I want to take this moment and THANK ALL OF YOU  that have taken the time to help me out in keeping this website going. The comments have been wonderful and there are no words to accurately describe how much you all have touched me. Saying Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. I guess I will just have to work harder to show my true appreciation.

I have also been over the moon to see people finally commenting and having discussions. I have been wanting this to happen since day one. Lol Better late than never. Please don't stop and by all means add anything you think others might like to see or read. It doesn't have to revolve around Politics. There are all kinds of cool things out there we can discuss! The board is wide open. The Paranormal is always fun!

Now to the Concern.

I have been having some weird thing going on with me and my sleeping the last few days. Lol I didn't run off to the islands. The long and short of it is  I went to bed on Thursday night and didn't get up until Saturday. I have no idea why that happened. I wasn't THAT tired and I felt fine for the most part when I did finally get up. Little groggy and stiff but still had my faculties. Found it curious but didn't put a whole lot of thought into it until I went to bed Saturday night and didn't get up until early this morning. Totally lost Sunday. I don't know whats going on here. I hope its just a fluke of some sort. If it happens again I will call the Doc.

I just wanted you all to be aware of whats going on  when I go quiet. It is usually something stroke related, but this is new. I will keep you updated. This is pretty personal but I feel you have a right to know. Feel silly talking about it, but I know you guys care and I don't want to keep you in the dark. Hope this helped.

Now where were we and what have I missed ?!


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  • May I offer up a theory my dear friend?

    Since we are both, I presume, in our latter decades ( I am 65) I believe what is happening is this.

    And this has also happened to me for no 'apparent' reason.

    I am not as physically active as I once was due to health stuff so I literally don't tire my body out. Spend a lot of time on the PC reading, writing, doing research.

    But we are also energetic beings.

    The last month has been particularly hard on me-fighting feelings of loss, fears, anger, disappointment, Stress.

    I usually do a pretty good job at keeping those far, far away from my psyche.

    There is a phrase in the Movie Ghost In The Darkness, where Michael Douglas character tells Val Kilmers character, in response to a recent failure " You have been HIT"

    I felt like that is me right now.

    And I too have had some very strange sleep patterns. I don't feel SLEEPY or TIRED Per Se, but an inner energetic exhaustion.

    I am a night owl anyway after years of working swing and graveyard shifts but I can sleep 6-8 , get up for a few and fall asleep for another 12.

    I think I have a missing day in there too. Enough so that my son came in to check whether I passed on or not.

    You put a lot into this web site YIG. So its either that (Barring a neuro cause) or you're being abducted by little grey guys.

    Luv ya either way.

  • sending butter kek cookies and Endless Thank Yous well Dear Yig ⭐️🏚

  • Yig,

    I, personally, would never trust strangers for anything until vetted, so to speak. But I do pray that you have a great outcome. God Bless.

  • I am usually quiet here. But, I was worried about you for sure. You were missed. Your experience is quite unusual. Please do see a doctor. Have them check any medication you may take and maybe do a sleep study. Also, try to remember any dreams you may have during these sleep periods. 🙏🏻❤️

  • Definitely weird.....but....maybe your body NEEDS extra rest???   Let us know what your Doc says.....I would be really interested to know!!!

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