They Wanted Your Blood: THERANOS

Most of us have already figured out that it probably isn't the best idea to send your DNA swab away for a ancestry check. Being adopted I can see why the lure of doing it would be exciting to know ones bloodline. The thing is that swab is saved and sold and passed around to who knows who, none of whom would have your best interest at heart in the long game.

While all this has been going on, we almost got duped again. This time for our very blood.

The woman behind this dupe? Elizabeth Holms. Some of you may have heard of her or seen her on different shows. She was very good at what she was doing to sell this new trickery to get your blood. She was so good, she convinced Billionaires and Millionaires to hand over their money to back this project. She even had Henry Kissenger on her board along with other globalists and influencers tied to the Clintons. Big surprise there eh? Just that should be your first clue something was very off about this new miracle machine.

Now without using all the fancy words to describe this machine it was basically the size of a desktop computer. You would take a drop of your blood, put it on the little plate and the machine would would run hundreds of lab tests on your blood, then upload the results to the Theranos cloud where “biomarkers” would be compared with other results to produce diagnostic information about your health condition and risks of disease. Sounds good yes?

That would really be a great step forward and a positive thing. Almost magical for the elderly and those with serious issues that do need to keep track of their blood work. Problem is nothing is ever good when the Clinton name is involved. Obviously the last thing the machine would do would be what it was suppose to do. 

Nope this machine was really a blood and DNA surveillance system that would sit in your home and surveil your blood each day. Your DNA and blood profile would then be uploaded into a Theranos database that would obviously be shared with the deep state globalists who also run Google and Facebook.

Yep, let that sink in for a moment. Scary thought right? Why are they so bent on now knowing our DNA markers etc.? This is concerning. I can see it being good in a scientific kind of setting for our health and well being from a optimist point of view, but not with the people that were behind this. Nope this must be for something else. What that something else is I cant say as I really know, I just know it cant be good.

Now the good news is Elizabeth got busted trying to trick the backers. Theranos has now been dismantled. The company no longer exists, and Elizabeth Holmes has been criminally charged for materially misleading investors who lost nearly a billion dollars in the massive fraud.

I dont think this is going to stop them from the vision goal of getting our blood and dna though. This was being pushed hard even after they knew what it was really for. Tried to cover it up as they always do.

All I can really say is be cautious going forward. Im sure this will be repackage and presented again soon enough. Best bet when you think it is, check out who is behind the company and on the board of directer. That in itself should give you a clue if its the good guys or bad guys. Buyer Beware.


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  • I had to get a genetic test done, as my Mother discovered a few years before she passed, that she had Lynch Syndrome. It’s a very aggressive form of Colon Cancer, and a 50% chance of passing to her children.  I did not have it, Thank God. There are 5 children of hers, and 3 were positive.  All of them have children, I do not. They must have Colonoscopies like every other year, after 35? It’s terrible.

    • Wow thats got ot be rough. Sorry to hear. I woke up in the middle of one of those. I had both ends done on same day. I came too when they were down my throat. IT was awful to say the least. As bad as it was though Im glad I came to on that end and not the back 9!

      • Ewww, that’s rough! I hope everything came out ok? Lol. If I would have completed my thoughts, I would not have gotten tested...but I guess that’s easy to say now that I know the result.

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