Bad Grifter

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Today I am facing my accuser and laying all the bare facts out to them. People need to remember their are real live people on the other end of their handles ...

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  • As I said, You GO Girl!!! As a 75 year old I can testify to the reality that our education system did NOT teach us to think for taught us to be obedient little slaves, believing whatever our "Leaders" told us, always assuming they had our best interest in mind! NOT!!!

    As a result we get a generation who will "sell out" to the highest bidder & even attempt to take our country down from the inside!! Whatever happened to Critical Thinking?!!

    What's this about a new King of England....John III????? Is CNN going to bring that to our attention?!! HAH!!

    I retain in my memory a picture of DJT boarding a plane & yelling to the cameras, "I'm off to save the world, want to come along?!" I would say that is not a vain statement, but a clear indication that a Global Reset is in place!!! The Pedo Empire is being taken down, & as my friend Daniel Lee would say, "Hallelujah"!!!
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