FULL: Body camera footage released in Philip Brailsford police shooting (WARNING: graphic content)

Location: Arizona
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Police release raw body camera footage of Philip Brailsford shooting of Daniel Shaver in Mesa, Arizona in 2016.

I am not familar with this story to know why the police were there to begin with, but Im posting this as one example of a incident that was handled in Arizona by Law Enforcment. Personally I dont feel this guy was a threat. but like I said, dont know why they were there. He struck me as very scared and doing his best to cooperate and just confused. I sure hope his family got some sort of compensation for this, though no amount $$$ will ever  cover the loss of ones son.

Anyone from there familar with this case and why the cop was so extreme in his actions?

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  • I saw this one time and became sick to my stomach. I felt the same way you did...Seemed very excessive to me too. The only thing I could draw from it is MAYBE because he put his hand under his body...but I also had a hard time with that too..After this week with learning the police attitude now with the sex slave camp and how that office won't do anything..it is making me question their their methods and why...what the heck is going on..an investigation is truly called for with the entire dept. and their leaders..
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