Dear MSM Let's Talk About Q

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In this New Video, I address the MSM on Q and what it is to be a QAnon

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  • You GO, Girl!!! You had me in stitches!!! This all seems to be about those who will do anything for $$$$, right?!! Since DJT can't be "bought", they are out of their element, but just can't seem to get rid of him!!!

    Anybody heard of the book, "AmahBulu"? It was written by Harry Booyens, formerly of South Africa, but he had to flee with his family in 2,000 to Canada, because they are white!!! Here in the West we were sold a Bill of Goods about N. Mandela. Harry is trying to wake up people about what has really happened in S.A. He is of the opinion that this is where the U.S. is headed if we don't correct our course!!

    That's what we "deplorables" are doing....righting the Ship!! Think about it!! This group of "elites" killed one of our Presidents, right before our eyes....then they got away with killing, around 3,000 during 9/11... We The People, all over the world, are standing up to the tiny elitist group that has been ruling over us!!

    For anyone who wants to understand how the weather control situation works, check out Mike Morales of Above Ground World News. He has figured out the "tools" they use & has suffered as they continually attack him because of it. The other night he showed a video from 1923...yep, 23(!) of a plane dropping a cloud 'fog curtain' to hide a ship in the water!! Imagine what they have here & now?!!!

    You keep tellin' them, Yig!!! We LOVE it!!!(and You!) Big Hugs!!
  • I have an autographed by John Lear tin foil hat & I'm proud!
    Another outta the park video, Yig!
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