JFKjr Voice Old and New Comparisons

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This is a great comparison of an old clip of JFKjr Speaking and of the New Q video which we also believe is him speaking as well. If this is true and it is the same voice, then we know for sure he is still alive. I had to upload this one for you folks.

What do you hear? Same voice?

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  • Absolutely the same. No doubt.
  • Its him
  • I hear todd burguns voice
  • I have had a dozen or so friends here it without showing them the video and without knowing who they were hearing. I simply said, "Listen to these two voices, 20 y ears apart. Are they the same person?" Except for one person, they all said it was the same person! I will continue with my unscientific experiment!
  • Knowing the same people who killed his father and uncle were watching every move he made was reason enough to fake his own death .It makes perfect sense to me that JFK jr would devise a plan to take back America from these ruthless killers.I hope it is true he is alive.The whole thing is surreal.What we were taught was lies and the truth's been concealed.I thank God every day for Trump and Q.I've been waiting for this all my life for this moment.
  • I say yes its him. Why? I'm psychic a God given gift. Believe me or not but it's him. This is all lining up with history. Look behind us. A lost Prince, Finally Found.
  • By all means have at it, strip the tracks away. Id love to hear what you get! I already have a lot on my plate to do at the moment, would be nice to have some help
  • Need to strip the background music away ---- can't make a good eval with other tracks interfering with the raw speak.
  • Q voice has been digitally altered, D ones not sound the same to me.
  • They are so similar it makes me want to believe. I've studied the pics of the wreckage underwater, and it was reported that JFK Jr. was still in his seat, that pic is very available on the web, but when you look at wreckage in hangar, it's like a blob of metal hell, and the underwater pic is vastly different. If one single thing gives me hope (outside of Q info) it is this point. The pics don't match up. And they should. Will we ever know Yig!!!! I cried when they died. I stayed up all night on my birthday so sad that this dynamic couple and her sister had died in the Atlantic. Now... we maybe will learn a new story. Time will tell or keep the secret! - #WWG1WGA - Michelle ;)
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