there is no escape. Others have no moral compass, and consciously choose to be involved for power and fortune. Many of these were abused as children themselves and are broken, desperate individuals.

Certainly, the largest number of participants were cornered by blackmail and have no hope of escape. These are perhaps the most tragic as many are tormented by their situation, but have been backed into a corner with very few options. Consider these real life scenarios:

- You turn your attention away from your drink for a split second at a bar. The very next thing you remember is waking up in bed, with a child. You are told that everything has been filmed, and you will either comply with what is requested of you, or your entire life will be destroyed. Worse yet, you may be told that those close to you will be tortured and killed if you attempt to breath a word of your plight.

- You are proud of your child. You innocently wish to showcase his/her talent to the scout looking for the next Disney star. You are incredibly excited when your child is chosen to attend multiple auditions and practice sessions. As time goes on, however, you notice a change in his/her demeanor and you become concerned. To your horror, you finally discover that he/she has been molested or raped by the executives at the studio. You storm into their office, only to meet gloating faces who inform you that going to the authorities is of no use as they too, are involved. You have two choices; take 1 million in hush money, your family survives but your child must be allowed to participate. The alternative choice is that you and your entire family will die a horrible death and the child will be left in the custody of the studio.

There are so many scenarios in which a trusting, innocent, ordinary person can become trapped in an absolute nightmare. So many of us would never have dreamed that this possibility existed. So many of us are forever grateful that our lives allowed us to remain so naive. So many, however, were not as fortunate and will badly need our understanding, caring and support as the curtain is pulled back, and this harsh reality comes crashing into the light.

Not everyone consciously made the choice to be involved. Not everyone started out as a monster.

Wish also insisted I use this meme she made for me because she knows how critical my real life situation is. Also the fact that I do need to keep this site open for us as it is one of very few public sites that WE the members actually control with no cabal influence. The longer this site is open the more eyes We can open. Sounds like a win win to me. She also thinks I stink at asking for help! I know I do because I hate having to.

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 I am 100% independent and reader funded. If you appreciate my work, research, the topics I cover, and want to help me keep this site going popup and ad free, the very best way to do that is to become a Patron. This is all I have for work and any help is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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