The article below is from a follower of mine. They gave it to me to read after I had posted another 911 article myself. As you will see it is a reprint because everywhere he has put it they keep taking it down. I would say John White must be directly over the target with those kinds of actions being taken.

However, that will not happen here. Not with an article so well presented. So many points made before the fact and have proven themselves to be true after the fact.  Yes I do believe some of you are going to enjoy John Whites viewpoint as much as I have.

The View Point



Published Nov 5th 2016....

Trump, Israel, Saudi Arabia, 9/11 and where I stand:
Ok, here I am, Independent Spiritual Philosopher, Veteran of BREXIT, Veteran of Truth Movement web forum admin, Veteran of 9/11 Truth
And the last few weeks, I've been lending a shoulder to my friends in America doing their very best to elect Donald Trump
Today, a good friend of mine asked me how I could do that, given Trumps support for Israel?
That stumped me
I do have an answer, but wow, there's actually a lot behind that answer, how to approach it and disseminate the truth here?

Ok we have to start with the facts
Consider this post a statement, not an academic article. I'm not going to provide a single link or quote another human being in this. I'll just tell you my truth. After that, fine, reply to the post, we can thrash this out more, but this is what I have to say

In terms of the Geo Politics of the Middle East, it cannot be understood as one country against another country, and that's what it is. It's not like that. Its about countries being allies of each other, sometimes when pretending not to be. It's a right long bloody mess since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Rise of the Oil Industry at the birth of the 20th Century
Now we are 100 years later.

I'm going to keep it simple and focus only on the United States
Immediately after WWII the USA made a treaty with the Kingdom of Saud. The Saudi's would sell Americans their Oil, and the Americans would give them money. In return, America would defend Saudi Arabia. And agree NOT to interfere with Saudi Religion

This deal defined the middle east and still does today. This alliance between the USA and SA, backed up by the UK, has seen the Wahibists and Salafists from the Mosques of SA forment revolution across the middle east and out into Asia without US interference. When the cold war got warm in 79, USA and SA got Islamist Jihadi's released from Jails in Egypt and elsewhere, where they had languished after failed revolutions, and set them lose in Afghanistan to become Muhajadeen. That decision, and the clever power plays of the jihadists, has led to the Caliphate of ISIS and the Chaos across Iraq and Syria since 2010, as well as other flashpoints, Libya, Tunisia etc.

In addition, the creation of OPEC and the banking crisis of the 70's, followed by the solution of creating a lot more money in the 80's selling loans and expanding the money supply, followed by computer trading in the 90's and illusionary financial products in the 00's, were all survived by using the alliance with Saudi Arabia. As the major partner in OPEC, and America's ally, SA has assured that Oil is sold only in US$. This is the "petrodollar" for at its peak, this system meant all countries had to buy US$ to buy or trade Oil....this system has somewhat broken down and hasn't been able to prevent competition entering the market. SA tried to wreck the US fracking industry and destroy a competitive industry by dropping the oil price via OPEC to $25 a barrel LESS than fracking needed to be uneconomic. America's debt is leveraged against the value of the dollar, the value of the dollar is hinged on the petrodollar, and that the dollar cannot collapse while America can still enforce the purchase of Oil for US$... Saddam Hussein... Colonel Ghadaffi... Assad... they ALL have something in common, and to see how the US plays hardball research the overthrow of Mossadeq in Iran in the 1950's ....
But while all this happened, a third player came into this relationship of power and geostrategic dominance

In 1967 Israel struck out in the 6 days War and captured masses of Territory, leading to the outer border of Israel today, trapping "occupied territories behind a border that jumped forwards in 1 week
In return for ending that war, Israel was brought into the same deal. Since then, BOTH Israel AND Saudi Arabia have been under the protection of the United States: even as they scheme against each other
And then we come to 9/11
I spent years researching 9/11, sifting the evidence, helping to define the most credible theory. And yet I hardly get a chance to talk about it, I mean really talk about it, and I cant say anything worth saying about Israel unless I talk about it, so...

