New Evidence JFK Jr. Lives? Musicians listen!

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I suggest starting the video at :41 seconds

The more that keeps coming out the more it does seem JFK Jr. is alive, and there have been hints dropping for awhile now.

Now for me being a musician The Vocal similarities in these two examples really edge me even closer to believing that in fact he is alive.

 I used to pick out my favorite songs on the piano when I was little by ear and this in turn led my parents to realize I did  have an ear for music and they went on to give me lessons. I know this isnt really important to you, but it is why this video convinces me more, because I Can hear the "Tone Similarities." Im sure other musicians will "Hear it" also

Here are the link which he referred to in the video:

JFK Jr. ~ His Killers and the Unbelievable Cover-up!!! go to 20:00 mark

Facial Comparison by ABOXofMONSTERS:

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