BOOM! Corey Feldman Just Put Barbara Walters, Matt Lauer on BLAST With a BRUTAL Reality Check!

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I thought I would leave you the short version so that you can decide yourself if you wish to watch the full interview which is linked below. Corey went quiet for so long I thought he may have given up. Seems he has been busy working on what he said he was.

This does have clips on the interview of Corey by Walters and Lauer. Hindsight sure gives an amazing view of perspectives.

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  • I crossed paths with a few "big wigs" such as Corey has in early 1987. It was all because of my career choice and a notorious death of a "somebody" on 1.26.1986.

    I retired from my 41 year career on 1.1.2020 due to health concerns and can finally share my story in full.
    I have asked Yig's permission to use this site in which to share ALL I know...exclusively.
    Thank you for saying YES, Yig!!

    My story begins with a company called Authors Family Trust...
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