9/11 was a conspiracy between the USA, Israel, and Saudi Arabia
It's a psyop. A psychological operation. The crucial element of a psy-op is, anything other than the official cover story, must be irrational.

So we have these elements:
The WTC Complex recently purchased by Larry Silverstein, Israeli very rich person
NORAD not responding as its decades long established procedures, practised 10,000 times, said it should
The two plane impacts in WTC 1 and 2: Shock and Awe part 1
The collapse by demolition of WTC 1 and 2: TERROR Shock part 2
The collapse by demolition of WTC 7: Hiding all the paperwork
The Plane crashed in Pennsylvania: NORAD finally doing something shot down air to air missile, cover story, passenger takeover and crash. Destination of plane unknown but White House rational target
The Plane crashed into the Pentagon: A bunker buster missile.

1 plane missing and... ? ? ? ? Nope. Still don't know. No data. Its said to have crashed into the pentagon, but the pentagon is evidence of a missile impact. Where is the 4th Plane? Simply flown into the sea and disappeared???
And remember: its a psy-op. The cover is far more effective if the real story is irrational. Just because an action is irrational, did not mean it did not happen....but then the Truth becomes the irrational story, and its the lie that “makes sense”...”planes brought the towers down!”... “we all saw it happen!”) (Did we?)

(PS to be clear: planes hit the buildings and we saw that: but there is no way those impacts caused the collapses. Demolition charges in descending order smashed the columns and brought them down. “No Planes Theory” (holograms hit the towers) and “Beam Weapon Theory” (space weapon destroyed towers) are theories I firmly believe are used as part of the cover up. I make no allegation against anyone who supports them: however I find them irrational theories that have supported, not opposed, the Psy-op cover up of 9/11 Truth. If they were not initiated within the Deep State to disrupt 9/11 Truth, the Deep State has certainly made use of them. I suspect similar for “Flat Earth trending on web currently, enemy info-weapon to damage the truth movement.

The US provided the narrative the access and the shutdown/confusion on the day. The US also protected the Saudi supplied hijackers to make sure the attack happened. Israel provided the signals intelligence and the purchase of the WTC site. There was a shutdown of the towers 2 days before. A team of 10 to 20 men for each tower would be enough to rig it.

Why did the US do this? An organisation called PNAC and its allies in the military industrial complex. PNAC, Project for new American century, wished to create a catalysing event to allow America to project its Military across the world, into the middle east, and into Afghanistan. Bush and Cheney were key members of this Cabal. And as the two allies of geo political dominance, SA and Israel were coming along for this ride....

And of course, the plan organised between the 3 partners came off rather beautifully, lets be honest. And kicked off the War on Terror still going on today...
Ah there. A motive. Stop the War on Terror. Yes. A key and VERY important aim...
Ok fast forward 15 years to today.

The alliance has held, but become ever more under pressure, 2012, a major setback, the USA/UK tag team FAILED to get international justification for an "adventure" in Syria 3 years ago, since then the PNAC faction and Deep State, now transferred to Obama's flag, have continued their War of chaos and division but failed to achieve the decisive victory (possibly because they don't want to!) ISIS and other forces operating in Iraq and Syria are getting a lot of help, trucks, weapons, an oil for cash deal with Turkey, rumour the US itself founded the organisation from its assets...

Now we are at confrontation point with Russia, which has stepped in to back Assad in Syria. And you know what? Whatever the propaganda says: Russia has not broken any international laws. And its not alone. China. Iran. Iraq. Syria. All stand together now and the campaign against ISIS is approaching military solution
American media and government has become so utterly hostile to Russia they are in an undeclared state of war! The propaganda is outrageous and viscious. A Clinton Victory assures another 4 years of War and Russia, and Europe, dragged into the death and destruction.

