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While it is no surprise that Soros is at it again, They must be letting him  run loose for a reason. I just hope its a damn good one because he leaves a bloody trail behind him without a care in the world. Why is he even still alive anyway?
Im basically putting all this here, because there are some good links that we may need to come back to at some point if anything. Not to mention its just good to keep tabs on the old evil goat and his pals. Not to mention I think Africa is going to be coming to the forefront much more in the coming weeks. Just call it a woman's gut feeling...


Reclaim the City, a Soros-front. (Have to have a cover before you start of course)


Soros-funded Ndifuna Ukwazi, landgrab.


Open Society Foundation for Southern Africa

"We are part of the Open Society Foundations network which includes these other African organisations: OSISA, OSIWA, and OSIEA." (Nothing open about it I can assure you. Dont ask any questions it may be the death of you)


South Africa: The Coup.

George Soros has been involved in African relations since at least the late 1980’s. According to his Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa, the group “collaborates with other organizations on issues surrounding law, democracy building, human rights, economic development, education, media, access to technology & information.” Because of Soros’ desire to “promote democracy,” he has influenced many elections and regime changes by utilizing several tools at his disposal. This year he successfully ousted former South African President Jacob Zuma after years of targeting him. (Someone was playing the game right obviously)


Soros and his partner Sipho Piyana, chairman of gold-mining company AngloGold Ashanti, put together the “Save South Africa” movement. This movement pledged opposition to the former President leading to widespread protests throughout the country. (We already know how much destruction any kind of mining has done to Africa and its people. Im amazed to not see diamonds here as well.)


Gun Grabs:

The Gun Free South Africa board comprises several people with external interests:

Ronald Menoe: Head of Stakeholder Management, Corruption Watch (More like watch us be the blame for all the corruption that did happen when the truth of it all comes out)

Angelica Pino: Programme Director Community Action and Knowledge Management, Sonke Gender Justice

Richard Matzopoulos: Specialist Scientist, Burden of Disease Research Unit, Medical Research Council - (we know this is never good when Disease and Medical research shows up)

Adele Kirsten: Works for the Institute of Security Studies (ISS)


GFSA, Corruption Watch, Sonke Gender Justice, and the ISS are all beneficiaries of a common charity: the Open Society Foundation of South Africa (OSF-SA). (Follow the money)


This could possibly be Related?


It's all about the land

Destabilize a country, buy it for peanuts…they certianly dont care.


The list of Soro's land grabs.


Other fingers in the Africa Pie…

Obama/Clintons/Soros/Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild (No surprise here eh?)


It's not just Soros…All the names we've been digging are involved in this.

They seem to want to control food production. (At least among other things that we could be here all day listing)


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