Glamis Reached Out To Me Today 1-16-20

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Glamis reached out to me today, but not only me, to you as well.

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  • Just had a memory "jog" that fits in with all of this!!! A few years back, Bill Ryan of Project Avalon, did an interview with a man who had been exposed to the "workings" of a system called something like the Anglo-Saxon agenda. It would have been an "elite" group such as the H of W group. I know it sounds crazy to us "normies", but there ARE people "out there" who have attitudes we find hard to believe. What hit me today is that one of the future agendas was laughingly referred to as "China will catch a cold!"!!

    Another person who is aware of such "workings" is Dr. Katherine Horton who was a scientist at CERN. Because she bucked the crowd she has been under constant, literal attack. They even use sats to beam attacks at her. At one point she had to sleep in a bathtub to get away from it!! I have seen her actually wearing a tin foil hat & one can hear the blips as they bounce off it!!

    It really does feel like there is a "Changing of The Guard" going on....something that can be felt, more than "understood"!! How else could ONE Wrecking Ball come in & disrupt a system that has held sway since after W.W. II???? Actually, Pres. W. Wilson spoke of it, so it existed before, as well!! A group that exists, but no one dare whisper its name!!! Personally, I feel very positive about the changes that are taking place. We each are entitled to our own opinion, right?!! ;-)

    I remember listening to one of her long videos explaining how the "culling" of humanity will take all sounds "crazy", but it is something very real she, herself, has been dealing with, trying to alert the public. It is so far out of the realm of our everyday thinking, we find it hard to imagine the truth of it!!
  • At 75 I can look back at many things & I now realize each of us seems to have "Guides'" who kind of "maneuver" us thru' life, stepping in, once in awhile to help out & bring about whatever it is that is supposed to happen!! Watching your 'discovery' happen in Real Time was quite bizarre & I would say your own Guides DID have a reason for you to "stumble" upon what you did!!! We have NO clue as to who is
    running this Big Video Game we call "Life" & we certainly don't know the Pecking Order of the Universe!! Having been a prisoner in a Belief System for 70 years, it has been SO freeing to realize that I am an Eternal, Sovereign, Being encased in this "meatsuit" for awhile to learn & grow!!!

    Thank you for Going with the Flow on this occurrence & in doing so, opening up a whole new avenue of thought for the rest of us!! You must be a Very Special Person to have been chosen for this particular task!!! We never know, do we, what is REALLY going on??!!!

    Don't know if anyone has checked out the work of Billy Carson, but he has read most all the Ancient Writings & pulls all the threads together so we can get a better picture of what our past was, as human beings.

    Some might remember the name Marduk?? His name is found on cuneiform writings on clay cylinders from the Middle East. From what Billy says, Marduk's time is "up" so it fits in very well that this HUGE change is taking place on the planet!! It all fits!!!

    So many people are waking up to the fact that we have been lied to for SO long & have been living in a false reality! Why the need to keep all the Black Projects black for 70 some years??? Whoever is at The Top did not have humanity's welfare in mind!! They only had their Personal Agenda on track & we have been mindlessly contributing to it!! No more!!! As your H of W post says, "WE made the change"!!
    Thank you for the part you played in uncovering even more info for us!! Hugs!! ;-)
  • @Loxie, That does appear to be true, but that of course depends on whether or not they are Real or Fake as many believe. I know what my perosnally feelings are and I dont rule anything out at this point. My gut leans real, but the things people find fake me be on purpose to detour folks from poking around. Im sure not going to rock the boat. I did my part whatever that was!I was led to find it and I did. I posted what I knew and thought and now I just keep an eye on things for the wait and see
  • The Pecking Order of the Universe?!!! Chares Fort came to the conclusion that we are someone else's "property"!!! I would say the Mystery Drones in CO might be "above" any of our authorities. That's why no one can figure out whose they are!!
    It seems H of W likes things done at the Local Level, preferably. At least your discovery led to another "layer" of the control system on Planet Earth!!!
  • @Loxie. Im not so sure I would be in a hurry to know the answer of who may be above House of Wettin. I think I would just prefer to keep some positive thoughts on that :)
  • This is the one that seems to give us hope that the Tide is Turning!!! Yeah!!! Amazing how "nothing" happened in Richmond!!! One man got to speak to A. Jones & he seemed very "subdued", but allowed his picture to be taken. This whole thing is such an amazing find, Yig!!! What I wonder is WHO is above the House of Wettin???
    That would be interesting to find out, wouldn't it??!!! ;-)
  • the links go to other posts from different dates. still trying to figure all this out, but they apparently are related in some way.
  • yig, if you click on the date at the bottom of glamiscalling posts, more links come up.
  • Because they decided to change the way they communicated in July 19. If you read those two drops you will see the hint of it. That is why I was so surprised when they show up after all that time being dark and made that Firefly post on the 12th.It only stayed up a day I think if that much
  • By-the-way, I posted on your YouTube but it shows up as different name. One of the teens in my family changed my YouTube and I have to do a little work to figure out how to change it back. lol Until I figure it out, I show up as Lizzie Bo. hahaha
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