Along comes Mr Trump

What we have in Trump, is a revolution, and a new alliance, with the US Truth Movement, especially Infowars and its allies, aided by WikiLeaks

Trump is NOT a Republican. He is a strong man, a Wallstreet Mogul, some see a Lion of a Man, others see a Pig! But he knows his own mind and is slave to no-one. He is a long standing television personality. Hes very well known!
He is now on the verge of the Presidency. As I write this, the Clinton Campaign is collapsing, because this Revolutionary alliance has captured the Republican Party and taken complete control of its agenda, its a powerful new era in American politics opening as people who have been fed the globalist media apathy since the 1950's, are rediscovering themselves, their spirt and what made America great in the first place
America has never been perfect. But it HAS been GREAT, especially on the ascendant at the end of WWII. America has all sorts of problems, but it needs the old corrupt ways to end and a Reformation, for the American people to have the opportunities to be proud of themselves and their country again.

I battle against Globalism, as much as I say that we are all ONE people and Racism is a delusion, for Race itself does not exist in the code of the Genes....
A position that needs inner character and determination, to be honest
Back to Trump.

Trump hasn't just come out of no-where. Social pressures have been building inside America ever since... well certainly every since Freedom was clamped down and America got the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security. The policies of Bush just rolled over into the policies of Obama without a bump, all smoothed over by the media, all owned by just six corporations, all partners with the powers running the White House (and NO, its not been the President! Obama is an employee of Goldman Sachs. Though he can be disarmingly cute on Television. And his own ass is right now his primary concern amidst the detonation, not just of Hillary Clinton's campaign, but the DNC itself...
Its the globalised grounding down and dumbing down and diluting of culture into a homogenised corporate fuzz that has woken that spark of resisitance in the people of America. Its those with COURAGE and HONOUR who have woken to the call who have responded. Its YOU GUYS and your determination to live in a free and strong society... well... there are 17.6 million of us in Britain who are COMPLETELY WITH YOU

And Trump is very good and doing so very well in so many ways. He's going to be a great President
However no President escapes some compromise.

And I do not know what deal with Israel President Trump might make: I am sure there will be no sparing the blushes of Saudi Arabia in the days to come

Trump has made common cause with the Israeli lobby in clearing the way for the presidency. But he hasn't taken their money, at least, he didn't, not until he had clearly won the nomination on this own merit and the mass backing of his supporters. In these last days, as Clinton's bid collapses into shame and scandal, money is flooding to Trump to power him into the Oval Office

Should (WHEN!!!) he take the Presidency, this is Guarenteed:

  1. The exposure of Huma Abedin's deep connection to Saudi Arabia
  2. Hillary Clinton exposed to be compromised passing secret information to Saudi in exchange for money for the Clinton Foundation (Greed! Arrogance! And so many other sins!)
  3. The pursuit of redress from Saudi Arabia for supplying the 9/11 Hijackers
  4. America and Russia working together to defeat ISIS
  5. Peace in Syria the end of the PNAC agenda the end of the War on Terror, the possibility of a new world Peace
  6. Americans set free to help themselves make their country awesome

I will back Trump for THAT, its in the greater interest of Human Freedom for America to throw off the corporate parasites that has sucked away its people’s wealth and prosperity with Fiat Money Ponzi schemes..
However what may not happen:
Any mention on ISRAEL (who is Anthony Weiner?)
Because Trump cant do the world peace so easily, if there is chaos with Israel and its connections at home
Now the Truth Movement will Love Trump for all he has done by becoming the figurehead their energy can smash through
But they are sure not to settle for that
However, that is for the future. I can't see how any of that will go

What I do know, is that I reserve the right to criticise any and all states on the planet, and their politicians, for the actions they have taken. That includes the State of Israel.

Well I hope this has been helpful, I hope I have addressed the issue of where I stand on Trump and Israel as things stand today. We must stop Clinton and the PNAC cartel and halt the War on Terror, we must have peace with Russia, we must rebuild the middle east, we must make it attractive and desirable for European refugees to wish to return to their Syrian Homes

Ultimately, both Saudi Arabia and Israel will be dragged into the light of the Historical Record
Including Israel accounting to the world on the question of Palestine, and finally agreeing to do something SENSIBLE (naughty boys need to be taught to share!)

I can't promise justice for all the guilty as much as I would wish to
But we can find as much Justice as we possibly can, while not making war, but building PEACE
And then we might all get out of this alive, move beyond all the pain of the past, and build a world fit for the Grandchildren


John White

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