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To Fix Elections, Hold Real Elections

Im bringing this article here because I really think it should be seen. Why so many things have been allowed to change over the years is really beyond me. The most I can really figure out about it is just to make things easier for lazy people or more convenient. Didnt take a certain party long to figure out how to make that work for them with all the little back doors they could go in and out of with this convenient system now in place. One thing for sure is this convenience for some while others take the time to do it the old fashion way is NOT working.

America has become one big coddle and just in my life time Ive watched it basically turn into one big marshmallow totally lacking in any kind of hard work and pride. Basically explains why we have been over run by "Snowflakes,"  and Sadly this is just our own people. Its no wonder we are being overrun. I cant count how many times in a day when people read of a wrong the first things they will say is something to the effect of you need to call someone, you need to get in contact with, or someone needs to do something about this. Always quick with advise for someone else to do it. For someone else to take the action. Dont want to inconvenience anyone by maybe making their own phone calls or addressing whomever the proper authorities that may be needed.

I digress I suppose, but it really isnt any wonder why one has to consider an article that should never had to be written in the first place, a good article. Also is the irony lost on anyone that all this convenience to make it easier has actually made it much harder in the long run?


The mess in Florida, Georgia, Maine, and anywhere else in these United States where, thanks to the Democrats and their locust legions of lawyers, the results of last week's elections are still in doubt, can easily be fixed. Have voting on a fixed day and date: all eligible voters with proof of identity and residency within the applicable jurisdiction can vote only during the statutory hours at designated polling places. The end.


In other words, no:

early voting

provisional voting

mail-in ballots

phone-in or faxed-in votes

absentee ballots except for on-duty military (living out of the country? tough, your choice)

all results to be reported within twelve hours of poll closings and certified within 24


Problem solved.


That's largely the way elections used to be conducted in the modern age, when personal responsibility was still prized and the notion of civic duty was not derided as a relic of a vanishing "white," patriarchal America that is rapidly being replaced by an ascendant (and coincidentally Democratic) coalition of women and minorities. In the guise of "fairness," the secular Democrats have long since sacramentalized the right to vote – which, historically, is not at all that sacred, and has been in various cultures, times, and places subject to all sorts of restrictions; and which right one is still free either to choose or not use – and now have incrementally extended the act of voting from one day to days and even weeks, whether before or after the actual election day itself.


Since the polls closed on Nov. 6, the GOP has seen a steady number of House seats slip away from their apparent victors, as well as a Senate seat in Arizona and, still at issue, a Senate seat in Florida and two governorships, in Florida and Georgia.This makes nonsense of the whole idea of an election, which is a snapshot in time of citizens – all acting upon the same available information – making a binding decision in their role as the body politic.


But nothing is ever really "binding" for the Democrats, who view campaigns as effectively never-ending processes: they are always either litigating the most recent vote, planning ahead for the next one, or both. The Democrats have become the party for which elections are not a means to governing but governing itself, which they do via their secretaries of state, lawyers, extraordinary GOTV efforts, and various means of miraculous ballot-discovery. For them, no election is every truly over unless they win.


Since 1845, the law has been clear: national elections (which set the standard for all others) are to be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. And yet the Democrats have cannily whittled away the very concept of an election by cloaking their various amendments and objections in the guise of "civil rights," relying on the media's pat stereotype of post-Reconstruction America from more than a century ago as the still-operative template of today.


That this is both offensive and wrong bothers them not one whit: "by any means necessary" is their motto for a reason. So unless the GOP never wants to win another national election, those states still controlled by Republican governors and legislative majorities need to get their act together, fast.


The Democrats lost the presidential election of 2000 only because the Supreme Court, in a 7-2 vote, overruled the Florida Supreme Court's order for a statewide recount as being in clear violation of Florida law and a violation of the Equal Protection Clause. That effectively ended the contest. But once burned, twice shy: Democrats have made sure to attack almost every subsequent close vote across the board, in Washington state for governor, in two straight Connecticut gubernatorial races, in Al Franken's wondrous "victory" in Minnesota, and in Arizona this year, to name just a few recent examples. They never stop, they never sleep, they never quit.


Now they're still at it in Florida, because if they can "win" there their media buddies can cement the notion that this was a "blue wave" election after all, thus sowing doubt and discouragement in the minds of Republican voters heading into 2020 and emboldening talk of dumping Trump in favor of… Mitt Romney?… so the wipeout can be complete.


One man, one vote, one day. Anything else is not democracy, it's anarchy.


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  • Well it is pretty complicated. I have a few thoughts of my own on the matter. I think that ever since the school textbooks have not been written like the old school books were ,that now the whole concept of  our kind of government we have now is a far cry from former times. I don't know when most changes were slipped into the school textbooks like civics/  American History, but I believe we are dealing with 2 very differently taught /educated/groups of people. I can see through the newer / more recent difference ,but the more recent learners in school cannot understand where the older  people are  coming from.It's like the books of the former people's learning are constantly bashed , our precepts are total bad out dated, not for the enlightened modern thinkers.So that when we former school kids up to I think the mid 1960's-are gone , there will be a more and more loose way of governing. More controll of the public's daily lives and not good. And I have no idea when America's people will get their heads screwed on right.I just don't know.

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  • I agree 100% that we have to change our voting process. With our Tenology It shouldn't be a problem. It should be on line like everything else is, but then again we can't trust the tec. companies. Everyone thinks that there was this Blue wave, I don't think so. First you have to look at everyone of Trump's rallies that brought tens of thousands of people. The math doesn't add up for Dem. support. This was won by voter fraud, and Trump will expose it before they take office. Right now we have the Senate and Supreme court. If they are aloud to take their seats in the house they won't be able to pass anything, and the Fisa Declas will bring all of the arrests. I truly believe that will happen, it has to.

    • By having separate ballots for Federal Elections much of this would end

      Also, this was allowed to happen so Voter ID can be brought to bear


  • We are not a Democracy but I digress 

    I would like to see Federal Election separate from State elections.


This reply was deleted.
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