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I am placing all I have come across so far here. Honestly these are for the people that really know what they are doing. You know who you are or aren't for that matter.  I will keep adding as I come across them. What you can do though,  is read what has already been cracked below in their pdf forms etc. Just need to scroll down to find them.

This is one tip from a math major some of you may find helpful in your thinking going forward:

The link they supplied:

All of the Wikileaks insurances are encrypted using AES. AES is a lot weaker than everyone outside NSA believes. AES has a closed form algebraic representation. what that means is that instead of 64 or however many rounds of repetition of mixing input plain text bits into permuted and randomly diffused encrypted output bits, which is what any Feistel style cipher does, instead if you are clever enough, there is a way to collapse it all down to a single equation that you cam solve to get the key.

Starting around 2001, several academic cryptographers began finding ways to do this to AES. AES can be represented as one big ass matrix of continued fractions with 174,000 columns and 14,000 rows. if you can imvert that matrix, you can solve it and get the key for any data encrypted using AES. AES would be broken.

Before you get started, you might want to give this a read if you are new to this sort of thing:


Here is what can be found. (Just a quick sidenote, apprently there is a Madelian Mccain foundation file in here also. Seems 4 chan had it up, but it got deleted).

-Clinton e-mails

-CIA active operations

-Coca-cola geting cover after killing 10 kids

-Steve Jobs had AIDS

- Offshore accounts from politician all over the world(find your country)

- Races crimes against White being cover all around the EU

-White genocide not that much of a conspiracy theorie

-Merkel avoiding taxes

-FBI pedophile symbols


And much more



If you have some 90 gigs to spare, download the first link especially.


Further reading:

"In case of emergency," the contents of these archives are currently unknown. Many people are working on unlocking these files, they are bound to contain some juicy stuff ;)


Cryptic Tweets and potential key clues

pre-commitment 1: John Kerry 4bb96075acadc3d80b5ac872874c3037a386f4f595fe99e687439aabd0219809

pre-commitment 2: Ecuador eae5c9b064ed649ba468f0800abf8b56ae5cfe355b93b1ce90a1b92a48a9ab72

pre-commitment 3: UK FCO f33a6de5c627e3270ed3e02f62cd0c857467a780cf6123d2172d80d


eta numeris 392D8A3EEA2527D6AD8B1EBBAB6AD

sin topper D6C4C5CC97F9CB8849D9914E516F9

project runway 847D8D6EA4EDD8583D4A7DC3DEEAE

7FG final request 831CF9C1C534ECDAE63E2C8783EB9

fall of cassandra 2B6DAE482AEDE5BAC99B7D47ABDB3

Insurance File 1 Partial Decrypt


This was the first insurance file distributed by wikileaks back in 2010 :


This file can be partially decrypted - take one layer of the onion off with this command

openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -in insurance.aes256 -out insurance -k "ONION"

At this stage, its just binary data with no file header so I assume this is another layer of encryption - hopefully we can get more crypto geniuses on this problem because at this stage its unknown if the normal dead-mans switch procedure has been interrupted or not.


WHAT HAS BEEN FOUND SO FAR: (Things you can read through now in PDF forms etc.)


Documents of the police of Portugual that indicates that the girl Madeleine McCann was probably killed by the own countries (died with overdose of medicines).


- The British government has tried to hide cases of racism against whites, and rapes / homicides caused by immigrants


-A crazy ritual involving the president of the USA


-Trafficking of drugs within the US Army


-All messages transcribed from the September 11 attack


-Coca cola kills 10 children in Tanzania in 2007


-The letter of resignation that spoke that Chavez wrote in the coup of 2002


- Transcript of McCain's talk with Pinochet in 1986 about the transfer of American technology to Chile and other issues


Mass Control Engineering Tool for Prime Ministers


-Documents of Barclay tax evasion with offshore companies


-Armagedon Israel (?)


-Busch Production Laboratory in Tuwaitha in Iraq–cleaned-up-by-dtra.jpg?fbclid=IwAR20Et2v8X-S4UXIu2PfmGVWz-Zpuvq1wRDBXPmOHiPdNcntAMsRlbDE1sA


- Symbols that the CIA considers as "Symbols of Pedophilia"


- Symbols that the CIA considers as "Symbols of Extremism"…/fbi-extremist-symbols-2006.pdf


-American report on nuclear facilities in the USA


Going forward anything I come across that has been dug up I will add in the comments. I will also note it in the title as Updates so you know. Dont be shy about adding your own finds!



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